January 17, 2012

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Cosmeceutical Youth-Boosting Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

Physicians Formula has a brand new collection entitled Youthful Wear for Spring 2012.

The Youthful Wear Collection is supposed shave 10 years off your face as it offers flattering coverage to conceal puffiness, finer lines, etc….they do claim skin will appear lifted and firmed as well within three weeks of wear but I’m a little skeptical of that.

Of course, I immediately purchased the concealer being the junkie I am for under eye coverage.

Let’s take a look!

Rejoice! This is brilliant if you’re lucky enough to be fair of skin.

Boo, Hiss, and Rant! If you happen to be medium, tan, or darker.

Le sigh…

Physicians Formula has a rather nice concealer on their hands but the main issue is it comes in two shades which is pretty much the end all for most skin tones. The limited shade selection even had me throwing my hands up in dismay as the Light + Light was simply too light. The other shade selection is Yellow + Light which also proves too light for me. What’s a girl to do?


I actually like this overall but the shade kills the deal sadly.

The concealer comes in a long tube and contains a creamy concealer on the bottom, a cream concealer stick in the middle, and a roller on the top. I guess it’s somewhat pointless to have both a cream and a stick in the same packaging as you won’t be using them together if you’re purchasing to use under your eyes plus I’m not a huge fan of stick concealers anyway but I guess its nice to have an either/or option. Of course, if you use concealer on your face having both a stick and a cream could prove helpful as you might want to use the cream on your face and the stick under your eyes. Either way you do have options here.

Now one thing I didn’t like about the concealer is the roller ball. In theory I like the idea of rolling out my concealer so to speak to give it that airbrushed effect but in reality it tugs a fair bit under my eye and just feels uncomfortable so it doesn’t really work so well at blending product out.

The concealer stick is a little drying but overall its not too bad when blended out and offers medium to full coverage if you build. I did see some minor creasing around hour four but nothing too dramatic. Overall, for a stick the formula isn’t bad at all.

The cream concealer I liked best. This has a sponge tip applicator for application and has a soft, creamy formula that has a cooling, hydrating feel. It, too, offers medium coverage and builds easily for full coverage. It wore strongly for six hours before I saw minor fading but absolutely no issues with creasing.

(Swatched left to right: Stick Concealer and Cream Concealer)

Overall, at $12.95 it does prove a little expensive as you can spend a few extra dollars to get a better product from a higher end brand. However, on the plus side so many sales at the drugstore give you the ability to check it out for considerably less and if rebates are your game you can grab this free with a mail in one. I think the concealer proves promising but the lack of shade selections makes it a miss in most cases.

Available now at drugstores.

Tried it?

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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  • Cj

    Fair you say?? I’m the fairest one of all! Muahahaha!!!

    Ok so I’ve been watching too much Once Upon a Time lol. This was one of the products I ordered from Ulta to try 🙂

    • the Muse

      ha me too! I wanna slap that evil witch! ;-D Let me know whatcha think when it arrives? Curious minds. Not bad overall but damn light for me :-/

        • the Muse

          nooo I’m sad I didn’t start as I hear it’s good :-/ Once Upon a Time is a bit boring for me but I keep watching it just because I love to hate on the evil witch hehe ;D! The story feels like its going no where sometimes but it’s a guilty pleasure!

          • Cj

            OMG MUSE! You HAVE to watch it! It is the BEST show EVER!! I’m inlove with it lol. It’s amazing. 🙂

            And I’m not just saying that cuz all the man candy xD

          • the Muse

            man candy helps LOL! ;-D I’ll look it up on apple tv ;-D!

  • Tina

    I’m excited to try this one out! Hopefully it is delivered to the stores soon.

  • Tiffany

    i love that you are a concealer junkie , cause i am too! i never use foundation just concealer for my dark spots and im good to go but i hate that this concealer is soo light! oh well i might just end up purchasing it for my undereyes , cause i deff need some brightness for those dark circles ! lol

  • JoElla

    PH always has a horrible selection of colors for consealers. I love the formulas that I have tried from them, but gah! the color was horrid and either too yellow or orange.

  • elizabeth

    Thanks so much for reviewing this! I saw it last week at CVS and was curious. I am definitely fair of skin (every Halloween at least one person tells me I should dress up as Snow White) so I’ll definitely be buying this next time there’s a sale. Oh and I completely agree with Cj, you must watch Revenge!

    • the Muse

      this is for you than elizabeth ;-D prob completely flatter your tone! ;-D ugh you guys suck my tivo is ridiculously filled up already now you want me to add more drama to it lol! :-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll tell you what I think after I watch the first eppy! Evil people!

  • Telly9009

    Physician’s Formula really needs to expand their shade selection. I tried a couple concealers and had to swap them because they were too light. Sigh….the hunt continues.

  • Kelly

    Oooo! I’m quite fair and this looks really good to me, also can’t beat the “try me free” coupon if I can find one that has it. Thanks Mizz Muse!

  • monettex

    Hi Muse,
    It sounds like the things you value in an under eye concealer are the kinds of things I am looking for as well. So I was wondering if you could please let me know what some of you favorite under eye concealers are that you would recommend?
    Thank you!

  • Chels

    This is the spitting image of the LORAC concealer. It was alright, but for the price I thought it was meh.

  • Anna

    Hello! I was wondering if the concealer had pink undertone. It looks more salmony color in the picture at least on my screen. Do you think it will be to pink for blemishes? I’m using MAC NC 15 concealer.

  • Dolores Fabian

    Too late for me. I purchased the light + yellow and way too light for me! It came in two shades – either one is way too light for me. I was so anxious to try this and could not wait. Should have waited.

  • Ivana

    I just bought this. Alas, I should have consulted with the muse! Unlike many other brands, the formula is not thick and cakey. It is just too light, at least for the summer months. I’m still on the quest to find the perfect concealer. For now, the one dollar elf liquid concealer is surprisingly good land will do the trick since it is lightweight for summertime.