March 26, 2012

Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant

Thirty two million women in the U.S. reportedly experience underarm red and dark marks. The reason? We tend to neglect moisturizing this part of our body, which is an important step that reduces the dryness and irritation caused by shaving. I know I’m not sitting around moisturizing under my arms, are you?

The new Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is specially formulated with Calendula and Sunflower Seed Extracts, which contain added moisture, to help repair irritated skin and even skin tone over time with regular use.

Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant is the first and only U.S. deodorant designed to reduce red and dark marks and even skin tone thanks to Calendula, Sunflower Seed Extracts and unique Dove moisturizers that help accelerate the natural skin renewal process. Not only does Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant restore skin to its natural tone, it also provides the same benefits women expect from all Dove® Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant products, including:

  • 24-hour odor & wetness protection
  • Care for delicate underarm skin with Dove® ¼ moisturizers™
  • Alleviate the formation of white marks on clothing
  • Dermatologist-tested

The new Dove Clear Tone is available on shelves this month in the following formulas:

  • Skin Renew Invisible Solid – Light floral notes of violet, lilac and rose with vanilla musk
  • Sheer Touch Invisible Solid – Light citrus notes with hints of almond and coconut milk
  • Clinical Protection Renew – Offers prescription strength wetness protection with the maximum level of active ingredients (20%) available without a prescription.

I know products like these are readily available on the Asia market so I do find it interesting that the US is just now tapping this market.

I actually do have uneven skin tone under my arms but I never suspected it was from dry skin, interesting.

Do you suffer similar issues?

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  • Ana

    When I was in India last month I saw SO many commercials for underarm whitening… didn’t expect to see it in the US!

  • Mal @ The Chic Geek

    I have uneven tone as well, I have been thinking of trying out this product

  • Nikki

    I love dove deodorant, so this sounds wonderful. I would love to try it!

  • yelena

    I would be very interested in trying these. i have bought products like these but they weren’t strong enough for everyday protection so i discontinued the use. but i definitely am self conscious about under arm darkening. esp. during summer when everyone else is wearing cute tank tops and i can’t/

  • chibi

    i wanna try these too! i hate when other people can wear cute tanks and dresses and i have to make sure i have short sleeves or a light cardi over the tank -_-

  • Bonnie

    I have some darkness under my arms, but I’ve been using Dove deodorant for a long time now, so I don’t think it is from a lack of moisture.

  • Isara

    I had dark marks in my armpits, but swapped from using deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminium to a hippy crystal thing, and the marks cleared up within a week.

    Like Bonnie, I’m pretty sure that the darkness women experience isn’t from lack of moisture, but the stuff in the usual deodorants that we use to plug up all the glands…

    • Estrella

      Have you ever seen someone with really dark- colored and calloused elbows? Had they properly maintained themselves and used proper moisturizers, this wouldn’t have happened.
      Perhaps the reason yours cleared up within a week is because of the fact that the others had some form of super- powered moisturizer too?

      • Estrella

        And also, if it were that which we used that caused underarms to change colors, why are our faces not discolored when we use make-up which naturally, clogs pores??

  • Susan

    well, the one that keeps hair growth to a minimum works great, I hope this one does too

  • Stellar

    Hmm interesting, I have been trying to find ways to lessen the appearance of mine. I shall wait for these to come to Canada!

  • Liz!

    I am so getting this when it comes out! I totes have the dark underarms :-/

  • Fuuka

    Went out and bought it the day after I saw the commercial. On week two of use.

  • Demi Tay

    I bought this product Saturday, it is now Tuesday and I apply it every morning and night. I truly hope it works because I hate having to pass up a cute halter top because my underarms are discolored. If I remember, I will come back in about a month to make an update on how well this deodorant truly works.

  • Ashley

    I have this and it worked for me. After one week I saw a huge difference in my underarms! I have the sheer touch one. What is the difference between the two? Are they the same formula and different scents?

  • Jacky

    I have the sheer touch one and after using it about a week now, I can say to you it really works I am so happy they made this product! Nothing else seem to work for me before and now I’m ready for summer!

  • Tiare

    I have been a Dove user for years! I bought this thinking it would really help, I’ve never been so disappointed in my life!! I’ve been using it for about a month now. And before I apply, it make sure my under arms are always clean so there is no buildup. The first week it was okay. But I didn’t see any changes. But after that week to now, it has gone downhill!! Dove Clear Tone has made my underarms so dry, that I get such a strong irritation that I start crying and scratch until I’m almost bleeding! I’ve never had this type of discomfort ever in my life!! I apply lotion and it still doesn’t help and Dove has made it where my underarms can’t absorb any lotion or anything else, for that matter! I have so much buildup because of it, I never feel completely clean even after a shower! I scrub and scrub, and this has made my underarms so dry that it won’t even absorb water!! I literally cried my eyes out yesterday. Maybe it’s just me, hopefully no one out there has these same results!
    God Bless

    • Rosie

      Tiare – the same thing happened to me! I’ve stopped using deodorant all together for almost a week now because the irritation is so bad, I have giant red scaly patches all over my armpits from itching and scratching! Not only that, but the irritation even extends to the underside of my upper arms where they came in contact with the deodorant…. this is probably due to having sensitive skin, but I have NEVER had this happen before with any other dove deodorant (or any other brand to be honest), especially considering that even my ARMS are itchy and bumpy? I’m scared it will never heal properly…. If anyone is reading this, please be careful! Do a tiny test patch if you have even slightly sensitive skin.

  • Selena

    I bought the Dove Cleartone sheer touch, and it’s been working, surprisingly! To be honest with you, I didn’t think it would quite work. I thought “Hey, my underarms are darker than I’d like, might as well give this dove cleartone product a shot”. No regrets so far! I noticed that Tiare had very bad results with the product. So sorry about that! Anyway, my underarms currently seem to be lighter! Hooray! I’ll post again in a while to say how it’s been working after regular use (If I can remember to!). I also thought this would be a good product because as you know, summer is coming up very soon therefore I’d very much appreciate the ability to raise my arms fully without being totally embarrassed! Tata for now! 🙂
    Dove cleartone for the win!

  • priscilla

    First I wanna say I feel so bad tiare for what your results were but I hope I have a good experience with this dove clear tone I bought both skin renew and sheer touch one I barly got it today so ill repost to give some feedback to those who want to try it cause thanks to the ppl who comment on this page I descided to give it a try so I can finally showoff my underarms =]

  • Crystal

    I saw the commercial for this and decided to give it a shot…it really worked after a week i could notice a significant difference in my underarms…i 100% reccomend it..= )

  • Demi Tay

    It’s been months since I’ve been using this deodorant. As far as antiperspirant it doesn’t work as well as it says. When it comes to discoloration, it works but very slowly. I received this deodorant in March, it is now August and I haven’t seen a huge difference in my armpits.

  • maria

    what is the difference from the two different colors? or are they the same??

  • Estrella

    This Dove deodorant sounds absolutely great! It has everything you could possibly ask for and its SCENTED! I cannot wait to buy myself one!

  • Briana B.

    It Really Works I Have Been Waitin Forever For Something Like This Now I Can Lift Up My Arms Without Embarrassing Dark Areas Under My Arms !!!