January 9, 2012

Lush Potion Lotion Review: Lush Puts the Magically Potion in this Lotion!

Do you love Lush Ruby Red Slippers? That spicy exotic scent of carnations….mmm I’ll never understand how a girl like me who adores toothache inducing sweet scents could love RSS so much.

But I do!

If you’re a lover of the scent too you probably hate when it disappears or doesn’t show up during the Holidays. But no worries Retro Lush is the solution!

Potion Lotion smells just like Ruby Red Slippers and comes in the perfect scented body lotion that allows the scent to linger on and on and on all day and basically puts you in a peaceful comatose with thoughts of running through a field of carnations in your head. Do fields of carnations even exist? For this post let’s pretend they do!

I’m an old school Lushie so I remember Potion Lotion from way back when. Sadly, the year I discovered Lush was the year Potion was discontinued.

I sobbed hard that year. Had a mourning period where I celebrated and hailed my last bottle of this beloved body lotion and proceeded to try hard to forget it.

Lucky enough, Lush started Retro Lush. This was a place I could rediscover all my old love for products long since gone. Potion Lotion was added to that list of rare Lush and I did do a little jig of joy when it was reintroduced into the catalog.

If you’re a Ruby Red Slippers fan you totally know what this smells like but for those new to Lush do discover it for the first time and fall in love!

Lush calls it a blend of rose petal and tangerine but I personally feel like it’s a spicy carnation scent that’s rather mysterious, unique, and sexy! This one is warm, rich, and beautiful! If combining roses and tangerines is what brings together this spicy gorgeousness than by all means cocktail the two notes together everyday!

The best part about Potion Lotion is it lingers on and on and on once applied. I apply it to my arms and legs and the scent gives a beautiful throw all day and gets many a compliment.

You NEED it!

One of Lush’s most loveliest creations!

Available now at www.lushusa.com