January 4, 2012

New York Color Cosmetics City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss Review, Swatches, Photos

Who’s up for some cheap thrills?

I hauled some New York Color Cosmetics City Proof Extended Wear Lipgloss on a recent foray through CVS. They promise to wear for eight hours straight…click.

Needless to say I’m skeptical!

Let’s see how the testing went.

These were a little expensive at $3.19 as I can get them for a lot less at Harmons versus CVS. So if you’re really wanting to chisel down the price shop around as I bet you can score them for $2.49 or so elsewhere. It’s chump change but just a suggestion if you are looking to save some $$!

Packaging is basic and pretty much no fills. The tubes are lightweight yet the simplicity doesn’t bother me much so I’m pretty ok overall with these. Black top, clear bottom tube to see color through, done. Nothing dramatic here and just right for tossing in a bag or tote.

The applicators are sponge tips with a slight slant so you can pretty much dig out all the color from the tube. I like the applicators alot for a cheaper gloss since they saturate well with color and apply it nicely to lips without too much re-dipping.

The formula is a delightful little surprise as some of the colors are wicked pigmented. I don’t own Chanel Dragon Rouge Allure Laque but Round the Clock Ruby looks like a pretty nice dupe of the shade. I’m wearing it in my photo below. Granted, it’s a bit too much red for me which is one reason I don’t own Dragon but it’s a damn fine shade for $3 bucks! Not all the shades are as pigmented but they build up well and offer a very nice pop of color on lips.

The texture of the glosses is a little bit of a toss up for me. I both like and dislike it. It’s a bit silcone-like, kinda wraps lips up and has a strange feel but it remains lightweight and wears quite well overall. I didn’t have issues with it migrating, it pretty much stays on your lips and doesn’t creep around my mouth and make a guest starring appearance elsewhere on my lips, chin, etc…the wear time isn’t eight hours straight, BAZINGA! But it does last fairly ok for a gloss so you’re looking at about three to four hours in without drinking or eating. I can get through drinking well enough but it won’t last through a meal.

These have a bright citrus-y taste which is pleasant enough and quickly goes away after application. I didn’t feel like these had any sparkle to them but they do have a glossy finish, not mirror-like shine but glossy enough to make me happy. I did get a bit peeved that the glossy factor seems to fade after an hour in so you’re left with color, a hint of shine, but not necessarily the full on glossy finish you get during the first hour of wear.

Shades (swatched from left to right):

  • Coffee Break
  • Gold with Me
  • Midnight Rose
  • Round the Clock Ruby
  • Mauving all Night

Overall, I like these. They aren’t the glossiest gloss I own and I wasn’t so sure I was enjoying the silicone feel but putting that aside I like the longer wear here, the cheap price tag, and the formula which looks very nice on lips. If you’re in it for the cheap thrills these are a nice one.

Exciting pick for the beauty budget lovers out there.

Gotta say, these ones get a Muse Approval.

Worth a purchase, nice basic gloss, great price tag, and a possible Chanel Dragon dupe might be in the mix!


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  • Stephanie C.

    Ooo Loving Mauving all Night, and might get Round the Clock Ruby since I don’t like red lipsticks, but love red glosses! The other glosses are super pretty too, but I already have similar colors.

  • GR

    OOoo I love when NYC makes something nice! I am always on a very tight budget.

    Do these glosses differ at all from the NYC Liquid Lipshines?

    • the Muse

      aw good question gr not sure b/c i don’t think I tried the liquid lipshines :-/ sorry…!!!!

  • Maria

    Girl, I know you’re not super comfortable with bright lips, but that red looks freakin (fraking….how I miss you BSG) AWESOME on you!! Seriously, it’s like the perfect shade of red for you! I’m gonna go check these next time I visit Walmart.

  • Sara

    Hmm…. Interesting. I have been put on a “girl stuff ban”, but you’re throwing cheap lipgloss at me… what to do?? Which one are you wearing in the pic?

    You remember when NYC came out with the lipstains? yeah, I just started seeing those last month at *some* of my CVSs. They’re TERRIBLE at stocking new stuff. I bet by the time these show up there my ban will be over. 😀

  • Kathleen

    Hi Muse! I decided to go through your reviews one insomniac-ish night. 🙂 Thought I may as well say hello!

    These look great! I hope my Rite-Aid has these along with the dual lipsticks. Love new drugstore items!

    • the Muse

      hi kathleen! *waves* how are you? Thanks for visiting ;-D and allowing me to put you to sleep hahaha ;-D! hope you find them, the glosses are particularly brilliant imho!

      • Kathleen

        *Waves back*

        You didn’t put me to sleep! 🙂 More like, kept me company when I couldn’t! I’m enjoying your site very much!

        • the Muse

          aw shucks I’m glad to hear it kathleen ;-D! *hugs* I hope we get to know each other more ;-D love talking to all you guys about makeup, etc..fun times!

          Happy weekend girl!

  • Meghan

    I’ve been wanting to try these for so long. They look like a dang good lip gloss for so cheap. Have you tried the Liquid Lipshines? I’ve been wanting to know if they are as good as these or not.

  • Micheala

    My English teacher has, i think, it was a dark mauve color, a purple mixed with a smudge of gray. I think it might have been Mauving All Night. But, she says hers doesn’t last 8 hours either.