January 4, 2012

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Peach Champagne Review

The Lab had some champagne on on tap for the Holidays over on their Etsy Shop. They introduced, don’t quote me here, three champagne blends recently that I believe were exclusive to Etsy.

As of now they disappeared…

Grrr..but after the review I do suggest bookmarking the store just in case they add additional bottles.


Not sure with Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is? Do read through some of the archives to get yourself up to speed but in a nutshell it’s one of my favorite places to purchase unique, unusual, and beautiful perfume oils.

Peach Champagne was one of three champagne blends that Bpal released on their Etsy site. It actually wasn’t champagne that caught my eye here but peach! I was actually hopeful this would be a bit of a Lush Snowshowers type of blend but it actually has a far boozier note.

Bpal has a way with scents and somehow, someway they successfully bottled up the bubbly, effervescent happiness that is champagne. First sniff your nose will tickle as a strong hit of bubbly yet sweet champagne swirls up at you. The underbelly of the fragrance is that of a big, juicy, succulent peach!

As with all fragrances the Lab successfully created a perfect balance of lovely champagne with hints of sweet fruitiness that play in gorgeous harmony together for a smooth, fresh, effervescent scent of what is undoubtedly peachy champagne.

Loves it!

To learn more about the Lab or indulge in a fragrance oil or two visit www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com

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  • eight

    I refuse to shop with BPAL after they told one of my favourite indie sellers that she couldn’t sell her Snake Oil body/hair oil spray, because they have a copyright on the name Snake Oil for their perfume oil. Two different things, so technically she CAN sell it since their copyright is only for perfume oil. And also, Snake Oil is such a common term, it’s like copyrighting Love Potion and saying no one can use that for anything ever.

    • the Muse

      mmmm not really agreeing/disagreeing but there alot of dupes/copies of what Bpal does on Etsy and smaller e-tailers. Definitely appreciate alot of these oils but I think bpal excels at what they do and they’ve done it alot longer than many of these shops that have and are popping up now so I can sorta kinda understand where they are coming from asking her not to sell a product named after one of their best selling items. I actually don’t love snake oil myself but it’s one of the first oils that they started to sell and kinda a grandfather/mother product for the brand so it’s understandable they copyrighted it. But on the other hand as you mentioned it’s not an actual perfume oil but body/hair oil. Sorry a little torn here ;-D!

      • eight

        It’s ok, difference of opinion is the spice of life! And I’m glad I can voice mine here. 🙂

        • the Muse

          good deal chica 😀 glad we can disagree and still be cool! some folks get their panties in a twist over stuff like this ;-D! *hugs ya* You can ALWAYS voice your opinion here, I’m listening ;D!

  • Melissa

    i have a few bpal oils ..never bought from the etsy site. Do you get free samples with etsy orders too?

  • Brit

    Ahhh, I love BPAL’s peach note. It’s easy for fruity smells to go plastic-y and fake on me, but BPAL manages to stay yummy.

    I have seen a few people upset at BPAL over the recent Snake Oil thing, and I don’t know enough about trademarks and law to really form an opinion on the issue. I do know that part of the reason I will always support BPAL is that they are involved in a lot of awesome charity work, which to me, says a lot about the people running it. They even helped buy food for people camping out at the Occupy protests, which I think is just awesome.

  • Eve

    I had no idea they had an etsy shop! I’m glad because I always hated their main site, don’t know why just found it hard to browse. Now I may actually consider buying.

    • the Muse

      mm I think if you haven’t been following them for a while the site can be oh so intimating. They only do a few blends on etsy but the blends they do end up putting up are too awesome! It’s actually run by Ted b/c most of the stuff is from the Trading Post.

      they also do ebay!

      • Eve

        Yes, the choices always made my ADD go into hyperdrive so having fewer options actually helps me because I’ve been wanting to try something for many many years!

        • the Muse

          it’s true the site is like OMG WHAT DO I CHOOSE?! ;-D it’s hard 🙂 I totally understand!

  • Quinctia

    To be honest, while I still love BPAL, wear them almost exclusively and enjoy what I have, I gave up on following them when they decided to have a million exclusive scents sold in tons of places.

    Actually, it still kind of aggravates me that I can’t place a lab and TP order together. They don’t ship cheaply, and all it means is, in the end I just never bought any Shub soap or nail polish when I doubtlessly would’ve thrown in bits here and there when ordering oil.

    • the Muse

      mmm *raises hand* annoyed! haha ;-D I hate having to track down where these scents will be. grrr! again, agreed. Ok, I can somewhat understand Ted wants to keep TP as his part of the venture and Beth likes Bpal as her part. But essential it’s family run…it’s not like the products are coming from a different place. hate the high cost of shipping 🙁 and hate having to pay for a TP and Bpal order separate.

      i think a single bottle costs 7.99-8.99 to ship. I appreciate it is oil and is delicate (glass bottle, etc..) but still $8 shipping!?