March 28, 2012

Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Collection

The new Sana Hadanomy Aqua Placenta Collection has launched. You might recall my deep love and lust for the original Sana Hadanomy Collection, check back into the archives for the reviews, this is an extension of that line with a new formula.

Take a look!

Supposedly this line up contains “Placenta Essence” which brightens skin and keeps it looking fresh. The main drawn is “Aqua Placenta” which contains natural placenta essence (collagen from an ocean source), three kinds of hyaluronic acids, acerola extract, and glycerin for moisturizing performance.

Considering my success with the original collection, I’m going to go ahead and indulge in this one.

The collection includes: has the entire collection in stock now!

Did you try the original series?

Loved it?

Not really?

Do share!

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  • Cj

    Well I tried out the last mist and it was pretty good so I might give this one a try… But the name placenta kinda gives me the creeps lol

  • Tammie

    The Placenta always scares me off, but the blue packaging is just so cute and I love the original Hadanomy collection (which is pretty much my entire skin care regimen minus cleansing and added toner on top of Hadanomy). Also they have the portable spray which I want for work but I can’t find the original formula one!!

    Should I go against my natural disgust for all things “Placenta” and at least get the portable spray?? And maybe the cream/gel because I am running out of my original soon…

    • the Muse

      agreed, sounds odd, lol! brilliant, it’s my summer go to. so wonderfully moisturizing ;-D I don’t think they have an original formula, do you mean the yellow one with the heart? I’m all out of the original so I will indulge for Summer ;-D

      • Tammie

        I thought they had an original formula with the heart too, whoops! But I couldn’t find the yellow heart one anyway so my comment still stands haha.

        I guess placenta probably isn’t any more yucky than any other non-plant things they could use in cosmetics…and since I am sure it is sterile etc. I don’t know what my problem is haha.

        I hope they are going to get these (including the portable heart shaped one) in at my local Japanese shops, since I’d rather get them in person than online…

        • the Muse

          noo ;-D just the lemon which actually is kinda, basically the original formula imho! LOL prob a very minimal about of it in there anyway lol!

          • Tammie

            Yeah @[email protected] I guess it’s worth a try…I mean I eat meat so why not slather some on my face? Anyway if it works it works…

  • Saara

    I’d definitely try these but the ‘placenta’ has put me off completely….

  • kiwikiwidragon

    I wonder if this is human or animal placenta, super weird…not for me. Give me smooshed bug colors any day over this 🙂

      • Tammie

        I think only mammals have a placenta… fish and fowl have yolks…unless this is something that isn’t an actual placenta but mimics the performance of one??? My brain hurts lol.

        • the Muse

          I think they are referencing plant placenta but I could be WAY off base tam!

  • christmas

    On the imomoko site it looks like it’s made with salmon placenta.
    “As the name states, Aqua. It is from marine instead of animals.
    Aquaplacenta is from Hokkaido Salmon. It is extracted from Salmon’s ovary, known as Salmon Ovary Peptide(SOP) which is enzyme degraded by a patent process.”

    • Tammie

      So it’s not even really placenta then? It’s still from the reproductive system but somehow it seems better that it’s not REALLY placenta. YAY!! LOL

      Now I can freely buy it…they had the whole line (other than the small spray) at Mitsuwa yesterday and the blue packaging as well as the smell is wonderful. As soon as I run out of my original Hadanomy gel cream I’ll be picking this one up <3.

  • Ashley

    They should’ve named it PLANTcenta instead.. All I can picture is human placentas now D:

  • christmas

    omg muse I just picked this up (the lotion) and you’re gonna like it because you like mint… smells like lemon, slightly floral, and MINT. It even feels cooling on the skin.

    • the Muse

      I haven’t tried mine yet christmas, was plotting a review this week!

  • Katherine

    This is really interesting. I am glad it is not human placenta. I think I will look into this pronto as I am a huge iMomoko fan and will probably do some major shopping there soon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.