April 30, 2012

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

I’m not a big KStew fan, she’s just a little too awkward for me in and out of character, but I’m quite buzzed about Snow White and The Huntsman although I was envisioning a little Skarsgard as the huntsman, that would be nibbling goodness for the entire fandom.

I did see the Raven on Friday, off topic, and was kinda sorta disappointed but did love how they wrapped the mystery of Poe’s death into the film. Cool!

What Summer flicks are you really excited about?

One other for you, Savages, cannot WAIT to see it. I LOVE me some Aaron Johnson! Plus I really enjoy Don Winslow so it’s nice to see his works coming to the screen.

But about Snow White and the Huntsman…Benefit takes on the film with the Rare Beauty Kit that features a lovely little makeup bag and some goodies to get you into a Snow White frame of mind face.

Take a look!

Do you need it?

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit is packed up tight in a cream and lilac train case with a silver metallic print.

Inside you’ll find the following Benefit essentials so you can be the fairest of them all:

  • Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara
  • Benefit The POREfessional
  • Benefit Benetint
  • Benefit High Beam
Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit

Benefit Snow White And The Huntsman Rare Beauty Kit Summer 2012

The kit is $45 and available now at Sephora, Sephora.com, or www.benefitcosmetics.com

You know you want it.


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  • Cj

    Wow that’s actually a really good little kit! If they came out this during Xmas it would be a killer seller!

  • Haley

    I don’t think it’s that worth it 🙁 It’s not like it’s anything exactly special. Oh well.

  • Sarah

    The train case is super pretty. Do you know if these are full size Benefit products? Looks like the mascara and Porefessional are, but not sure about the other two.

    • Emily

      Hi Sarah,

      The Porefessional and the BadGal are the only full sized products in the kit.

      Alone, the Porefessional goes for $29 and the BadGal goes for $19; they’re essentially selling a kit which includes two full sized products which would retail for $48 if bought as a duo, giving you $3 off and including a free bag and two small sized products. The Benetint is .13 oz which is just under a third of the size of a regular sized bottle The High Beam is even Smaller at .08 oz (think the size of the tiny little Posietint that comes in the Cabana Glama)-about 1/5 of the amount in the full size which is .45 oz.

      Hopefelly this wasn’t too long winded…I had been wondering whether or not I wanted to get this. My conclusion is that if you want/need the two full sized products than go for it because you’re getting a few bucks off plus a couple of small sizes to go with. My personal collection does not need them, plus I have some High Beam and a tint very similar to Benetint so I chose to pass. But in sum it’s an ok deal if you wanted to get the primer and mascara.

  • clementine

    I was so psyched when I heard they were doing a collection, but it’s not really that exciting. ): Benefit, why can’t you just be like everyone else and do awesome palettes.

  • kgirl11

    I am kinda disappointed, when I saw the picture before clicking on the post I was thinking it would be a themed palette/collection. I’m on the fairy tale train that’s been around for the last couple years. I think it’s cool when brands reveal which of their products were used for the actual film.

  • Littlecreek

    I want the bag. However, I can’t see myself paying $45 as I own all of those products already and the bag alone isn’t worth it to me. If they woul have replaced one or two products with a blush or eyeshadow then I could talk myself into it.

  • christine

    Muse.. What should I watch. Mirror Mirror? or This movie? (I never watched twilight – Thank goodness – So I have no “direct” Bias towards bella -.-) Theres such an influx of snow white movies lately >.>

    • the Muse

      mmm two diff movies christine 🙂 one is a romantic comedy, one an action so I guess whichever genre you really enjoy ;-D! yeah sure is! ;D

  • Melissa

    humm this is a good price.. don’t love bad gal.. love the bag.. im feeling a lemming coming on. Thanks for posting this – i didn’t notice it on Sephora.

  • cat

    Eh. I think I was reading something in Allure about the simple makeup they used for the film, but in my mind, if you’re going to sell me a makeup collection for Snow White, it should be for that Lily Collins/Disney Snow White look and not a natural reddish lip tint and something for a barely noticeable glow. White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony wood. The collection practically designs itself. 🙂

    I’m also not digging the re-release of the products without film-specific packaging. The case doesn’t mimic the aesthetic of the film and from a distance, kind of looks like a generic tissue box/wallpaper design.

  • jenna

    you had me at cream, lilac, and silver … *adds to cart*

    • the Muse

      love the bag jenna ;-D want it JUST for the bag! LOL!

  • ashley

    Muse, is the benetint full size? or any of the products full sized?

    • the Muse

      both the primer and mascara are full size hun, benetint and high beam are small sample sizes.