April 17, 2012

CK One Pure Color Lipstick Review & Swatches

The CK One Makeup Collection has launched and with it 11 shades of Pure Color Lipstick.

The might have jumped the shark with the details on this one. Promises of luminous color without drying lips out, shine, a lightweight, creamy hydrating finish and more are just some of the description details. But I found almost every single one of the details was a big nay.

I’m still getting a feel for the packaging on the line. This comes in a black rubber tube with a white plastic lid. Yes, the black rubber does become tacky and gross after a few uses (think NARS) if you were wondering. I think the packaging definately evokes the spirit of Calvin Klein. It’s simple and it’s modern. I don’t personally like it because I’m more a girly girl type that wishes everything came in pink metallic compacts with sparkly bling to go along for the ride. It has a lighter feel to it so for the $16 you’re putting out for it you may or may not feel the packaging isn’t incredible.

I tried the shade Dollface which I was very excited about as it looks like a perfect shade of MLBB (my lips but better) pink. This is a nude pink with a certain warmth to it. Color is quite saturated so a swipe or two gets you a full pigmented pout. They didn’t skimp or short change you in terms of pigment here and indeed it is a full color lipstick.

I think cream lipstick formulas are very difficult to pull off. Granted, you can place gloss on top and call it a day. But this is about performance without the aid of a gloss…..

This formula feels very drying on my lips and accentuates flaky areas badly. It has a smooth glide so long as your lips aren’t flaky or chapped however it doesn’t have a lightweight feel and makes you very aware you have lipstick in place during the wear.

(Swatched: Dollface)

Overall, I think the formula wasn’t exactly what I expected for a $16 lipstick. The dryness and the lack of moisture made it uncomfortable and heavier on my lips. Wear time was fairly decent but the longer it wore the drier it became so you ended up with a cracked, flaky finish as wear time went into the second and third hour. I think if you like cream lipsticks and have had success with them before perhaps you’ll enjoy CK One Pure Color Lipstick, sadly, I didn’t enjoy it.

The CK One Makeup Collection is available now at Ulta and Ulta.com

Have you tried any of it?

Do share!

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    • the Muse

      lol ulta does this constantly cj! drives me bats! this looks good but a little worried it’ll be greasy :-/

      • Cj

        I can’t even figure out what shade is the lightest, “fair” or “whatever” the latter shows up before fair but from the pictures fair looks lighter… Ugh I hate Ulta 🙁 I hope they expand to Sephora or Nordies soon.

        • the Muse

          i noticed that :-/ I was just trying to guess my concealer shade as well but the one I want actually looks lighter than the lightest shade lol!

        • Sienna

          Don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread, but I saw these in store tonight. I’m pretty sure “Whatever” is actually supposed to be “Porcelain”, which appeared to be lighter than “Fair” (which, by the way, was in store, so apparently it’s not an online exclusive).

          • Cj

            Ahh awesome! Thank you lol 😀 Now at least I know what shade to get 🙂

  • Victoria

    Nice color but i dont like the packaging and my lips get dry very easily so im afraid this wont work for me.

  • Michelle

    As soon as I heard you describe the packaging I got a bad taste in my mouth. For $16 I expect much better. I admit that I’m a Jill Stuart kinda gal but black rubber and white plastic just screams “CHEAP!”

  • Phyrra

    That’s very disappointing :/
    I’m with you, I do like bling for some packaging. Also, gimme hot pink. Way more fun!

  • Eli

    It may not be the perfect lipstick in terms of texture, but the shade looks more than gorgeous… Will be looking for something similar 🙂

    • the Muse

      mmm not really linda. mac cream finish have a drier formula but they have a good glide even when my lips are fairly chapped. they also sit well on lips versus these that seem to unnaturally sit atop my lips. I really don’t have a comparison to any cream lippies I’ve tried or own (which are few, just not a big fan of creams) 🙂

  • ruthless

    Not surprised. The last make up CK did was crap , was kind of hoping this would be nicer. That colour is lovely though.

  • Linh

    I haven’t tried many of the other colors but I really enjoyed the lipstick in color “Wow.” It’s a very good dupe for my Chanel Matte Velvet in Exuberante. Really good buy for a statement lip!

  • Rebecca

    Eh, while I don’t think the previous line was “crap” it’s harder for CK to find a place in the beauty market right now. I have a Shine lipstick in Bliss and I love it.

    • Majick

      I just picked up 2 shine lippies last night at Ulta and believe me when I say I was hard pressed to pick a color, they are all really nice. I ended up with 100 Frenzy and 600 Alarm. Frenzy is a beautiful light pink, and Alarm is a nice red. So far, wear time is pretty good but not great. they are comfortable to wear. I’m not crazy about the packaging – I’m more in love with the new UD lippie package but… I’ll wait for the 20% off. LOL

      I also tried one of the cream colors in Bite ME (don’t remember the number) and it was gorgeous! I may have to go back for that one.

  • Carie

    I bought 3 CK One l/s’s as soon as I swatched them in Ulta and love them. I don’t find them too dry. They’re long wearing, wearable colors, and smooth. Sorry they didn’t work out for you.

  • Emme

    I dont know if the formula has changed since the original posts but I’ve been purchasing these over the last month. The lipstick is moisturizing and creamy, the colors are supersaturated and the finish is matte with a slight lumosity to it. I’m indifferent to the packaging but this has become my favorite lipstick.

  • Margie Mora

    I went to Ulta to purchase CK One pure color shine lipstick, Box 810, salesperson told me CK was discontinuing their cosmetics. I was so disappointed to hear the news. The first time I tried on the lipstick it glided on very nicely and is moisturizing lipstick. Can you tell me if CK lipsticks are available at Department Stores or in Europe?

    Thank you!

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sorry Margie I’m not really sure where in Europe it is sold!

  • Nikki

    Hi there where can I buy Ck bite me 610
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I just love it