March 30, 2012

Kat Von D Summer 2012 Kat Von D Mini True Romance Eyeshadow Palette

Looks Kat Von D’s Summer 2012 Collection is launching at Sephora shortly.

Think you want it?

Warning ranting ahead….!

Kat Von D Mini True Romance Eyeshadow Palette $20

  • Little Sinner: Galore (pearlized golden nude ), T-Rex (pearlized olive), Swan Song (iridescent white), and Brave Awakening (pearlized maroon)
  • Little Saint: Be Mine (matte nude), Hummingbird (pearlized bronze), Empathy (pearlized sky blue), and Pray For Me (pearlized dark purple)

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Painted Love Lipstick Set

  • Agatha (mod peachy pink)
  • Cathedral (spiced pinkish brown)
  • Forever Never (metallic golden peach)
  • Adora (shimmering candy apple red)
  • Backstage Bambi (hot pink)
  • Stiletto (orange red)

I’ll say it, the palettes are a cop out. They contain four shades each at 0.05 oz per shade, great, generous. However, they are $20 a piece so if you purchase both that’s $40. A full size Kat Von D True Romance Palette is $36. Moral of the story? Not cool. Plus the shades, can’t judge it by the promo images, seem washed out as hell and possible dupes to shades we already have. $4 more isn’t a chunk of change that I’m worried about, it’s just the principal ya know?

I call bogus.

Available shortly at Sephora.


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  • Jeanne

    Booo, I got the lipstick set from the Holiday 2011 collection and Adora and Backstage Bambi were in that! I do like these little lipsticks sets since I think I’ve only ever finished 2 lipsticks in my life so it’s nice to get small versions of many different shades. I don’t know if I love Adora and Backstage Bambi enough to warrant getting this set as well!

    • the Muse

      jeannie I think cathedral was in a set too, seems like they always rehash in the tiny lipstick sets!

  • Rawr

    whats happeningggggggggggggggggggggg 🙁 hopefully not discontinuing the Kat Von D line, it seems like she used to come out with like 2 new palettes a month and now its these little guys like every 3 months >_<

  • Sara elisabeth

    That sucks! I bought the holiday minis, and I think three of those colors are in this set too. I love minis to keep in my purse for touch ups, but I won’t buy this set. That’s a bummer, because I like her lipsticks.

  • Mandi

    I’ll get the lipsticks, I passed on the holiday one due to money. I have enough es, if they don’t wow me in person I’ll pass.

  • Randi

    I want the lipstick set!! I bought the one for Christmas and loved it.. Its a dollar more than the last set and I might not use the reds. We’ll see

  • Majick

    I’m kind of over Kat for right now. I have a ton of her palettes and they are great. I have a quad that I got as a point perk from Sephora a long time ago and the colors in that seem similar to the sinner palette. It had a goldy beige shimmer, a white irridescent, a dark purple and I think a grey but I can’t remember right now. THat was an AWESOME point perk at the time. If these shadows are the same formula I still think if you don’t own any Kat they would be a good deal. The lip set is a good idea but alas when will companies stop putting in all the dups. We really must ban together and boycott stuff with so many dups. It’s marketing and it bugs me.
    Ok, now my rant is over. LOL
    I still think these are nice if you don’t already own any Kat.

  • Comrade Garlic

    This is so disappointing. The spring collection was great. This is just sad. The quads at holiday sold well, but I think that was because of the charity aspect.

  • Quinctia

    I can see pros and cons with the smaller palettes. The two larger ones I have are kinda like having two quads housed in one package and, if you weren’t interested in both sets, I could see someone wanting to nab just four shades for less than the full palette. Even if that price is more than half that of a big one.

    Granted…I only ever buy KVD on clearance because I have too much eyeshadow anyway, but they’re a more deserving product than I give them! XD

  • kilikina

    I’m liking Little Sinner a lot, but I’ll wait for swatches to see if I want it enough. The main color I want is that burgundy/red/maroon color.

  • Devon

    This sucks :/ Some of the lipsticks are dupes from her earlier mini sets and the eyeshadows are just plain boring :/ C’mon Kat! Where’s the creativity from last year’s palettes?

    Devon xx

  • Jen

    Is it just me, or is the ad totally throwing me off from wanting any of Kat Von D’s stuff? I mean…they cut her off at such a weird spot for the mirror effect that her fingers look really, really awkward…

    • the Muse

      that’s not the actual ad jen, just me mucking about with the promo image ;D