March 30, 2012

Tokidoki Love From London Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Tokidoki is abroad again. This time in London. They launch their Love from London Collection shortly so anglophiles rejoice and remember all the good things you love about the Queen’s country!

What are your favorite things from the UK?

Jump ahead for the Tokidoki Love from London Collection!

Tokidoki Love From London Bag Collection $20-$45
An assortment of perfect travel silhouettes with custom tokidoki Love from London artwork.


  • Pencil Bag
  • Everyday Bag
  • Tailored Train Case

Tokidoki Love From London Palette $42
A precious palette of eye shadows and bronzer encased with iconic British-inspiration and the adorable tokidoki characters.


  • Sloane Square (matte soft pink)
  • Baker Street (matte nude)
  • King’s Road (shimmery nude)
  • Park Lane (matte pale yellow)
  • Berwick Street (iridescent brown)
  • The Strand (shimmery blue sky)
  • Savile Row (pearlized brown)
  • Carnaby Street (shimmery royal blue)


  • Parliament Square


I love the palette but not sure I’ll indulge…..! Debatable. It’s inspired me to post up my Baker Street photo series, they are hilariously funny, or at least I think they are. Yes, imagine the Muse and Baker Street…!

The bag collection, that’s a given, it will all be mine.

This launches shortly at Sephora and

What do you think?

Love it?

Leave it?

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  • Kavita

    Absolutely Fabulous!
    My all-time favorite show ever.

  • Samantha

    The tokidoki stuff is always so cute!
    On an off note, do you think you will be doing swatches of the new sephora crystal glosses? I can’t exactly tell what they look likeon the website, and your swatches/reviews are the best! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aw Samantha I dunno about the best you flatter me girl so HARD! lol! but yes, I’ll have them up next week! the peach ones you mean right? I purchased all four of ’em!

  • Sarah S.

    I want beans on toast now… but I’ve never ever heard of fries on toast!

    • the Muse

      chip butty sarah ;-D typically white bread, butter, chips, ketchup (or brown gravy) Nom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very common junk food in the UK.

  • Karyn

    Ohh the palettes are eh but THE BAGS. THE BAGS! I MUST HAVE!

    Also now I want a jammie dodger.

  • KristyQ

    Love! Ahhh…..IT Crowd – be curious to see what you thought of the final episode?? Those bags will be mine…and I do love the palette design but I probably won’t get it.

    • the Muse

      aw I haven’t had a chance to sit down to series 4 yet boo 🙁 but I’ll let ya know when I do! I LOVE the bags ;-D me either, seems like the colors just aren’t me :-/

  • kimk

    SQUEEE!!! A tokidoki Tardis!! 😀 If only it had been blue….

    OMG – I want all of this – I don’t care if I’d never wear it – it’s too cute to resist!! (Are the Tokidoki characters related to the Borg? )

    Thanks for the heads up – So flippin cute!

    They should make a tokidoki Tom Baker! 😀

  • Odbery

    Ahh, that palette brings back memories. When my senior class went to London we were always trying to see how many of us we could fit into those stinky phone booths 😛 I think one time we got six people all the way in!

  • Eve

    Oh god I….want it all! I don’t even care about the shadows the phone booth is freaking cute! and the bags!

  • Bonnie

    Love most things British as you do but esp. the period dramas (Austen, Dickens, et al). So many great new shows like Sherlock too. And AbFab 4-ever! And Downton Abbey (which deserves a category of its own).

    And a LOT of British pop music…esp from the 80s/90s. Remember Blur v Oasis?
    To that end I could not live without my British fashion and music mags–British Vogue, Red, and most of all MOJO Magazine and The Word!

    OT: I know i mentioned in the comments that I hauled some of the Nud*e Skincare line from Sephora…Muse you have to review this stuff. I think everything I tried–cleanser, deep cleansing mask, and moisturizer–is going to be serious HG for me. My skin is amazingly clear after only about a week or so of using the stuff but I think even a drier sort like you would love it–everything is supposed to work on all skin types and I believe it! The moisturizer is thick and creamy but goes on nicely and doesn’t overdo it. That mask is unbelievable.

    • the Muse

      me too bonnie, no one does them like the British! P&P with Colin Firth is my fav adaption ;-D Of course, of course! British Invasion from the 80’s=AMAZING ;-D Really??? I’ll have to check it out, thanks chica!

  • Musebeliever

    Muse… Help meeeeeeee ! I’m in love wih the cute packaging ! xD

  • Michelle

    Benny Hill and “Are You Being Served?” are two old school Brit-coms I’m never able to do without, I was never able to get into Monty Python though. Speaking of chefs you may remember there was a show called “Cooking With The Two Fat Ladies” that featured….two….well….fat ladies going to different restaurants and trying different foods, all on their trusty motorcycle. One of them has since died. And then there’s sultry chef Nigella Lawson.

    As far as the pictures above, who’s the old dearie on the telephone?

    • the Muse

      those are def worthy of the list michelle ;-D monthy python is a fav of mine actually ;-D yes! It’s actually on late night on the food network, I remember when it was on PBS! That’s the main character from a comedy, Keeping Up Appearances 😀 quite funny!

  • Annie

    The Stig!! Top Gear is the best. Muse, it’s like you know my innermost thoughts. *giggle*

  • Ninja cat

    The bags I am very tempted by. Might not buy all three but I would buy one. Also, i think I love you. You put down Keeping Up Appearances. I so miss that show.

  • Sarah

    Oh God! The IT Crowd & The Inbetweeners are SO great! I was sad when both didn’t come back. 🙁

  • aquahartz

    aawwww, soooo cute! I waaant!! reminds me of the time growing up in the UK. =’)

  • kharanya

    Girl, I can’t believe you didn’t mention real Cadbury’s chocolate, not the crap that Mars Co makes here in the US. I have fond memories of eating an entire pound bar by myself at 10y/o old and driving everyone around me batshit crazy with the sugar rush lol.

    I also love their jellies and jams, haven’t touched any since, it just doesn’t compare. Oh and the cream, yum. I don’t think I could live there & not be a little pudding myself lol.

    Hope you’re doing well Muse, haven’t been around too much, but had to at least do a run-by Hi *waves*.

    • the Muse

      true true true. can’t believe we have to contend with cadbury’s here. they are digustingggggggggggg! ;-D lol! now that’s fun! ha! agreed. aw I’m well and you? thanks for coming out to say hello and make me hungry today ;D!

  • Quinctia

    That little figurine from the palette is adorable! I’ve had surprising luck with Tokidoki eyeliners, but their eyeshadow palettes have never wowed me into trying any.

    My favorite things from England are Jaffa Cakes, Whose Line is it Anyway, and the Yogscast.

  • Crystal S

    This post made me smile, seeing Hyacinth Bucket (Bouquet) I have the complete box set and took it into labor and delivery with both my kids. My nurses loved me! Everyone would stop and watch with me.

    As for Tokidoki, I always seem to stop, say “that’s kinda cute” and walk on by. Never really grabbed me. Know what I mean?

    • the Muse

      lol crystal aw so cute! ;-D I totally understand….really hit and miss with the line!

  • Jen

    Oh god, this is what studying abroad in London does to you… OMG I WANT THE BAG (the everyday bag mostly, since has the most use to me) and I WANT THAT LITTLE SOLDIER KEYCHAIN!!! ARGH why do I have to buy the palette for that… All these collections coming out are making a constant dent in the wallet…