December 13, 2011

Lush Latte Lip Tint Review, Swatches, Photos

My Holiday wishes have come true. Guess who’s back?

I read about the reunion months and months ago but I’m happy to report it’ll be premiering on BBC America in January. Ab Fab fans feel free to squee with me. When I grow up I so will be Patsy.

To celebrate all things British and fabulous we should of course include a little Lush Cosmetics in this post.

Let’s take a look at the new Lush Latte Lip Tint.

Lush has a major problem when it comes to lip balms and tints….yup, betcha know what I’m talking ’bout right? The drier, hard texture with the waxy feel that Lush seems to favor with their formula.

Lush is a company that excels at so many amazing products but for some reason they can’t get a balm down straight.

Good news, Lush Latte Lip Tint has a smoother, softer feel.

Bad news, it’s still not perfect.

Got dry lips? Don’t bother. Latte Lip Tint will sit on top of your lips and look ghastly. Softer lips? You’ll get a smooth glide here however the formula is still pretty dry so it does sit on top of lips a tad unnaturally but a little gloss definitely clears things up.

You’re getting there Lush, you’re getting there! A little more work and they might just get it!

Latte is a metallic bronze-y orange shade like that of a brand new penny. I love the shade so much! It applies like a liquid metal on lips and looks rather pretty if you follow up with a hint of gloss but it does look rather dry and accentuates fine lines on lips if you use it alone.

One thing you can do is multitask with it as it makes a fine blusher and gives cheeks a high sheen of peach or on eyes for a wash of metallic bronze.

Lush says it’s flavored like coffee, icing sugar and vanilla to give it a latte-like flavor but to me it tastes a bit waxy and vanill-ish, very artificial to say the least and a tad on the unpleasant side.

Overall, Lush Latte isn’t anything to write home about sadly but I always feel that way about most of the balms and tints Lush does. But hey, it multitasks like it a little demon so it’s nice for quickie makeup on the go!

Anyone try?

Do share!

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  • kiwikiwidragon

    OMFG!!! I was die hard for Ab FAb. Writing a note to remember to DVR that bad boy, along with Face Off too!!

  • Bonnie

    LOVE AbFab! Mom got me the entire series on VHS years ago…obvs I need to update to DVDs/BluRay. Can’t wait for new series!

    Muse i just have to say again for the millionth time since this is a Lush post…Buche de Noel is life-changing!!!!! Thanks so much for recommending it to me!

    • the Muse

      yay so glad you’re loving on Buche ;-D it’s amazing stuff Bonnie they really need to add it to the general catalog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG don’t laugh but I also have the VHS as well. I have them absolute ab fab on dvd but had the VHS years prior ;-D hahahahaha! I’m old ;-D

  • Bonnie

    No laughing here, I am “old” too! Have LOADS of stuff on VHS that is hard to part with even tho I don’t really have a way to watch VHS anymore…player is in basement. Still have a lot of X-Files VHS box sets, etc. Remember when the British series would be like 12 VHS tapes and now it can all fit on 2 or 3 DVDs? 🙂 My mom had the VHS tapes of I, Claudius in the 80s and I swear it took up a whole shelf LOL!

    I ordered a second container of Buche so I am hoping that if I just use a pinch each time those will last me a while! Tempted to order a 3rd just to make sure I’ll be set for a while!!!! Also after using it for a couple of months now I’ve decided that Gorgeous is more than worth the money just as you said!!!!! My new HG system is Buche, spot treatment with Grease Lightning, and then Gorgeous. Breakouts have been kept at baby, old acne scars are fading, and skin looks younger and softer. What more could you want?!! 🙂

    • the Muse

      me too! I don’t even have a vhs anymore LOL! ;-D YES YES YES! Are you being served, perfect example and btw the box set I own is HUGE too! LMAO!!!!!!!!! I have two in my fridge and one on my vanity ;-D damn them for only releasing at xmas! yayyyyyyyy happy to hear ;-D inject a little coalface in for exfoliation and you’re ace!

      • MandyB

        Yays for Ab Fab! When I grow up I’m definitely gonna be an Eddie. Haha, even my dvd box set of Are You Being Served takes up an inordinate amount of shelf space!

        • the Muse

          are you kidding? I need a shelf itself for the boxed set of are you being served and as time goes by. as time goes by is another one that just takes a shelf itself lmao! what is it with these brit series going on forever and ever and ever. god help us if they do a box set of coronation street

      • Ruth

        I read it that you have two of your box sets in your fridge!lolz! That awesome guy that worked the men’s dept isn’t going to like his parts being cold! bwhahaha!

  • Bonnie

    Misspelled ‘bay’ in my post–typed it as ‘baby’! 🙂 Meant ‘kept at bay’!