December 29, 2011

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick Review, Swatches, Photos

14 hour lipstick?

Hells yes I want my lip color to last that long. Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick promises 14 hours of wear.

Do they really last that long?


Ok, I’m a nit picker so I’m getting it out there right away…I don’t really love these. It’s a matter of personal preference, you might love them, I happen to not like them. One of the main problems with this lipstick is the fact I know I have lipstick on. The formula isn’t incredibly heavy but it lays unnaturally on top of my lips so I know its there, it just feels off to me. I do warn you if you have flaky, chapped, or drier lips be aware during application as these will accentuate dryness and will look terrible. You want a smooth, flake-free surface to apply so perhaps a little balm prior will keep things nice and tidy.

No doubt these have a very glide on lips. They look semi-matte or even velvety in the tube but they apply with a subtle shine and a satiny finish. A single stroke provides plenty of color as these are richly pigmented. I do think, for myself personally, that the pigment is a bit too much. The shades are very, very vibrant due to the pigment so you’re looking at a very bold lip look. I like more subtle shades and I tend to go a bit more for evenings out. On an office day I’m not sure you want to sport such a bold lipstick but I guess it’s a matter of personal taste as some folks look really elegant in a really bold lip look!

14 hours of wear? Mmmm not really. The trick here is after application avoid licking lips, drinking, or smacking your lips together so the lipstick will set for the longest wear time. They take a few minutes to set, I’d say 2-4 minutes. After that you can eat, drink, lick your lips, etc…and your lipstick will remain in place. Eating and drinking through a wear isn’t an issue as color remains true and doesn’t fade. I guess realistically you might see five hours of wear before the color starts looking worn, flaky, and a bit gross in general. I thought the color flaked off a bit in places during hour five and proceeded to look like I had applied lipstick on badly chapped lips, needless to say this isn’t a pretty look.

Shades (swatched left to right, pictured top to bottom):

  • Endless Raisin
  • Keep Me Coral
  • Please Stay Plum
  • Pout On Pink

Overall, I’m not incredibly impressed with these. It’s just not the lipstick for me. The colors just seem a tad too bold, the formula wears well enough but feels uncomfortable and unnatural on my lips plus I generally don’t feel like the formula is that of a quality lipstick. At $8.99-10.99 the price tag proves that you can get yourself a much nicer MAC Lipstick for a few dollars extra.

No likey!

Available now at drugstores.

Anyone try?


Feel free to share!

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  • molly

    I have the perpetual peony and the beige forgood and I LOVE the beige forgood one! it is amazing! It is pretty subtle on the lips.

  • Telly9009

    I bought Please Stay Plum from CVS a week ago. IDK why but I always go for plum colors just like this one. I agree that it felt a little funny on my lips. But it just didn’t wow me like other drugstore lipsticks.

  • Ruth

    I have the coral one and love it. I don’t mind it being a little dry, I just prep my lips first with a scrub.

  • Kelsey

    Thanks for the review, Muse. I was thinking of hauling one or two of these (mainly because the packaging was so darn cute!), but knowing that it looks bad on chapped lips won’t go for my winter worn mouth :[ The pigmentation does look quite nice, though.

    • Lissa Hunt

      I have tried this lipstick amd in no way does it last 14 hours!!!! It may last about 2-3 but not 14.

  • Miss_Silk

    Oddly……they way you describe them (and how they look swatched) reminds me of the Revlon ColorStay lipsticks. Like they are pretty glossy when you put them on, but they dry down a bit, and stain your lips. But they feel comfortable on me.

    I shall have a go at these when they come out in my area ^^

  • Quinctia

    If they wear similar to the 24-hour lipcolor by Maybelline, I’d probably pick one of these up on sale if I can find a color that I’d wear.

  • Maria

    I’m so disappointed! I personally LOOOOVE a bold lip (what can I say…I’m kind of loud so why shouldn’t my lipstick be loud too! ^_^) and I would like to have something long lasting, but I absolutely hate when long lasting lipsticks start showing cracks and looking like you desperately need to scrub your lips and apply lip balm. It’s just not a pretty look….particularly on a bright lip. *wince*

  • Majick

    I haven’t tried these but I wonder if they are similar in texture to the UD Super Saturated Lip Pencils. They go on very pigmented and last a LONG time – they do start to look “worn” over time and then you have to completely remove it and reapply. I like the UD pencils for that bold look – not sure if I will try these but they sound interesting.

    Tell me, how did you remove it? Does this take a make-up remover something like Clinique’s Take the Day Off?

    • the Muse

      ahh I haven’t tried the UD ones, been meaning too…! actually I pretty much can wipe them clean off within a five hour period, no makeup remover required, of course they do leave behind a bit of a stain on my lips it wears away as the day progresses.

  • Ruthless

    I have two, and I adore them. They are extremely pigmented, so if you are not into bright or bold lips you’re probably better off using a lip brush rather than applying out of the tube. I have endless rose? and the lavender one. I find them super comfortable to wear also.

    These are what I wanted the CG ones to be-long lasting and not drying (cover girl ones make my lips peel)

  • katrina

    I bought 5 of these and really like them. I am thinking of getting more! 14 hours not so much more like 4-5 with drinking and talking 6ish if not…still longer then most with out feeling dry and cracking!


  • stephanie

    Am wearing it now–I think it’s a nice lipstick, actually. A 14 hour lipstick is going to have a lot of pigment. Sheer lipsticks don’t last because they don’t have pigment. Makes sense, right? Anyway, the fuschia is pretty, not too neon.

  • p j mckay

    I bought this lipstick instead of my regular Covergirl Outlast,because it was less expensive and I really liked the color.but next time I will not make that mistake. This lipstick has to be reapplied at least 3 or 4 times a day.Outlast(or Revlon colorstay) will last through eating, drinking, kissing,etc and if I don’t take it off at night ,will still be on the next morning. The biggest drawback to outlast is that it is drying and I liked the maybelline color better.Anyway, I hate that I just totally wasted my money. You know what they say here in the south. .”.If you can’t run with the big dogs..then stay on the porch” . Back to the drawing board Maybelline!

  • a dude

    I have been looking for the lipstick advertised on the posters for my girlfriend. It says the model is wearing endless rose but I cant find endless rose or the shade the model is wearing anywhere… i am a dude that might be my problem???? anyone know about this?

  • Rachel

    I have the Continuous Cranberry and the only issue I have with it is I can’t get it off! LoL it’s a great color, I don’t mind the feel and it stays on way longer than 14 hrs. The color is so bold that even after a little fade it still looks great. If anyone has a trick to removing it completely please let me know 😀

  • rita

    I tried the super stay 14hr #8 lipstick. Im not please with it, the color ran and it didnt stay on for 2hr, must less 14hrs. I wasted my money. I have used maybelline products for 30 + years. Ill go back to the24hr lipstick.

    • kris sebree

      I tried this lipstick and I wanted to complain via email but maybelline gives no email address. I tried to call but was put on hold for over 10- minutes. I will go back to my regular lipstick and not spend another penny on this product. It is false advertising to say the least!

  • Phyllis Holman

    You’re right, Lissa. It may last 14 hours if you don’t eat, drink or lick you lips…otherwise, maybe 2.