January 4, 2012

Buxom True Hue Blush Review, Swatches, Photos

Gotta say I really like what Bare Escentuals has done with the Buxom line. It’s kinda a little brand all its own isn’t it? Many of the offerings are quite delightful as well. I think of it as BE’s younger, hipper little sister.

I can’t say how excited I was about the launch of Buxom True Hue Blush. These are a new blush launching in February that will be available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora.com in 8 shades.

I gave you a little sneak peek of swatches a week or so ago and after some testing here’s my review.

Take a look!

These come in little square black compacts with a generously sized mirror inside and the Buxom emblem on the front in silver letters. The packaging is pretty basic and simple but still manages to capture my interest for that simplicity alone and the fact that these are nice enough to fit in my hand but little enough to store easily.

I only tried three shades but they are available in a total of eight colors. Each one is $24 but I can’t confirm actual size as of yet since these are press samples and they only have the shade listed not the size on the compact.

This is the first pressed blush product that Bare Escentuals has done so that’s very exciting indeed. I think we’ll see more pressed products from BE this Spring.

The formula contains rhodiola which I’m not familiar with but BE says it’s an artic plant root that makes cheeks appear refreshed. The formula is also paraben free.

These are “WOW” pigmented. The two of the three shades I got were super bright and crazy pigmented. Rendezvous is a raspberry pink with golden shimmer and Euphoria is a bright matte coral peach. The more sheer (but not by much), glowy blush is Luviate which is a glowing shade of peachy pink. Luviate kinda reminds me of NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat combined somehow, it’s an interesting, unique shade that gives cheeks just the right amount of glow.

I found the shades were a tad too densely packed and dry. They applied a tad patchy on my cheeks and I ended up looking a bit Bozo the Clownish. My skin is definitely dry in this cold weather but I make sure to prime well prior to any makeup application that includes a heap of moisturizing products but these blushes still had a fairly bad finish on my drier skin and accentuated the areas terribly. Wear time is quite long but I’m not inclined to leave them on too long as they look very unnatural on my skin. Perhaps it’s the bolder shades but I normally fair well with blushes like this so not sure what the issue is here.

Overall, I’m going to chalk these up as I might need to try more shades before making my final decision of whether I actually like them or not. So far, after testing these shades, I gotta say I was a little disappointed. Perhaps they are just a little too much blush for me.

Buxom True Hue Blush will be available in February, exclusively at Sephora.

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    • the Muse

      I’m either doing something wrong or these are as dry as I think. perhaps they are just a little too bold for me!? but I normally like loud, vibrant blushes..they just apply patchy and look very unnatural, I look like a bloody clown with them on 🙁 perhaps darker skin!?

  • Kimryan8

    Maybe they’d work better on my greasy skin – I am about as in love as it gets with Euphoria. I have a sickness for coral blushes and it appears that Euphoria looks like Benefit Cha Cha Tint. What do you think?

  • Kerry B.

    Have you tried applying them with a duo fibre brush? Maybe it’d tone down the clown-ish appearance.. just a thought. 😀

    • the Muse

      yeah kerry but same clown finish :-/ bit too bright for me. I did sheer it down with powder but they still look patchy as hells on my dry cheeks :/ I wonder if the formula is perfected in the samples. I’ve gotten samples sometimes where the formula was considerably different once it hit shelves so I do wonder what I’ll think when I see/touch/possibly buy one from Sephora when they launch officially!

  • Carolyn

    Luviate looks so pretty (*sob* that the formula has some issues) but perhaps a bit sparkly as well. Is it noticeably shimmery on your cheeks?

  • Cathryn

    Aw. I actually like bright and bold blushes, even though I’m about as pale as Voldemort. With a well done blush all I need is a duo fibre brush and I’m ready to go…but if the blush is all clingy and nasty then I’ll pass 🙁

  • Majick

    Wow – they really are pigmented. I thought a fan brush may be the ticket for these. Or just a softer, looser, blush brush. Bummer that they are chalky but it’ll save me from buying for a while anyway. LOL

  • Sara

    Did you have patchy problems with just the louder colors or Luviate too? Kind of a blush whore lately and trying to find the perfect, light pinky coral that won’t exacerbate the appearance of rosacea is tough. Do you think Luviate would bring out the red tones?

    Count me as a fan of Buxom too. it’s so funny, I really do think they’re great, but I only have one lipgloss and a sample of the lipliner! Why isn’t there more in my stash??

    • the Muse

      luvitate gives a very nice glow sara and no patchy issues but did make my drier areas very prominent so going to retry when my skin is alot less dry ;-D the cold is killing my skin! mmm not sure to be honest, it could be too much if you have severe redness! I used to dislike the buxom line but for some reason it grew on me in a major way!

      • Sara

        Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely wait until it hits the stores so I can check it out in person first. I don’t have even redness, just like patchy red spots. It’s weird and gotten worse the past couple of years. And it definitely looks funky with the wrong blush.

        The cold is killing my skin too! Damns! Between the dry air outside and the dry air inside there is no break!

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    The Buxom True Hue blushes are now available on Sephora’s website. I ordered three of them this morning. Buxom also has a new blush brush to use with the new blushes. Ordered that also. Can’t wait to get these. I was surprised to see them on the website so soon. I thought they wouldn’t be available until February. Pleasant surprise. After I receive them and try them, I’ll tell you all how I like them. Just wanted to give you a head’s up that they’re available.

    • the Muse

      ha do you read minds was just typing that up Joan!!!!!!!!! ;-D I’m looking forward to what you think! I didn’t get on so well with them. Too bright, applied patchy on my dry skin 🙁

      • Joan Andruszkewicz

        I ordered Breathless, Euphoria and Seduction. I think I’ll love Breathless, but am a bit nervous about Euphoria and Seduction being a bit too bright. If they go on too dark with the new Buxom blush brush that I also ordered, I’ll try with a duo fiber brush. I’ll review after I try them all. I thought I’d be wanting Swept Away, but it might be a bit too beigy for me. I see that QVC is going to have a BE TSV in February with a pressed powder blush and auto delivery available. I was disappointed to see they include one of those little blush brushes. Who uses them anymore?

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    So far I’ve worn Swept Away (which I ordered after the first three shades I received) and Euphoria and love them both. Swept Away is light, but nice when you just want a touch of blush. Also plan to maybe wear it over Euphoria sometimes. I wore Euphoria and with a light touch and very little blush on the brush, it’s not too bright at all. Can always put more on if you want. I used the new Buxom blush brush, which I also really like. All four shades that I bought……Swept Away, Euphoria, Seduction and Breathless are gorgeous shades AND they’re matte finish, which is a plus for me. My most favorite is Breathless. It’s such a pretty pinky peach shade….not too light, not too dark. Love, love!!