January 12, 2012

MAC Charged Water Cleanser Review

Cleansing Waters, for some odd reason or another, seem to be really trending at the moment. I’ve no idea why these are suddenly popping up but everyone seems to have one. NARS, Sephora, and MAC all recently introduced one.

I think they are slightly confusing though so here’s just a brief recap….

I like to call ’em lazy girl’s guide to removing makeup. They are simply a liquid cleanser so to use them you soak some facial cotton, a cotton pad, or ball with the cleanser and swipe off your makeup. Done. No need to rinse with water, nothing else required! It removes your makeup in a flash. Most of these cleansing waters do a great job at removing waterproof mascara but they are a simple solution for removing makeup if you’re a minimalist or fantastic for the nights you just want to fall into bed. See? Lazy girl’s makeup remover!

Let’s take a look at MAC Charged Water Cleanser.

Ok so say you wear a little touch of powder, some blush, maybe a sweep of shadow and not much else. This is a great cleanser for swiping your makeup off at the end of the night particularly if you’re not a high maintenance person when it comes to removing your makeup.

Or let’s say you’re out late, 2-3 am you’re just coming through the door but you don’t want to go through the hassle of using eye makeup remover, cleansing oil, etc…etc…etc…you just wanna go to bed but you don’t want to sleep in your makeup. Well this is an easy way to swipe off most of your makeup quickly so you can get some much needed sleep.

I personally use eye makeup remover, cleansing oil, and a foaming cleanser to remove my makeup at the end of the day. I use waterproof mascara, bb cream, blush, pigmented eyeshadow, etc….and I definitely need to take proper care when removing it all at night so I wouldn’t depend on a cleansing water daily and I wouldn’t recommend or suggest one for daily use.

However….lighter makeup users will appreciate how quickly and easily they can remove their makeup.

This is infused with the same minerals that MAC uses in their Charged Water Mists. I dunno how beneficial these are to your skin but they’ve always been pleasant to use on a whole and they leave my skin hydrated. The cleanser isn’t super hydrating but it doesn’t strip skin, isn’t tacky during the dry down, and just feels very pleasant, refreshing, and cool while using it. It has a pleasant almost minty fresh scent, I think the scent is rather gorgeous and it adds to the overall appeal of the product.

As I mentioned above cleansing waters aren’t really known for their ability to remove waterproof mascara and MAC Charged Water Cleanser is no different in that aspect. It successfully removes alot of makeup and makes a solid attempt at removing mascara but it does fail so you’ll be left over with much of that in place after use.

Overall, it’s not a necessary purchase by any means but it is a “nice to have” product for nights you’re just busy being lazy. Minimal makeup users will benefit the most from it as it proves a quick and simple solution to get their face off at the end of the night. Those who wear waterproof makeup or heavier makeup will see it as a nice product to keep around for super late nights when all they want to do is fall into bed because after all our mum’s always told us never sleep in our makeup!

Available now from maccosmetics.com and at MAC counters.

Did you indulge?

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    • the Muse

      it’s a great item to have around when you just want to fall into bed. the smell is rather lovely! I’m actually waiting on my order too. I ordered this, lipglasses, eye cream and a few other things and than proceeded to get press samples a few days ago *head desk* will do a giveaway with the items I ordered :-/

  • Ljana

    Oh, glad to see MAC did a good job with their micellar cleanser! Will try it when I get a chance. I also do a full cleansing routine, but use a micellar water instead of a cleansing oil and then follow up with a cream or foaming cleanser/facial wash. Most French ones (Bioderma, Vichy, Caudalie etc.) can handle non-waterproof mascara pretty well. They’re also very handy for cleaning up any eye makeup mistakes – stray liner, mascara on the brow bone etc. Just soak a cotton bud in a bit of the micellar water and you can correct any mistakes without ruining the whole look (happens to me all the time :-P)

    • Kimryan8

      I am a lazy girl but I like to wear waterproof stuff and lots of eyeshadow so this won’t work. But I LOVE that I could use this to remove stray liner or application mistakes! That is a fab idea! Brilliant!

      When I bust out the bi-facil its too oily and I have to do alot of wiping afterwords.

  • Cheryls

    Sounds like this Japanese make up remover water I use sometimes which actually works well.. (except for waterproof mascara). Love those things.

  • Eleftheria_K

    Great review.I don’t wear much makeup on an everyday base(tinted moistriser,bluch,mascara,lip gloss) and some nights I get so bored to use my cleanse off oil!

    is this going to be part of the permanent line?

  • Saara

    I would seriously recommend the bioderma crealine/sensibio make up remover for sensitive skin (the pink one)- gets off all makeup easily with no redness tugging or irritation. Makeup artists use it a lot and I couldn’t live without mine! I haven’t tried any other cleanser because this one is soooo amazing!