April 18, 2012

CK One Gloss Eyecolor Review & Swatches

CK One Gloss Eyecolor is one of five new shades of glossy eye color. These come in soft, pastel shades of color in a rather large pencil at 0.14 oz in size for $17 each.

Personally, I feel eye glosses aren’t a common product in the shadow world and I tend to migrate towards them when a brand releases one. Eye glosses aren’t for everyone, so let’s take a look and see if CK One Gloss Eyecolor is for you!

As I mentioned above, this is a huge pencil so you are getting a good deal of product for the price. For example, many eye pencils contain around 0.05 of product so this is pretty huge.

I got irritated because I twisted the top off (which was loose) believing that I’d find a sharpener under it and sadly no go. The pencil sharpens but does not come with a sharpener. Just thought I’d mention it. This a chunky eye color pencil so it does give you a nice grip during application. I noticed I enjoyed the packaging where as I’ve been on the fence about the CK One packaging thus far, I liked this well enough as it’s simply a chunky pencil with a white top sporting the CK logo. Pretty simple and practical.

Now the formula…

If you haven’t used an eye gloss before and you pop one of these into your cart, get it home, and apply it, you’ll likely be disappointed. People don’t realize a shadow and an eye gloss are two very different formulas. This isn’t pigmented, this is very sheer. If you’re looking for a sheer wash of glossy (yes, glossy) eye color this produces that effect and you’ll be quite happy with the results. If you’re looking for vibrant color pay off, well, you’ll be disappointed needless to say.

Eye glosses have an emollient formula that applies like a gloss on eyes. Not a heavy lipgloss texture obviously but more a thin consistency hydrating formula that dashes across lids easily without nary a tug. On the upside they provide a pretty little dash of color and sorta a beachy eye look…think of it as a sexy day at the beach look where your eyeshadow looks sorta smudged due to the wind, maybe a dip in the ocean…that sorta look. On the downside, every single eye gloss I’ve every tried has had a really poor performance in terms of wear. Typically they wear away quickly and crease like crazy no matter how much you prep. Sadly, CK One Gloss Eyecolor is no different in that area. One perk is they travel really well and apply in a snap when you’re away from home. A quick swipe across your lids will freshen things up.

(Swatched: Spin)

Overall, so long as you’re buying into these as an eye gloss and understanding what that type of formula entails you’ll be perfectly content. However, purchasing one and believing it’ll apply with a great color pay off and a terrific wear time, well, that calls for disappointment.

The wear time is crumbs as is the creasing issue but eye glosses are so rare it might be a fun product to try out if you’ve never tried such a product before. Eye glosses are pretty fun for Summer but ironically the creasing and fading of color is probably even faster in the hot weather!

CK One Cosmetics are available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

Have you tried eye glosses before?

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  • Angela

    The new Dior eye glosses are very nice and can be used to jazz up an eye look.

  • breyerchic04

    I’ve always wanted eyeglosses and have seen amazing things done with them but haven’t had the opportunity to try one. What are some others still available? Though I may go for one of these.

    • the Muse

      outside of the new dior cream shadows/eye glosses, I can’t honestly think of another product at the moment. YSL had one a few years ago..I think Chanel did as well but it’s a product that seems to come around as LE only and never standard catalog…! It’s kinda a unique and obscure product. I suspect the formula isn’t exactly that fab so that’s why they only run it through an limited edition release.

      • breyerchic04

        So I totally should get one of these, k!

        I really do like the look, but i’m not sure what type of color I’d want, hmm.

          • breyerchic04

            K, I think I’ll go for that if I go for one, I’m so not a blue girl, and don’t think I could pull off the gold.

  • auroragyps

    I love eye glosses. I’ve mentioned before that Rimmel used to have a few (I had a black with shimmer, a copper, & a couple of taupey nudes) and they were easy to use. Yes, they could be a bit sheer, but sometimes that’s the look I wanted. If I wanted more color, I would layer the gloss on top of a shadow of the same color & it looked great. Doing this with this with an eye gloss pencil may be kind of hard though (the Rimmel ones were in little flat pots & applying them with my fingers was easy peasy).

  • Jane

    Ever since my debacle with the Tom Ford/Estée Lauder eye gloss, I’ve been unwilling to part with money to purchase what I know will be a hot mess on me in under an hour.

    Do you remember that eye gloss? Blac, smoky, looked so gorgeous on Caroline Murphy in the ads? Well, it wasn’t meant to be for me, I suppose.

  • amy

    I know this is an old post, but I thought I’d chime in. I picked up Ultra (the silver-white color) at Ulta this past weekend as one of their daily steals for $10, and am using it to highlight the inner corners of my eye. For that, I absolutely love it! I don’t like using powder around my tear ducts, so the soft, slippy texture of the gloss pencil is perfect. I can see how a quick swipe and pat across the lids would be just enough for those minimal-makeup summer days… wish now I’d grabbed the green to use for that.