December 9, 2011

Stila Daydream Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Depending how you look at the Stila DayDream Palette it’s either really exciting or really ho-hum. I happen to fit into the realms of being kinda excited about it and kinda meh about it. Stila released a massive palette like this last year and I generally liked it but fast forward to this year and it gets a bit repetitive and easily duped.

I will say the Daydream palette, in terms of packaging, is visually pleasing. I say “visually” since it actually isn’t practical or user friendly in some cases but more on that later. The price is a very nice $18 as well so if you’re seeking to gift something a little special this is quite cute.

Let’s take a look!

Stila makes some incredible makeup but they continue to introduce cheaper, budget friendly options and it does decrease the overall value of the brand. One or two inexpensive pieces are a treat but just like eating your favorite food every single day of the week…it gets tiring fast. Most of these items are Made in China as well, this isn’t something that necessarily bothers me but some beauty junkies are pretty politically correct about where their makeup is from which is understandable.

I love the design of this palette. It’s a little smaller than a CD and features a color wheel design. It’s made up of some fairly nice shades that range from nudes and naturals to a few cooler shades. You get 22 shades total and yes, Kitten is one of them. Interesting enough this version of Kitten isn’t up to par with the normal pot you’d purchase from Stila as it has a lighter, less frosty formula and finish. Actually, all the shades have a very light, silky feel with a hint of shimmer. Overall, I liked the texture of the shades but they are pretty sheer and they need a little helping hand to get the best possible color pay off here so a sponge applicator is recommended to pack color on nicely.

As lovely as I think the packaging is it isn’t entirely practical. The wells of each shade are pretty tiny and brushes and sponges don’t fit easily inside them so picking up color becomes a bit b*tchy. The outer rims of the compact feature the biggest wells and these are a tad easier to get at but the further you head into the circle the smaller the pots get. The shades in the very middle have the smallest wells and prove the trickiest to get to.

I didn’t swatch all the shades, apologies, as it just seems overkill and I admit I got a little lazy so I just did a few shades. The colors don’t exactly swatch great and they end up looking all the same so I took the lazy girl’s way out and didn’t bother. I think they have a fairly nice round up of shades here and there isn’t any question you can create a few nice looks but if you prefer more bolder shades of shadow and want a highly pigmented formula this will disappoint.

Overall, the DayDream Palette has a few nice factors but there are issues with the formula and the packaging. It could make a nice gift for a teen or someone just starting out in makeup or heck you might even want to check it out for yourself if you prefer lighter, less vibrant shades of shadow but if you’re expecting the performance of a regular Stila Eyeshadow this doesn’t bring that to the table. I admit I actually toe the line here myself so I both love and dislike this one….

Did you grab it?


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  • Cj

    Uh oh… I bought like 6 of these as stocking stuffers for a couple of my friends :S They were on sale as we’re like $11 each I think lol. What to do…

    • the Muse

      I think they make a nice gift in all honesty. How INTO makeup are they? If they are really makeup connoisseurs they may be an ickle disappointed but if they are casual makeup users I really think they’ll like them.

      • Cj

        Hmm well 2 of are like serious makeup people so I’ll just have to find something else for them 🙂 Thanks Muse!

  • corallista

    This looks catchy but the shades are too light, most of these won’t show up on my skin tone at all!

  • Joyce

    I thought I was the only one who thought the packaging was completely tackity tacktastic!! It’s so cheap and bulky and yuck!

    I do want the spring palettes however. Just because I have the neutral one so I may as well succumb to collect-it-all syndrome *sigh*

  • Sarah S.

    I like the idea of the packaging but not the execution. It certainly could seem cheaper, but I agree that at worst it’s aggravating to try to get to the littlest pots! I loved this back when I reviewed it, but in the end I haven’t really used it at all since. It is best for “everyday makeup” sort of people.

  • Michelle

    I heard somewhere (and naturally I could be completely off base with this ) that Stila products were also falling victim to counterfeiting. Looks like none of our favorite brands are safe…:(

    As always, Muse, thanks for reviewing! I personally wouldn’t buy this one, not enough pigmentation for me. I like the packaging though, it reminds me of a Native American dream catcher. 🙂

    • the Muse

      really? wow that’s so sad! my pleasure michelle. It does ;-D it really does.

  • Lemony Licks

    I got it a while ago when it first came out because it looked so cute and practical! But then I haven’t even touched it and it has just been sitting in my room. Disappointing to hear that the formula is not up to par :<

  • Hilary

    Is it wrong that I just want this because it’s pretty to look at? LOL. I’ll pass though unless I find a really good deal.

    I wish Stila would go back to making the amazing palettes they used to have, like Blanc 🙁

  • katherine

    I love the packaging. But after reading your review I’m glad I didn’t pick it up. Thank you for swatching! I was still contemplating it.

  • Smirking Valet

    In store, I’ve played with it. Colors, pigment, quality aside, I think it looks and feels like a frisbee!

  • Majick

    I can honestly say I was never tempted by this one or the larger one fro that matter. I’m not even sure why. I think the design is pretty to look at but the small areas bothered me. Also the colors just seem too “meh”.

    I do htink that folks would still like it as a stocking stuffer. It’s visually nice to look at.

  • Jovanna

    I love this simply because it has all the random colors that I need for a week vacation, it has cool and warm shades. I think the idea is the outer well for all over, next is lid, and the tiny ones are for liner. I had no issues in using any of them. I was even complimented for the outer teal color at a holiday party. I guess I am one of those who doesn’t pile on the eyeshadow and it shows up on me well? Maybe they show up better with primer? I personally love this item but not thrilled with the shade diversity on the LARGE dreamcatcher. Saves me money. 🙂

    • the Muse

      jovanna I agree great for travel ;-D and the outer to inner idea is awesome ;-D maybe you’re right…gotta admit the tiny wells do still bug me though.

  • breyerchic04

    I ordered this today for $8 (i was ordering a single eyeshadow, I had to get something else 😉 I don’t expect a lot, but I liked the blues and greens, and that’s the only way I’m getting them, since I never buy blue shadows at anything resembling a real price.