December 28, 2011

NYC New York Color Cosmetics City Duet 2 in 1 Lipcolor Review, Swatches, Photos

NYC New York Color Cosmetics has a brand new selection of City Duet 2 in 1 Lipsticks. If you’re on a bit of a beauty budget brands like New York Color Cosmetics and Wet n Wild have definitely stepped up their game to bring you some rather great beauty purchases for $2-$3 or so.

City Duet 2 in 1 Lip Colors are a dual sided lipstick that has two shades of lip color in one stick. Interesting eh? Not innovative by any means as I’ve seen a few brands that have done similar lipsticks but fun none the less.

Worthy of a pick up?

Take a look!

Depending on how picky or posh you are with your makeup you might be turned off by these. Hey, no shame, you’re either loving budget beauty or you’re a Chanel girl that can’t stand the thought of it.

These come in a lightweight plastic tube. I didn’t particularly love the packaging as it’s a bit too basic and light for me to get on board with but what do we want for $3 bucks right? My main beef with the packaging is 1. it’ll probably crack easily should I drop it and 2. the lipsticks don’t swivel down completely. Ugh…you’ve no idea how irritating it is that the lipsticks don’t swivel down completely! This means I have to be super careful when uncapping and capping these as the lipstick will potentially have a bit sliced off when I put the cap on and take it off. This is such a thoughtless packaging flaw in my opinion.

Ok, off my rant on the packaging…

Formula isn’t the most moisturizing lipstick I own but these have a nice, even glide that leave behind a good deal of pigment so you’re looking at a full color lipstick for as little as $3, not a bad deal eh? They do have a rather unpleasant perfume-y taste that I wasn’t too keen on but outside of that I can’t really say that the overall formula was bad here. A little more moisture would have been nice but the overall texture of the lipstick is quite nice, wears decently well, and has a light feeling on lips. The pigmentation is rich. Both shades I picked up have a cream finish on either side. I’m not particularly a lover of cream lipsticks in all honesty but with a little gloss on top the cream finish becomes wearable for me.

The dual side is nifty as it offers two shades of lipstick and three ways to actually wear the product. You can wear both shades together by contrasting the colors to add dimension to lips or wear them individually. I’m not sure I necessarily need to have a two shades of color in my lipstick but the idea is fun and in theory it does save a bit of money if you simply can’t shell out for two shades of lipstick at the moment, hey, college beauty budget could be a bit on the small size eh?

The two shades I purchased were Penthouse Plums (rich, warm shade of plum and light shade of rosy plum) and Cafe Cuties (caramel light beige nude and darker shade of beige).

Overall, I wouldn’t say City Duet 2 in 1 Lipcolor is the best budget lipstick I’ve tried in my life. The formula isn’t exactly going to stop wars or bring about world peace but for three dollars you might feel the need to indulge particularly if you’re on an extra strict budget as you are getting two colors of lipstick in one product here. They could prove convenient for travel as well as they will lighten the load considerably if you aren’t left toting around several tubes of lipstick when you have one that contains two shades. I thought they were decent enough but they didn’t change my lipstick world by any means.

I got them for $3.19 each at my local CVS.

Do you think they’d be something that would interest you?

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  • Hilary

    I will definitely get a few. I love some of the NYC lipsticks I have . Cheap thrills are awesome, lol!

  • Stephanie

    Somewhat interested in cafe cuties! I love those colors! I’m trying to imagine a few months down the road, especially if you like one color more than the other. Would it become a little sliver/tower of lipstick left? XD

  • Fey

    These are pretty cute. Looks like everyone is pushing the spring 2012 trend of two-toned lips that didn’t quite pan out fall 2010. Maybe it’ll work out better this time!

  • CK

    hmm… i think putting them on could get a bit awkward after a while, but for the price… i’m willing to give it a try

  • Taylor

    NYC has amazing cosmetics! The idea is cute, and the colors are stunningly gorgeous, but wouldn’t it be weird putting on your lipstick from one side all of the time? And what about if you use one side more thean the other, then you have a weird slope? :\