January 30, 2012

Can I Have Back Those Last Two Hours of my Life Chuck? A Review of the Chuck Season End

Non cosmetic Musings ahead….!

I’ll start off this post by saying the season finale of Chuck sucked. Spoilers ahead

Yes, I said it.


I can’t believe I lost two hours of my life basically bringing me back to season one. You can say that this leaves things open for a movie or a special you can say it leaves things wide open for the fan base to write up a ton of fan fiction but I say it sucked.

I wanted the house, the picket fence, little Lester and Jeffs running around the front yard. I want happily ever after for Chuck and Sarah.

I did not want…

Ellie packing up her bags and leaving after her brother faced such a blow to his heart. “Oh hai you lost your wife but I’m leaving now! k, take care, smell ya laterz”

What the hell? Ellie spent five seasons babying Chuck, nurturing him, essentially being his mother and now she just ups and leaves? How freaking out of character is that?

So I guess Casey hasn’t grown at all. Five seasons and I’m waiting for him to evolve slightly and obviously the fact he can easily ignore calls from his daughter and pick up and leave so easily proves that his character is just as much of an a-hole as the day we first met him. I didn’t expect him to become a mush or Super Dad but I didn’t expect him to so stiffly and coldly up and leave like that.

Chuck and Sarah…

What’s to say? Did they really end this season on notes like her turning around and telling him she knows they are married, know they love each other, but she just “isn’t feeling it?” Seriously? Honestly? They didn’t even allow her to try. I was actually hoping they’d send off with them kissing on the beach and her having an Intersect-like flash and remembering everything they had together but nope…nada….maybe they will start their relationship over, maybe they won’t, maybe Sarah needs more time to “find herself”…who knows? They decided to NOT tell us.

And finally….

Couldn’t we have more time saying good bye to Big Mike? Morgan? The moments were so brief and fleeting with both characters. If you blinked you would have missed their exits.

The only thing I take comfort in is the fact that Jeffster had one last hooray and for this I’ll be eternally grateful and try really hard to forgive the fracked up ending. At least when people ask me about Chuck I can say “We’ll always have Jeffster…!”

Your thoughts?

Do share!

Would love to hear!

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  • Cynthia

    i stopped watching last season but WHAT? Did sarah lose her memory or something???

    • the Muse

      she had the intersect which was causing issues than some new villain erased her memory…she didn’t remember anything at all. it was a MESS girl a MESS!

  • Yinyan

    I actually kind of liked how the camera panned away while they were kissing on the beach at the end, I sort of just assumed that she would “magically” remember after the kiss.
    My biggest issue with the end was that Chuck uploaded the last version of the intersect and the CIA just let him go after?? really?? I don’t buy it. They had so much time to come up with a solid series finale, and it just didnt feel fulfilling enough 🙁

    • the Muse

      AGREED! Seemed odd that a majority of the story line from day one was about how the intersect couldn’t just be left to roam around without supervision of some sort…!

  • Kaitlin

    omg I didn’t know that you watch Chuck! that’s so awesome!

    IMO, i really liked the way they ended it. with the whole chuck and sarah thing, i feel like it would have been too easy if she remembered everything after the kiss, like too much of a cop-out for the writers. i like to think that even if sarah did go off to “find herself,” she would eventually come back to burbank where chuck is. it would just be instinctual to return there, the way she instinctively moved the stuff around in the weinerlicious.

    but i do agree with you about casey. he didn’t have to be so cold – there could have been a balance between old and new casey. he could have at least let alex know that he was going on a mission and couldn’t talk for a while!

    • the Muse

      Yeah! Faithful watcher since s1 🙂 love Zac! and the nerd machine hehe ;-D Aw gotta disagree…we went through five seasons to get to Chuck and Sarah’s happily ever after and it just didn’t work out 🙁

      Didn’t you just want them to finally get there happy ending? sigh 🙁

      agreed, I thought the entire ignoring her calls was so crappy 🙁 and didn’t you hate Ellie just picking up and moving?! I mean she was such a mother to chuck and proceeded to get up and leave him when he needed her the most?

  • Kate

    Oh my goodness! I’m so glad after watching the first episode of the last season my husband said he didn’t want to watch anymore. I would have been seriously pissed after that season finale!

    I’m just going to pretend the last season didn’t happen and come up with my own wacky adventures.

    • the Muse

      kate season five was a cop out in my opinion, really lost the magic imho! 🙁 so you didn’t miss much!

  • Olivia

    DISAPPOINTED AS HELL! (but cried nonetheless when Chuck was pleading her and the flashbacks, dear lord) i was really hoping that sarah would flash or something at the end and remember everything or she regains her memory and now she and chuck are both super intersect spies. it was a great show

    • the Muse

      he was just crying and crying and she was like a god damn robot…I was so sad. He even threw himself in front of her and took a bullet and STILL she felt nothing. I was kinda hating her for a moment there when I’ve always loved her character. I mean to turn around and tell him yes, I understand we are married and we loved each other but I’m not feeling it…omg what were the writers thinking!? I was holding breath and saying oh they’ll kiss and she’ll have this cool intersect flash with a ton of memories of the two of them and she’ll remember..but nope…nada 🙁

      • Olivia

        I KNOW! It was so painful to watch. i was like ok, they want to end the series on their own terms instead of having to be cancelled and stop the story in the middle of a plot arc? GOOD! it will be a fantastic ending! but not at all….it leaves to much mystery which sometimes is good but cmon, youo have to have SOME closure. You’re right though, Jeffster was the bombshizzle!

        • the Muse

          zac has mentioned the possibly of a tv movie or movie in the future during comic con. warner owns the series so it kinda sounds plausible which is one reason the season might have ended the way it did but I think the possibly of the movie every happening is SUPER SLIM so I really just wanted a happily ever after for them and maybe a fast forward five years with them having kids, etc…it was just such a rough cut up job. I think ellie prob threw me the biggest curve ball. She just up and left? it was completely out of charcter for her. Jeffster=AMAZINGBALLZ they couldn’t have picked a better song haha…although I actually hated the newly rebooted Jeff 2.0, I preferred the stupid, crackhead 1.0 version lol!

          • Olivia

            I think a movie would just be them wanting to make more money…i agree that i just wanted the happily ever after ending haha. I hate how they made ellie’s departure so sudden…like if she and awesome received the letter 4 episodes ago and then finally they decided to go, that’s understandable but it was just so sudden. it’s like theyre throwing things at me waaaaay too quickly. hahaha i loved idiot Jeff more. their shenanigans were so amusing…i downloaded their version of take me on WOOOOOT!

  • Susanna

    Hi! Yeah so you pretty much just nailed all of the things that were bugging me about this final. I’ve written essay after essay after essay about why this episode blowed and you managed to sum it up nicely in a few short paragraphs.

    And I am so sick of hearing from the writers and from die-hard fans that “oh, she’ll get her memory back” or “oh, they’ll fall in love again and it’ll be so romantic”. NO! You know what would have been romantic, if they could have bought that house with the red door and had a ton of babies and lived happily ever after. And after five seasons they deserved that. We deserved to see that. I will never be ok with this ending. It was such a cop out. I feel cheated. EVERYONE else got a happy ending except for the two people who really deserved it.

    • the Muse

      same here susanna. I read the forums and I’m pretty much gagging over the fact that everyone thinks it ended brilliantly. Pleazeeeeeeeeeee how is a great ending? I totally believe we deserved a better ending 🙁 jeepers it just sucked.

  • cat

    I stopped watching last season. It was getting too ridiculous and repetitive. The missions were silly (not in a good way) and the relationship stuff between Chuck and Sarah was just tedious. I think the show was seriously hurt by the constant danger of cancellation and the need to reinvent the show with every season finale. Don’t get me wrong…I loved those finales. But I feel like they didn’t follow through on the initial contract I signed up for when I started watching…primarily Zachary Levi being adorable.

    • the Muse

      agreed cat up to season 3 was great but yes, lots of pressure and the episodes suffered b/c of it 🙁

  • Rachel

    It was heart-breaking Muse. I used to love the show but drifted away last year, but I watched the finale with my mom (who is a huge Chuck fan) and she was devastated by that lame-o ending. I think she was seriously depressed the rest of the night over it. Like everyone else, she wanted that happy ending for Chuck and Sarah, but instead we got a sucker punch to the gut :/

    • the Muse

      aw me too rachel hugs to your mom lol my shoulder is available for a sob-fest ;-D it was just such a reboot, why!?

  • Soo

    I just watched the finale last night and I was not pleased with the ending either. very unsatisfactory, since I was rooting for the happy ending as well.

    did you like Chuck all the way up to the recent season? I don’t remember when it started sucking to me, but I really haven’t watched the show because I thought it was good anymore. it was really out of habit, and wanting to know how it ended. I used to really love the show when I first started watching the early seasons, but it just sort of tapered off and got stale..? I didn’t think the ending was particularly bad, I just didn’t like that it was a plot reset (of sorts) and it didn’t feel good ending it that way. I dunno, I feel your pain, Muse.

    • the Muse

      I think it stopped being fun mid season 4 Soo. bit repetitive, they seemed to have lost some of their budget b/c characters I liked weren’t really popping up as much, this season was just..I dunno magic was missing from it. I didn’t love the idea of a plot reset myself, it seemed like we just went back to season 1. some of it was heartbreaking really, I dunno why the writers wanted to do that to faithful watchers :-/ but yes, it wasn’t as great as it was when it started!

  • Angel

    So pissed Muse! Hubby and I just watched the final three and we are bummed! You know, for a show that had a huge “camp” factor, the finale was too serious and melancholy. This show gave hope to geeks everywhere that it was possible to get the girl. And in the end, the writers just gave a big F you to those fans. The fans that stuck by the show, even when ratings were waning. I’m tired of lazy writing from my beloved tv shows. I’m sick of leaving it up to the viewer, or oh, it was just a dream. WTF!? Maybe I’m a sap deep down, and once in a while, I just want the GD picket fence. TV is an escape. It’s ok to give the fans a happy ending. Not even worth watching this in syndication now. Seriously totally sucked!!!!

    • the Muse

      right angel? man…I really cringed at the end. exactly. the geek didn’t get the girl! LOL wtf? it was like going back to season 1 again 🙁 I understand they wanted to be a bit ambitious but it…sucked. I wanted happily ever after for Chuck 🙁 Yes, ok, it probably does happen and they def are applying it will but I’d rather have it smelled out, in big letters for me to read ;D!

  • Smith

    Chuck is now dead to me. We watched 4 seasons of greatness to see 13 episodes of pure GARBAGE. the least we could have gotten was an actual finale to the show, I mean a kiss? sarah didnt even remember chuck.. wtf were the creators thinking? CHUCK IS DEAD TO ME, I WILL NEVER WATCH ANYTHING BY THE SAME CREATORS AGAIN

  • Panayiotis

    For me whole season 5 was totally different from the first 4. especially 4 last episodes that sarah had uploaded the intersect.

    As you said if you blinked you could lose an exit of a character. They kicked out most of the characters in a couple of minutes. Many mistakes anyway.

    What I hated most was the great acting of sarah when facing chuck. You could see in her eyes that she didn’t felt anything about chuck.

    I really hate the producers of this series.

  • Ronnie

    Chuck season 5 was a complete waste. Morgan Grimes acting was so poor that you get irritated by that guy- with or without intersect!!
    Initial part of season 5 is all about Chuck and Sarah’s mindless wishing of normality and Chuck’s over sweetness on every single thing!!!! Disaster! Only saving thing was Jeff and Lester.

    Especially the Intersect bullshit was becoming way too much. Showing Sarah praising Intersect ( once she gets it) was so wrong especially when she was already a trained spy and pretty much kicked ass on her own before. They gave way too much credit to it!
    I mean look at that idiot Morgan- when Ellie was testing him to check the effects of intersect in Ep 11- he is bullshitting about- ” I am a trained spy and let me go to Japan”, Since when did he become a trained spy??!!- this season gave him much more role than the character deserved and the way he speaks- i mean the words that he speaks are so irritating.. poor alex!

    Moving on to Sarah forgetting her memory, whenever Chuck wants- he ventures alone to save the day same was with Sarah and they end up messing everything. In the last four seasons they showed how despite the idiots calling themselves spies mess up, everything becomes hunky dory in the end but not in season5. In this season Sarah looses her memory. what I didn’t understand was why didn’t anyone for even once said- lets go to the Doctor for heavens sake!!! And Chuck is just pleading with her in Ep 12, crying- I felt no sympathy- yes he can try to tell her the story but the fact is she had no memory and i felt so good when she kicked his ass in their dream house. I understand why people were disappointed with the finale because the gang came out a winner after the worst disasters ( which were the consequences of their own stupidness) fulcrum, ring, shaw etc but this time the writers thought they are doing a favor to us by trying to be smart and leaving it like this. There was absolutely no thought into writing and no continuity in this season.
    ANother thing- Chuck doesn’t pull the trigger but he has no problems when Sarah or Casey killing people. I mean Sarah knew she had to kill her handler to save her step sister, she had no dilemma and Chuck was ok?? She knew she had to kill Quinn so I mean what the hell is Chuck’s job? Let Quinn go? Such poor acting by Chuck thanks to the writers because Berlin mission was to get Quinn but didn’t Chuck feel anything(?) I mean no emotions towards the guy who ruined his life and the women he loves?! Like an idiot during the mission he pleads with Sarah for memory but doesn’t want to get the guy who is responsible for her memory loss?!!! what the hell!? And he could have shot Quinn in leg( no need for killing) rather than Casey’s helicopter!! Seriously it wasn’t funny. The writers added these quirks of Chuck and Morgan and they continuously were irritating through out season 5 and especially in this episode.

    I can safely say that after enjoying the first four seasons of silliness and spying, good riddance to the fifth and final one. It is disappointing that the series so clever can jump up its own ass and die a sad ending!

    • Panayiotis

      The thing that shocked me but wouldn’t surprise me was when shaw did an introduction making you think that sarah was pregnant. but it about an old mission, boring…imagine how a big twist would that be.

      anyhow I will let my mind forget about the 5th season and I will watch all 4 seasons again.