February 28, 2012

NYX Sensual Mood Gloss Review & Swatches

Hey Guys!

So sorry for the lack of communication lately. I have a lot of comments to get through and feels like ages since we last talked. How are you doing? I’ve been swamped. Life, both personal and professional, has been getting in the way of Musings. I hope to be back on track next week when things slow down a bit for me.

I’ll be rolling out the new look for Musings shortly too. Apologies to IE users who have had issues with my site and seeing new posts. A refresh typically takes you to new posts or try clearing your cache (this is a temporary fix until I figure out what is going on here).

What else is going on with you?

See any good movies lately? Read any good books?

Am I imagining things or have you noticed a decline in the Walking Dead’s zombie makeup? Did the budget cut hit…!? Also please, can it be off the farm time now? I’m so bored of the farm. Old McDonald had a farm and wished it was over run by zombies not humans having too many emotional moments and playing house during a plague! P.S. What’s all this about not seeing bites and scratches on zombies? Is it be airborne time now? Wink! Do gimme the good word on your Walking Dead theories, with only a few episodes left I’m waiting for the big BANG to hit.

Anyone try out the new NYX Mood Glosses?

I likey…these are kinda a cool little budget gloss available in four different formulas.

Take a look at the Sensual version, perfect gothy shade to wear for stabbing (not shooting, we need to reserve bullets) zombies in the head.

Hey, Clinique Black Honey fans this one is for you. NYX Sensual Mood Lipgloss lives up to its name with a sultry shade of gothy, blackened mulberry, think crushed berries a la Black Honey.

If your lips aren’t terribly pigmented and need an injection of intense color this brings a rich shade of crushed berry color to them. It’s part gothy, part elegant and perfect evening wear over Clinique Black Honey for a warm, glossy shade of intense mulberry.

The formula is a bit thicker than the other Mood Glosses and has a longer wear time thanks to that thickness. It wears comfortable with a high shine finish and a tasty berry flavor (dare I say the taste runs exotic? It’s not overly sweet but sort of a berry essence if that makes sense).

Overall, Sensual Mood Gloss is the more daring shade released in this collection. The color starts out a darkened berry on my lips but changes to a sultry shade of crushed berry. For a less than innocent look this is the one you’ll want to wear for evenings out (no bubblegum pink color here).

Quite gorgeous and love the budget friendly under $5 price tag too!

Muse Approved for purchase!

Available from www.nyxcosmetics.com

Tried it?

Love it?

Tried any of the NYX Mood Glosses?

Do share!

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  • Quinctia

    I’ve got this and I love it. My lips are super pigmented, though, so this doesn’t run anywhere near sultry for me. It’s just too translucent for that on me.

    Feels plush, I like the color, and it smells yummy!

  • Dina

    I can’t wait to find out what the “no bites, no scratches” situation is all about. I also think the farm is over.

  • Chanelle

    Airborne time…ooh, reminds me of Survivors! Which I wish would come back to the BBC. Speaking of which, I was SO disappointed with the Series 4 Being Human premiere. I can’t even talk about it.

    Anyway, back to The Walking Dead – at this point, the best part of the show is the intro (and it’s a GREAT intro! I hear the artist who did it also did the American Horror Story intro which was very intriguing)! the farm is SO boring. It’s actually become the perfect show to paint my nails to since I don’t need to give it much attention. I AM wondering about Shane stabbing zombies in the brain and then using the same knife to cut open his hand – how does he not catch the “virus”? I know different rules apply to different zombie shows, but I can’t get over how these guys run around with zombie blood splattered all over their faces and are fine. I will never get over the scene in 28 Days Later where the dad gets a drop of blood in his eye and is zombified in seconds.

    • the Muse

      yes! survivors rocked it hard chanelle! ;-D Oh no, I wasn’t, it wasn’t too too bad. I thought I’d feel worst about it but I liked it. Maybe it was time for a new set up? I got so into it I forgot Mitchell wasn’t around ;-D

      the intro really is wicked! love when the door knob turns, creepy ;-D agreed the farm is very boring and I thought it very interesting that shane was using the knife and reusing it..is this a set up for Shane’s demise?! Aw that scene gutted me. I felt so bad for his daughter. 28 Days Later still remains one of my top Zombie movies! so brills!

  • Ashley

    *** Semi Spoiler Alert ***

    In the comic book everyone has the virus. Being bitten or scratched doesn’t turn you unless you die. In the comic book Shane dies early on and it is by a gunshot wound from Carl or Rick. When Rick goes back to his gravesite it’s revealed that Shane has risen as a walker. Rick kills him again. Some government scientist confirms their theory too I believe. Now the series doesn’t hold the comic book as canon as I mentioned Shane died early on, Sophia is still alive and there is no Daryl, etc!

    I wonder how this gloss would work on a really moody lady!

    • the Muse

      hi ashley yup I know 😀 I read the comics but they are a bit different with the series, so curious how they will go with this. Are they following the comic route? Are they doing something different, etc….so def can’t compare the comics/series here as they are doing things a bit on the different side. the walking dead is a reference not to the walkers/zombies themselves but to the living characters ;D

  • jenniet2002

    i totally agree that The Walking Dead needs to light a fire under its arse. I’m always wanting more white knuckling scenes with the zombies instead of the psycho babble nonsense happening on the boring farm. =)

    • the Muse

      can’t wait for the governor casting to begin ;-D! I’m ever so hopeful they’ll introduce him next season!