January 6, 2012

Tarte Amazonian Clay Shimmering Blush Glisten, Frisky, Buff, Adored Spring 2012 Review, Swatches, Photos

I was hoping and wishing and crossing my little fingers and toes that Tarte would do more shimmer in their Amazonian Clay Blush for Spring.


Wish granted.

Tarte introduced a shimmery version of the blush in a QVC Special Value Set called Glisten. Glisten was even better than NARS Orgasm for me. It’s this delightful shade of golden peachy pink that lights up my face like nothing else. Gorgeous! Truly a keeper and HG (holy grail) blush if ever there was one.

Needless to say this blush got me on the idea that Tarte seriously needed to introduce more shimmer into the Amazonian Clay Blush because the entire catalog of shades are matte.

For Spring 2012, you can indulge in four, brand new shades including Glisten of Amazonian Clay Blush with a delightfully sparkly finish.

Happy Days!


First, let me get the most important aspect of this release off my chest. Glisten.

Glisten is now an official part of the Amazonian Clay Blush Collection. Praise the makeup gods! But…I think it differs slightly from the shade I already own from QVC. I’ve contacted Tarte to see what they say and I’ll update you shortly. In my swatches below there isn’t a whole LOT of difference between the two shades but they actually look quite different when I set them side by side. The Glisten I have from QVC is a golden peach with a bit of pink and the Glisten that’s releasing with Tarte’s Spring 2012 Collection seems to have more pink to it so it’s a golden pink with peach, it’s kinda reversed. The new version also seems to lack the glow that QVC’s version has. The compacts are also different with the QVC Glisten having a peach compact and the new version having a pink compact. On my cheeks I notice that the new version looks pinker on my cheeks rather than peachy as well.

Interesting know?

Needless to say you should definitely carry your version (if you have it) with you to Sephora and compare the two. I feel like picking up the new version might just be worth it particularly if you love the shade, it’s seriously one of the best shades of blush I own, and I own quite a few to say the least.

Now another very important stand out shade here is Frisky. Wow! What a delightful shade of coral! This is a golden reddish coral and will look incredible on olive or darker skin tones since it’s mighty pigmented. On fairer skin, with a lighter hand, you can get a lovely flush of golden coral on cheeks with a hint of sparkle.

The other two shades introduced are Buff, a soft sparkling coffee beige and Adored, a bright shimmering cotton candy pink. Both of these shades have silver sparkle where as Frisky and Glisten have gold sparkle.

The blushes are laced with sparkle but it buffs out and leaves behind a gentle hint at the finish so you aren’t left looking like you showered in glitter. I think the sparkle lends something extra to the blushes as they head into the realms of giving cheeks a beautiful glow. The blushes have a silky feel and blend easily and yes, the 12 hour claim? True! Amazonian Clay Blush has a good solid wear time that will get you through the day well into the night.

Overall, the new shades are a promising addition to the general catalog. Glisten and Frisky are two shades that stand out as very unique and extra vibrant for Spring looks. I’m very pleased with these colors and quite happy Tarte extended the line to include new shades even though they offer the blush in quite a few shades already. I look forward to seeing more shades with a sparkle finish!

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

Frisky and Glisten should be the top of your list for Spring 2012 and both will work well into the Summer.


Available shortly from Sephora, Sephora.com, and tartecosmetics.com

Do you own Glisten already?


Want any of these new shades?

Do share!

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Cj

    Well I can definitely tell a difference between the 2 glisten swatches. The new one is more pinker! I think I like that more than the older one lol. Is it hard to sheer out frisky? It’s a beautifull color but looks super pigmented lol I don’t wanna walk around with clown face.

    • the Muse

      cj def def def feels a little more pinker, it’s like they took the shade and reversed it. old version golden peach pink new version golden pink peach ;-D um for you maybe since you’re super fair but for me I didn’t have any issues! so it could prove a little clowny on really fair skin!

  • nuriz

    wow,they are so gorgeous!!
    how i wish i can afford to have them all.
    not living in the US sucks,at least for me >.<
    i need to order thru another person,which will be costly..
    dear Muse,if i can only have 1 or 2, which shade is nice for everyday look? i'm nc20-25.

    • the Muse

      hi nuriz I’m not really an expert at mac foundations hun. I think glisten is def well worth the haul! that’s the best of the four πŸ™‚

      • nuriz

        i’m not a mac foundation user myself! ha ha,just as reference πŸ˜‰
        thanks,will def put glisten on the list!
        what if among the other previous shades?
        many rave about Exposed,i just worried it would not show up nicely on me >.<
        *this is actually my first post,except for the giveaway entries,so excited to have it replied..please excuse my english πŸ™‚

        • the Muse

          hey nuriz your English is fine hun!!

          I don’t think I have exposed. all the shades are VERY vibrant so def be aware of that prior to purchase as on fair skin they can go a little clowny with a heavy hand. I love Glisten obviously ;-D and blissful is another lovely shade as well as tipsy (but this is quite a loud orange coral so be careful) and so long as you don’t have too much red in your cheeks amused is a nice shade of innocent pink!

        • Maggie

          Your skin tone sounds like mine and I have Exposed. I like it–very versatile and this particular color is more muted and soft neutral plum/dusty rose–not as vibrant as the others but just as pigmented..

          As far as the bright vibrant shades, Muse has a good point: I swatched the first shades released in Sephora and I found anything bright that was just as deep in tone as Natural Beauty or deeper I really had to be careful with to not get a clownish effect. So I would avoid those if I were you and pick one lighter in tone than Natural Beauty if you’re going for any bright’s.

  • Nikki

    I NEED Glisten!! I love how the new version is a little brighter. I’ve never tried any of Tarte’s blushers before but they look fabulous.

  • Tammie

    I’m definitely going to get Glisten, and knowing me and these blushes probably Adored and Frisky as well. <3

    BTW Blushing Bride is very shimmery, and I think there is one more that has a bit of shimmer (I want to say Tipsy? has it), but the collection is mostly matte for sure.

    • the Muse

      I don’t think I have blushing bride tam, I do have tipsy here but no shimmer πŸ™ matte bright orange-y coral :D!

      • Tammie

        Hmn, I think I may have confused Tipsy for another one then :). But Blushing Bride for sure has lots of shimmer! You should get it if you get a chance, it’s very pretty if you like that sort of color~. But then again all of the Tarte blushes are, aren’t they hehe.

        • the Muse

          def added that to my list as I don’t have it, how did I miss it!? love me da shimmer. hells yes ;D!

          • Tammie

            To be honest it was one of the last ones I got, the shimmer in the pan scared me (it looks like a lot) but it’s not overdone on the cheeks. I like it a lot and it’s a great fall/winter color (though I don’t care, I wear whatever color I want year round). I think you’ll like it a lot!

  • Danielle P.

    Glisten reminds me of MAC Springsheen. I am def getting this shade.

  • divinem (Melissa)

    Adored looks nicer, but I would have to try it on my skin first. The other shades are just to bright for my ΓΌber fair complexion.

    One suggestion if I may? It would be helpful to readers like me (who aren’t familiar at all with Amazonian Clay blushes, if you lined them up and provided the name of the shade from left to right. It wasn’t immediately evident to me.

    I love your blog and am glad you are thriving. πŸ™‚ I think you’re the one that turned me on to that MUFE W&C Collector Case, MUFE Aqua Cream Collection and MUFE W&C eyeshadow palette (I got THE last one in Nebraska – HA!)

    • the Muse

      hey melissa I actually did the shades in the order I discussed them…and the swatches are left to right. Does that help? Or did you just want one photo with them all lined up and listed? I hate doing ugly font on the photos unless I really have to. Do let me know what works best for you…one single photo, all the blushes lined up, or one of each labeled?

      Aw shucks thanks hun! you hauled hard on the MUFE hahaha ;D!

  • divinem (Melissa)

    I’m on pain medication. Please forgive the egregious errors in grammar and/or spelling. Good God. I’m a freak about that but can’t edit!


  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    I’m disappointed with all the shimmery, glittery blushes Tarte is coming out with. Also disappointed that Frisky looks so vibrant. Was hoping for a matte peachy pink shade with more pink than Blissful. When Tarte came out with the eight original blushes, only one was a shimmer, which was Blushing Bride. Now all they’re coming out with are shimmer and glitter shades. Don’t like. Please Tarte….more matte shades.

    • the Muse

      sorry Joan. I’m totally on board with the shimmer. but you liked glisten didn’t you????

      • Joan Andruszkewicz

        Not so much. Don’t wear it too often. I will check out the new Glisten though. If it has more pink in it, I’ll be on board. I will also look at Frisky. I usually use a duo fiber brush for more vibrant blush shades. Hope I like it because I love coral shades.

        • Joan Andruszkewicz

          I like the new Glisten much better and will be wearing it more often than I wore the original Glisten shade. I have so many blushes that I do have to change off, so I don’t wear any one blush every day.

  • Christina

    hmmm I am so sad i waited very long to try these blushes and when I had a friend pick some up for me (blushing bride, natural beauty, tipsy and a pink one) I noticed they vanished on me within 20 min or so :-(( never experienced this with any blush!!

    • the Muse

      really? so sad Christina sorry to hear it. They last on me very well. Even when I noticed fading at around 8 hours in I still have a gentle flush that remains for the remainder of my day. did you see my post on the it blushes? those will wear through a battle!

    • the Muse

      completely diff shades mica. natural beauty is strawberry and frisky is a golden reddish coral.

  • NeenaJ

    I really like Buff. I’m pretty fair, so I think this might make a nice bronzer-alternative. Will DEF swatch next time I’m in Sephora. Thanks, Muse!

  • Sarabeara

    I got adored in a sephora set awhile ago and it’s surprisingly flattering on my pale complexion! Love it!!

  • Lucy

    Hi Muse,
    I own and love Glisten! I’m glad that Tarte has added it to their permanent line but I wish that there were no changes to it. Believe it or not, I still don’t own Nars Orgasm but I’ve been considering buying it very soon. I almost ordered it last night! In all honesty, do you think that Orgasm is even worth owning if I own Glisten? I remember swatching both at Sephora and thinking that they looked almost identical. Your opinion means a lot to me. Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  • cat

    Ah! I’m so in love with the Dollface blush I own but I’ve yet to really be sold on the other colors. I can’t wait to swatch these new ones at Sephora.

  • Mallory

    The shimmery-ness of the blush is turning me off. Is it as crazy as it looks in the pictures as it is in real life?

    • Joan Andruszkewicz

      It’s a very subtle glitter and it can be buffed out. I don’t like shimmer blush, but I am happy with Adored (which is a brighter pink than the original), Glisten (pinker than the original) and Frisky. I am hoping for more matte shades in the future, though.

  • Themakeupism

    I love my Tarte blush I have. I’ve been using the Milani blushes a lot lately (picked up a 4 of them when they had their cyber monday sale). Gah, I love those blushes SOOO much. I still keep an eye on ebay for cheap Tarte though because they are pigmentalious and last so long. My only tiny complaint is that they smell a little weird, probably because of the clay but the smell doesn’t linger too long.

  • Leila

    Love them!! Omg I gotta get a couple (=
    I just have to say sometime your swatch posts are kind of confusing as to which shade name goes to each swatch, I had to go over it a few times \=
    thank you for the review.

  • Jeannie

    I was hoping Buff would be matte like Exposed, but I’m kind of disappointed with all that glitter! I’m looking forward to Glisten and Frisky, though.

  • gustofneverland

    on the topic of Tarte blushes- I’ve also had good experiences with ’em- maybe using a facial ‘primer’ beforehand would help with anyone who’s had problems with it wearing off too soon? or setting it with an additional highlighting powder on top maybe? that’s been my general practice when I’ve worn these, and i’ve absolutely been smitten with how much bang for your buck these little babies will give you :o) – i’m excited about seeing how these new colors might look on my cooler/leaning towards neutral/ light to medium skintone- on something of a related note: any word on what’s going on with the Tarte Maracuja Blush & Glow that Sephora has had on their website for way too long now (as coming soon) taunting everybody? If anyone has seen swatches of this anywhere, or a ‘preview’ review, I would be super psyched to hear about it :o)- thanks!

  • Majick

    I def see a difference in the Glisten shades. I think I like the old one better and that’s good because that’s the one I have. LOL I’m concentrating on saving this year so I really appreciate your swatches and reviews.

  • Tish

    Hello, I’m Tish and I’m a Tarte-aholic! I have 10 Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes in my collection (still haven’t ordered Amused and Blushing Bride yet and still hunting down Wonder) and would love to add these to my collection. Thanks, Muse!

    • Joan Andruszkewicz

      Try Ebay for Wonder. I’ve had luck on Ebay looking for Tarte blushes that were part of collections that I missed out on.

  • Tracy

    Is it worth buying Glisten if I have NARS’ Orgasm and Benefit’s Coralista ? Also, is Buff a shimmery version of Exposed ?

    • the Muse

      I’d like to think so tracy πŸ™‚ coralista has more pop, glisten has more glow and orgasm is subtle compared to both. not sure I don’t have exposed can’t compare sadly!

  • neonpinkblonde

    I LOVE Glisten! I have it from the QVC set, and also in a mini version from Sephora also in a set. The Sephora Glisten is different from the QVC Glisten-the Sephora version has big sparkles in it plus the fine shimmer, similar to NARS Super Orgasm and it’s a bit pinker too. I like the QVC one a little more. This new version looks different from both versions that I have! I’m looking forward to getting this one too because I love this type of shade.

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    Just ordered Glisten and Frisky from Tarte’s website. Can’t wait to get them. I already have the Glisten that was in a QVC collection, but since Muse describes the new one as a little more pink, I ordered it. Hoping it will have a little more pink in it. Also hoping Frisky isn’t too vibrant. I would much prefer matte shades, but maybe in the not too distant future Tarte will come out with some matte shades. I am still waiting for my last auto delivery from QVC of the Tarte Your Way to Gorgeous with a blush shade called Dazzled, which is supposed to be a light pink. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a matte shade.

  • Trish Williams

    I have Tipsy and OMG, Frisky is calling my name! I cannot wait to get this…and rock it w/ the Mi Vida Loca Kat von D palette. Come on, Sephora, get it up on the frakking site!

  • yelena

    colors are lovely BUT i actually dont like shimmer in my blush :S can anyone tell me which tarte blushes are NOT shimmery?

    • the Muse

      the entire catalog doesn’t have shimmer yelena outside of these shades and blushing bride.

    • Joan Andruszkewicz

      Yelena, I don’t really like shimmer either, but I received three of the new blushes…..Adored, Glisten and Frisky. They are not iridescent or don’t have that golden shimmer. They’re like a matte, but there are a few glitters after putting it on. I prefer matte, but I have to say I am happy with these. The shades are very pretty and are worth it. Hopefully, Tarte will at some point come out with some matte shades, but in the meantime I’m not sorry I ordered these.

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    I received Glisten and Frisky from the Tarte website yesterday. Muse, I haven’t put the original Glisten (from a collection) and the new one side by side yet, but the new one does look a bit pinker. I was happy that Frisky doesn’t look as dark as I was afraid it would be. I would still love a shade like Frisky in a matte finish. I e-mailed Tarte’s website and asked for more matte shades in the future. I don’t think women who are a little “older” like the shimmer/glitter. Yelena, out of the first shades that came out last year, 7 were matte shades and all are lovely shades. My favs are Dollface, Amused, Blissful and Tipsy.

    • the Muse

      I’m glad you confirmed this joan, I thought I was going crazy. Tarte reports it’s the same shade but it seems so much pinker. I’m glad I have both! I think the shimmer buffs away nicely though for a little glow, don’t you think so?

      thanks for always commenting. Your comments are always so helpful Joan!

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    Muse, you’re not going crazy. I just compared the old Glisten with the new Glisten and they are definitely very different. The case is pinker and I like the new Glisten much better. If you wouldn’t have mentioned this, I probably would not have ordered the new one figuring I had it already. Thanks. Also, the Adored shade is very different. The case is a brighter pink and so is the blush. I like the new one, but also like the original that’s a lighter softer pink. Thank you for your nice comment. I enjoy reading all the comments and “adding my two cents”. LOL.

    • the Muse

      hi again Joan!

      Agreed. I like both equally but the Spring version is very very pink compared to the QVC one. I’m quite happy I got both but I know some people are very picky about dishing out the $25 if the two products are way too similiar but in this case I kinda thought it was worth it. They are such nice shades! I wish Tarte would have done more like this. The new shimmer blushes are nicer but don’t you feel like the qvc version has sort of an iridescence to it that the new ones don’t? They new ones seem matte but had a buncha of fine glitter thrown in versus the qvc glisten which has a glow about it and no bit sparkly bits.

      Agreed on Adored!

      Your two cents is greatly appreciated. You’ve helped alot of readers with your comments ;-D!

      • olivia

        how does buff compare to exposed? is it like the same shade as exposed but with shimmer added to it? Also same with tipsy and frisky? is tipsy just a matte version of frisky and frisky the shimmer version of tipsy? If these shades have the same base color and the only difference is the shimmer, then I would like to know because I already own both tipsy and exposed.

        • Joan Andruszkewicz

          Olivia, I have Tipsy and just received Frisky. I love Tipsy, but it is more peachy than Frisky. Frisky is a reddish coral, but a little lighter than I thought it was going to be. To me they are definitely different. I just wish Frisky was a matte finish, but I still like it.

      • Adelita

        If this new Glisten packed with bunch of sparkles/glitters, then it is very similar with the old one that comes in a kit from Sephora! Because from what I see, my Sephora-Glisten is very different from your QVC-Glisten.
        I hate my Sephora-Glisten, it looks like a disco ball that explodes in your face!

        P.S. I do not exaggerate the amount of the glitters. *sigh*

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    Muse, I totally agree with you about the new shimmer blushes. The QVC blushes do have an iridescence to them. When I love something, I’ll spend the money. I counted how many Tarte blushes I have. I now have 14 shades, 5 matte and 9 shimmers. As you know, I’m more of a matte girl, but I still wanted to buy the shimmers. You’re right, they can be buffed out. I also have Tickled, which was part of a QVC collection, which is a matte coral shade. I missed out on that collection, but bought it on Ebay. Aw, that makes me feel really good to know that I’ve helped other readers with my comments. To reiterate, this site is very helpful to all. Thanks again.

    • the Muse

      frisky πŸ™‚ shades are actually labeled within the review katrina hope it helps :-D!

  • Joan Andruszkewicz

    Muse, any info on the Tarte TSV that’s going to be on QVC on March 16th and what’s in the collection? I understand it will be pictured in the QVC Insider Magazine coming out in a couple of weeks.

    • the Muse

      yup info is going live around 7:30 tonight Joan ;-D I have the post scheduled for you ;D it’s amazing! look out for my post πŸ˜€

    • the Muse

      my pleasure hun! I’d post earlier but my wordpress iphone ap is slow as hell, even answering comments on my iphone is a chore πŸ™‚

  • Susannah

    Thanks for this, Isabella! I’ll check them out the next time I’m at Sephora. In the meantime, I’m loving my Bobbi Brown and Clarins’ blushes. πŸ™‚

    • Isabella Muse

      πŸ˜€ my pleasure enjoy my dear! I’m so glad you love them!

  • Laura

    Hello! Do you think they changed the tarte exposed too? With its new packaging? Thanks πŸ™‚