April 12, 2012

Beauty Most Unusual: A Revisit with Betty Beauty

Ah Betty….girl, you make me smile.

Where else can you get testimonials about your pubes like this one:

“I love it! I have salt and pepper hair and a gray beard. Some gray down there and it’s now black, I can’t wait to shower at the health club and go to my doctor for a check up! I know he won’t say anything but he will think WOW hair so black down there.”

-Ralph, Betty Beauty user

I wanna meet Ralph, I wanna shake the man’s hand for writing that wicked testimonial. You’re ace in my book Ralph! Go on now with your awesome black hair down there.

What’s Betty Beauty?

Hair dye for your pubic hair.

No seriously, it is.

Blue, purple, pink, blonde, black…you name it they have the shade for your, um, betty!

I’ve had a purple streak in my hair as well as a blue. I’ve gotten a little older now so those streaks occasionally pop up on weekends but need to be washed away by Monday however, I can honestly say, I have never gone blue and purple downstairs and…

I’m not sure I wanna!

What do you think?

Are you ready for a bright pink shade of pubic hair?

Do share!

Don’t believe me?

Visit www.bettybeauty.com than visit with Jennifer Love Hewitt because girlfriend isn’t dying hair, she’s vajazzling it!

Enjoy the testimonials, they are solid gold awesomeness.

I dunno why but I think Betty Beauty and Amanda Palmer comes to mind. Love me some Amanda Palmer, betcha she’s sporting hot pink awesomeness down under. Neil, you are SO getting lucky tonight!

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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    • the Muse

      lol oh no oh no… none of that ….. you have to comment CJ! get your butt over here boy lol wouldn’t you think I’m letting you get away without a little snarky comment!? ;-D

  • Sarah S.

    Ahahhaha that testimonial made my day, Muse! Thanks for sharing w/ us 😀

  • Daintynymph

    Back when I had black hair with blue streaks, my boyfriend said I should dye THAT hair too. Now that I’m thinking about jobs and don’t want to mess with my head hair, I’m actually kind of tempted to play with this.

  • Eleanor

    Ha ha. I guess if I ever wanted to get gussied up down there, I now know what to do. Maybe a pink surprise would spice things up for my DH.

  • K

    a few years ago, I first saw this product on I think Hot Topic’s website, and I was like what the heck!

    and btw, Ralph’s testimonial is simply awesome! like he wanna show off his hair down there so bad hahaha!

  • Chloe VonPickles

    Ladies…a man as confident in his pube glory has surely already been snapped up by some lucky vixen.

    • the Muse

      LMAO chloe…damn…all the good ones are either gay or snatched up for their basking in the pubic glow, it’s so sad we can’t find a good man like Ralph!

    • Keri

      Nope, not at all. It DOES fade, rather than regular permanent color that grows out. But I haven’t had any issues with it getting on my clothes or anything. I’m tempted to use mine to give myself a nice purple or pink streak in my hair……

  • Keri

    Okay, apparently I’m the ONLY ONE who has used this, so I’ll chime in. I’m currently sporting the purple betty, although I also have the hot pink. It’s fun! Very easy to do. I did it for my BF for his birthday and he LOVED it, so I’ve been keeping it up just for fun.

    So some tips:
    –It DOES take a while, so I do it in two parts, the first night the bleach, the second night the color
    –instead of walking around bottomless, I apply whatever step I’m on, cover it good with saran wrap, then put my clothes back on for the half hour I leave it “cooking”. I’ve never had it get on my clothes and you can go about your business with ease.
    –It’s easiest to get a bikini wax first and have them leave a nicely shaped area for you to color. I told my wax girl what I was doing and she left me with a PERFECT little canvas. Plus, it gave her a laugh.
    –it WILL stain your skin, so try to keep it just on the hair. If I get crazy and make a mess I just use a fingernail brush to gently scrub the color off
    –it fades rather than grows out, but I’ve noticed the longer you leave the color on the longer it lasts

    It’s crazy, but fun. It makes me laugh every time I go to the bathroom and seriously – my bf LOVED it. He said it was “amazing”. Can’t get much better of a compliment than that!

      • Keri

        I tried to get a picture for one of my girlfriends but it’s hard to get a good pic of the color! Maybe if I went outside in the daylight, but that’s not happening. lol

        • the Muse

          lol I LOVE you are willing to consent to taking a photo of your betty for us, that’s dedication ;-D

          • Cj

            Oh my god. I have to stop getting emails about this post x_x

          • Keri

            It’s pretty much day-glo colors. But it also depends on how long you leave on the bleach. The bleach is actually the weirdest part because having completely white hair is far stranger looking than having some random color. lol But if you leave the bleach on long enough to get it white (takes me about 30 minutes and I have dark brown hair) then you’ll end up with very bright colors.

  • Daniela

    Ralph is the coolest guy ever….so question..do you have to bleach first? Cause either way that sounds waaaaay too harsh for down there. Maybe they’ll come up with pube clip in streaks:D

    • the Muse

      daniela read above, keri did an entire note about how to apply and such ;-D bleach is involved it seems ;-D

    • Keri

      No the bleach is fine. I’d say it’s very similar to Jolene that you buy for facial hair. You mix it up just the same way (I lighten my eyebrows with Jolene so I’ve used them both at this point). I haven’t had any issues with burning or redness or anything. But then again, I just do a little triangle in the front, which really isn’t all that close to the actual lady-parts themselves.

      • Daniela

        Oops sorry:) I was posting from my phone will I was at the bank..couldn’t see Keri’s post. Well how you explain it is much more comforting than I envisioned. My boyfriend would die laughing but maybe it would be cute to have a hot pink bikini region:)

  • Keri

    OH!! I forgot to add – unless you’re sporting a total 70’s fro down there you can TOTALLY get more than 2-3 uses per box. You’re more likely to run out of bleach before you run out of color too, but I think that mixing up some Jolene facial bleach would work perfectly fine – it seems to be the same stuff. The Betty Beauty also smells fairly nice, which is a bonus.

  • tiny

    I’d do this… but I sport a “bald eagle”.. so there’s nothing to dye…

    tmi? Maybe…. but it’s the troooof! 🙂

    • Daintynymph

      This is a post about pubic hair dye. I don’t think saying that you keep yourself free of such is TMI here!

  • Lauren S.

    HA! I’ve never seen that video before. BEST song ever! Totally going to start calling it my map of tasmania….can’t imagine it blue though.

  • Sarah

    This reminds me of the “Bozo the Bush” episode of Sex and the City!

  • Emma

    I’d totally do it. And not black or brown anything, day-glo pink all the way – if you’re gonna dye the thing, you might as well do it properly! Sounds kinda fun as an alternative to the vajazzle, which I definately wouldn’t do!

  • CupK8

    Not gonna lie… I’m down for this in a major way. I just went auburn on top, so this could be a way to get my hairs to match. However… since I’m an actor, and can’t dye my hair super-cray colors… I kind of want to go aqua blue or violet. xD