December 28, 2011

Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Truly I appreciate all the big beauty boasts. Longer lashes up to 100x the length, 165 hour foundation wear, 48 hour lipstick color, etc…etc…


They get more and more ridiculous. Obviously drugstore brands have some seriously misleading claims.

So is the case with the new Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss. 10 hours of wear? More like 10 minutes.


I love lip stain, I mean I love it. Some new lipstain product pops up on the market and I’m on it particularly one that promises a hybrid formula that acts as a gloss and a stain plus promises a whooping 10 hours of wear.

Sadly, Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss isn’t exactly bringing us 10 hours of wear and the whole stain gloss dealio, well, it doesn’t cut it either.

These come in a slick tube which kinda for some out of the way reason reminds me of a bottle of Plax, I think it’s the top tube that puts the idea into my head (ya know the old squeeze tube bottle). Each stain gloss has a fabulous oval applicator which saturates well with color so a single swipe gets color into place without re-dipping. Love the applicator here and a damn shame more drugstore glosses don’t embrace a similar one.

Something I took note of while testing this was the 24 month expiration. This is rather great. Stains tend to try out super quickly if they come in a pen packaging so obviously the tube is allowing the formula to remain stable for nearly two years. Granted, doubt you want to keep them that long but I like the idea of the formula remaining fresher longer and no worries about it drying out.

All the colors I tried are vibrant, richly pigmented, and dare I say an ickle garish at first. Yes, clown mouth is a very real happening here. But no worries, smack your lips together a few times and the color will sheer out and have a more natural finish. They do market these as a stain gloss but in reality I don’t really feel they are shiny or glossy in anyway. They do have a thicker consistency than your typical lip stain and look like a thinner lip cream of some sort. The finish is more of a satin than a gloss and have a very lightweight feel without drying lips out. I think a main concern with lip stains is the fact they can be terribly drying but I didn’t feel like these felt dry or dried out my lips in the least.

Maybelline promises 10 hours of wear but I seriously get more along the lines of 10 minute. If I lick my lips the color pretty much disappears in seconds (below I applied the stains on my wrist and in the last photo I wiped them off with a tissue, as you can see they pretty much wiped off without any real effort so you can imagine the wear time). Needless to say they leave behind a little bit of color after eating, drinking, and a few licks but the color is so subtle it simply looks like the natural pigment of my lips. Needless to say the wear time is pretty short here particularly if you chronically lick your lips.

Fair warning if you’re sensitive these do have a strong, sweet, fruity aroma and taste. The taste pretty much goes away once applied from my experience and I wasn’t particularly put off by the scent or flavor in the least but if you’re a tad sensitive to scented products you might want to second guess a purchase. I find these smell like some sort Kool Aid or sweet drink.

Swatches pictured left to right:

  • Refreshing Red
  • Pink Flush
  • Ruby Indulgence
  • Mauve Dream

Overall, I’m happy to have purchased Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss as I like stains and these are nice under my favorite lipglosses. However, on their own the 10 hour wear time claim and the stain gloss hybrid formula is a bust. I didn’t experience 10 hours of wear in anytime and if you’re lucky you might see an hour of that claim. Also I think it could prove disappointing if you believe you’re going into a purchase that will multitask as a gloss and a stain because I simply didn’t get the gloss vibe here at ALL. If you’re looking for a basic stain these might do the trick but at $8.99 you might feel the price tag is a bit too high to dish out particularly when the formula is severely lacking all around. I think the packaging definitely gets props since the formula will remain stable for a longer time than other stains you may already own.

Perhaps if they are on sale you might want to purchase one or two but don’t get too crazy as many of the shades look the same once they are on lips!

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  • Stacie

    I purchased one of these last week and it does last quite a long time but it requires some work. After applying the gloss you have to let it set for a few minutes, don’t drink, eat or lick your lips. After doing this I found the color to last at least 5 hours on me, the glossy finish went away after 3-40 minutes but the color stayed.

    • the Muse

      gosh I didn’t even get a glossy experience stacie! nada…just a soft satiny look. I think I let it set for a decent time but sadly I see the color sheers away rather quickly…it leaves some color behind but the color is so sheer that it looks like my natural lip color 🙁

    • Ruth

      I also had a good experience with mine. The color remained all day but the gloss sort of faded after about half an hour. I really like this product and want to buy every color now.

  • Comrade Garlic

    That is some ugly packaging. Even if these were everything Maybelline promised, I still wouldn’t buy them.

  • Mia Brunelli

    I’m freaking out with all this wonderful things from Maybelline….

    I live in Brazil, so many of this items are a problem for me… You should sell them online, not just make me dream about them hahahahahaha!!

    Love your blog!

    • the Muse

      hey mia def great goodies coming out 😀 aw thanks so glad you enjoy Musings! I hope Brazil gets these soon!

  • Jayne

    Okay, I’m definitely getting the red and the pink. Those are seriously gorgeous.

    However, am I the only one who’s reminded of creepy little alien pincers by the applicator?

  • Michelle

    I could not have had a different experience! Mine didn’t wipe or kiss off at all and stuck around for a good 4-5 hours at least. It only came off because I removed it.

    I agree they’re not really glossy after the initial application, but the formula seems to allow for a more even application than those stain markers, and I felt like it faded more evenly than the markers do.

  • Ruthless

    Well, the name of the product is “10 hour wear” but you’ll never see them claim it gets 10 hours of wear. That’s how cosmetic companies operate – they are allowed to name it 10 hour wear lip gloss just as long as they don’t try to claim it lasts 10 hours. It’s marketing, and the more aware you make yourself on how brands advertise and operate the better you will be able to choose products that work.

    Having said that, I LOVE these lip stains. They’re creamy, long wearing and moisturizing-I get at least 4-5 hours of wear out of them.

  • Beth

    I purchased the shade Berry Heavenly. I loved the way it applied and the feel of it on my lips. Sadly, the color didn’t even make it one hour. Almost any lipstain lasts longer than this on me. In fact I am crazy about Maybelline Color Sensational lipstain(which I can no longer find-guess it was pulled to make room for this sub-par product.

  • Lisa

    IDK, but I have had phenomenal results with these stains! I do as one other tester suggested and let it sit unperturbed for a minute or two to ‘set’ and then it lasts 4-5 hours as well, even with gloss on top 🙂 It IS def more of a stain than a gloss. My only real complaint is as you see, I’m VERY fair skinned(Miss SPF 1000 right here)and even the pink one looks bright red on me! I blot and use a pearly gloss to tone it down a bit, but the applicator is genius for getting the perfect outline and does make lip liner obsolete for me. And now I can use up all my pastel Vickie Secret shimmer glosses that otherwise would sit around as I like a bit more color!

  • Dawn

    Well I was debating buying this because they emailed me coupons. Maybe I will wait till they are buy 1 get 1 50% off and buy so I can get two for the price of one.