April 10, 2012

Dr. Jart + Most Moist Water-Full Hydrogel Mask Review

When I first heard about the new Dr. Jart + Most Moist Water-Full Hydrogel Mask I was a little iffy on the price. $9 for a single mask is a highly unusual price for an Asian Sheet Mask. They are typically that for a box of five or more!

Let’s take a look see if they are worth it!

Considering how lacking the US Market is in the sheet market department having Dr. Jart release masks here in the US is an exciting prospect. I will throw it out there and say $9 per a mask for our market, which is lacking for such a product, is probably spot on unfortunately.

This is a single use mask to hydrate skin and give it a moist, dewy finish.

To justify the price tag, I will say, it isn’t your typical Asian essence mask. This is a gel mask which means it has a gel backing which adheres to skin like a sticker. Most Asian sheet masks are saturated with essence of some type giving them a wet feel. This is a gel back sans any wetness. The ingredients are suspended in that gel and released as your skin warms the mask.

It’s suggested you store the mask in a fridge. And indeed, it’ll produce a cool, refreshing feel from the fridge to your face but if you aren’t keen on that, it still indeed has a very cold, cool feeling when placed on your face. It’s very refreshing and soothes instantly on contact.

The mask is separated into two parts. One half is for your eyes and upper face where as the other is for your mouth and lower face. It fits the contour of my face perfectly and fits all around the places I want it to reach such as under my eyes and around my nose where things are drier. You can sit for 20-30 minutes with the mask in place however I go a little longer. Just be careful as you sit around with it on as the longer it is in place, the sticker and trickier it becomes to remove. I’m not sensitive but I can see the removal process might be a little irritating if you’re super sensitive as it does have a sticky adhesive backing.

It’ll reduce the signs of dullness within one use and you’ll see week long results with a single use. Your skin will remain glowy and healthy as well within that period or at least it did for me. It restores bounce to skin, the Hydrogel material locks moisture in and gives your skin not only a boast in hydration but also a smoother, more refined appearance. I don’t have finer liners on my face but you’ll probably notice a nice, blurred appearance after use. Drier, patchy areas will also show signs of improvement and a smoother surface will be left behind.

Overall, Dr. Jart + Most Moist Water-Full Hydrogel Mask at nine dollars per mask definitely feels harsh but the results are here. I don’t necessarily mind paying the piper if I can see the results and in this case I could.

I like this.

I’d love if they offered a box of five or so for $30 though, that would seem fairer.

I suggest trying one.

I think you’ll feel the same as I do about it.

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

I was a little hesitant about slapping a Muse Approval on it but I think it deserves it!

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  • Karen

    I literally just took the My Beauty Diary Apple Mask off my face when I stumbled upon this post. hehe great timing! Wow, that is quite pricey for a mask that you can only use once. I’m glad you found good results though. I agree with you that $30 for 5 masks is probably more reasonable. Perhaps I’ll give it a try when I find a good reason to get pampered 🙂

  • Lulubelle

    I noticed yesterday that DHC has a new sheet mask that is $9 for one. They still offer a few others that are 5 to a box at $11-$14 though. I’ve been wanting to try a sheet mask since reading your reviews, so picked up the Alpha Arbutin White Mask.

    • the Muse

      I don’t think I’ve ever tried the DHC ones lulu, let me know how they are chica!