January 30, 2012

Just for Fun: True Blood Season 5 and Game of Throne Season 2 Trailers

Apologies in advance its been kinda a day of non cosmetic Musings but squee must share the True Blood and Game of Thrones sneak peek trailers with you!

Is the former king of Mississippi back? Oh please let it be so! And I’m so very eager for Game of Thrones to return. I finished A Dance with Dragons a few months ago and wasn’t particularly thrilled with it so I need a good fix to get me back in a Seven Kingdoms kinda mood.

What are you looking forward to snuggling down and watching on telly?

P.S. Dontcha just wanna bitch slap Joffrey across the mouth with the back of your hand?



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  • femputer

    Well, as much as Dance with Dragons annoyed me (really? we’re doing the ‘make it look like he’s dead but he’s really not’ for the twelfth time, GRRM? really?), it was miles better than Feast for Crows, wouldn’t ya say? I am SO excited for season 2! I think this may be one of the few cases where the show that improves upon the books and smooths over the rough areas, yanno?

    I could watch that over and over. *happy sigh*

    • the Muse

      it’s a soap plot and that’s what i hate plus it really literally takes ages to get through a GRRM novel sometimes. you have to mediate your way through it. feast of crows was literally a second job for me to get through. it alot of bone but no real meat and just difficult to swallow. It took me a very long time to read it. OMG best scene ever. He should have a big ring on when he slapped him so blood could come gushing out of his mouth lmao….I love to hate joffrey. They picked SUCH a great actor for the part, he’s just such a bitchy little man boy lol!

      I agree, I’m normally one for voting for the book versus the movie or the show but in the case of GoT it flows easier on tv than the written word. I feel like I’m reading The Silmarillion over and over and over again with some of GRRM’s novels! am I the only one that gets that feeling?

      • femputer

        nope, not at all! it’s a real chore for me to get through those books at times. i’m hooked though, and GRRM definitely has moments of sheer brilliance. i just wish his editor was a little more firm with the scalpel at times. he can be so long winded with crap that really has nothing to do with the central plot.

        • the Muse

          it’s funny b/c he will absolutely stand by his right to be long winded and will proceed to proclaim that those huge azz off the beaten track pages will lead into something in the future…

          the problem?

          it never happens LOL!

          • Chels

            I forgot where I saw it but some poster on a forum did some kinda calculation that at the rate GRRM is going. The series won’t be finished till 2026!!!! WILL GRRM EVEN STILL BE ALIVE?!

          • the Muse

            HA chels funny as I was on a forum discussing that very thing lol! true! :-D!

  • Crystal S

    We call him Prince Smug Face. I finished Dance of Dragons so now all I can do is wait…..

    • the Muse

      ha that’s about right. omg someone needs to slap that smirk off his face ;D! Joffrey, bitch, please, simmer down now! LOL!

      • crystal s

        Ive often wondered what I would do if I saw that guy on the street, and I would…I believe I would strike him.

  • kimkats

    Lol – I’d never even heard of the books til the TV series came out so I’m learning all this as I go along! I SO hope that someone besides Tyrion gets to whack that little so-and-so Joffrey – he is SUCH a turd!!

    Can’t wait for season 2 to start!! tho I do have to say that HBO was overly generous with the gratuitous nude scenes last year… it was like they were saying “We’re HBO – we can show tits and weiners!!” ok, ok… we got it – now get back to the damn story line! 🙂

    • the Muse

      it’s funny you mentioned that as I was so angry last year with the amount of naked going on lol. I tweeted so many rants about the (o)Y(o)’s…I mean I guess it adds something to the story in some aspects but in other ways it takes away from it completely. I can totally get on board with the sex in Spartacus, their Romans, it’s kinda ok, LOL but in GoT’s I feel every so slightly uncomfortable. It’s like throwing sex into a JRRT book.

      I don’t think you honestly need to ruin the series for yourself by reading the books UNLESS your a fantasy reader/lover. I can’t believe I’m saying this but the tv show has a smoother run than the books do. You really have to appreciate fantasy to enjoy the novels and you have to have a hell of alot of patience to understand and get through some of what GRRM writes…..

      amen sister. I wanna beat him bloody blue lol! He’s such a little sh&t! LOL

      • crystal s

        I agree withmost of that. However, I feel the way they approached Daenrys in season 1 really undermined her story in the book. I’m afraid how much will be cut for Tv. The books are so expansive and intertwined. They have their work cut out for them.

  • Melissa

    As if the makeup alone wasn’t enough of a reason to love your blog? I love both of these shows!!! True Blood is just so over the top campy I can’t help but love it and GoT is one of the best book-to-screen adaptations I’ve ever watched! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THESE SHOWS TO COME BACK!!!! Squeeeeee!

    Also…I read that Russell Edgington will in fact be back for the new season of True Blood. I do love his brand of crazy! 😉

    • the Muse

      me too Melissa ;-D!!!!!!!!! Really enjoyed the way they did GoT! great job. I read the same, can’t wait, he’s one of my fav characters!

  • DaenaCat

    CANNOT wait for GoT and The Walking Dead! Also looking forward to the new show “The River” which looks quite interesting and might be my horror-tv fix until the crazy “American Horror Story” comes on again.

    I read all the GoT books over the holidays and there are some scenes and characters I cannot wait to see!

    Until then, I will settle for my new love — Downton Abbey. <3

    • the Muse

      ditto very excited about the river and of course walking dead. AHS may have jumped the gun with the whole new story line thing but we shall see! ;-D Aw I love DA ;-D It’s incredible 🙂

  • Karyn

    The scenes with Sansa are going to kill me.

    Are they doing THAT wedding this season I wonder….if so I’m going to need emergency bourbon.

    • the Muse

      lol karyn some relief in the fact that she’s older in the series or appears so than in the novels. she looks at least 16 in the show where as she’s only 13 in the books.

  • SusanT

    Oh, Muse, I am DYING for True Blood this next season. I’m sure you’ve heard that Chris Meloni is coming on board as a bad-ass vampire! I CANNOT WAIT! I love that man!!!

  • Lulubelle

    Yes to bringing Russell Edgington back! He chewed up his scenes – so snarky and evil – he almost made you root for him.

  • Mel

    Another GoT fan and blog reader here! Regarding the lengths of GRRM’s books, it’s not so bad when you think about how much time it takes for him to crank one of these things out. I mean at the rate he is going, one book has to last you 5,6 or more years. That seems like plenty of time to make one’s way slowly through one of his books. And now with the TV series, you just know it’s going to be 7 or 8 years until the next one. 😛

    Definitely agree with the annoyance above regarding gratuitous nudity. Since there’s already plenty of action in the books (and not all of those scenes are necessary), one feels like showrunners should have focused more attention and care on the important scenes and left out all the added ones.

  • BeautyNUniq

    I absolutely cannot wait for Tyrion to get there and set everyone straight. I actually cried with Ed Stark died last season. It hurt my heart. I’ve been waiting Joffrey to get his every since then. Little bastard….literally. LOL!