April 3, 2012

MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish Review & Swatches

I really love Mineralize Skinfinishes so I do get pretty hyped when MAC releases new shades. Stereo Rose remains a fond favorite of mine and I’m always hopeful MAC will release more along the same formulation as that shade.

This year, they go a different route with MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish. I’m actually glad they decided to not to release another collection featuring Mineralize Skinfinishes, this is new, unique, and different so what’s not to love about something fresh and innovative in the MAC world eh?

Take a look!

Just like the MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadows I recently reviewed these Skinfinishes have a liquid metal-like look and appearance.

MAC created them by combining a blend of creams, liquids, powders, and pearls and proceeding to drain all the liquid out of the formula, molding and shaping it into a cake. What’s left of the formula is pure pigment and pearl.

Unlike the eyeshadows I wouldn’t suggest using these wet as they might prove a little too intense. I also don’t think they are the best product in the world for fairly new makeup users or those, like myself, who aren’t too suave with highlighter application. You can use them as an all over blush of sorts, or at least one the shades works as such, but it might be a little overkill as these are richly pigmented with a metallic finish and a good deal of shimmer.

The shadows prove sheer applied dry but these are completely opposite and are actually very vibrant and intense. Visually you might stare at them and write them off as having an over spray I know I did. But what you see is what you get, that color runs straight through the powder and isn’t some fancy pants over spray. The formula is a creamy, powdery texture, very much a hybrid of a formula that isn’t easy to describe.

MAC says you can use them all over your face for full color and sparkle or subtly. I think subtly might prove key here as they are pretty intense. I’m heavy handed with application so I have to be extra careful when applying. I actually tried several times and proceeded to over do it.

Glorify proves the nicest for use as a blusher or bronzer. This is a bronze-y copper. The other two shades Whisper of Gilt and Superb work best as highlighters. They do multitask as an eyeshadow should you want to use them as an all over color shadow or a brow highlighter shade of sorts.

(Swatches left to right: Whisper of Gilt, Superb, and Glorify)


Whisper of Gilt



They gain my Muse Approval however you do need to learn the correct application techniques for the best application. I tend to over do products like this and it super easy to do so with such a concentrated pigment in powder form. They are gorgeous but I haven’t quite mastered application as of yet.

Well worth checking out, particularly if you love highlighting powders.

Did you grab them?

Do share your tips for application!

MAC In Extra Dimension is available this week from MAC and online at maccosmetics.com

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  • Tammie

    Superb is lovely, but alas I am not much of a highlighter gal. Also I just pre-bought 2 blushes from MAC so I am good for a bit haha.

    PS. Those Tres Chic blushes are crazy popular! Everywhere is either already sold out or pre-sold out! So insane. I was able to do some weird thing at the MAC store to get mine though, thank goodness.

    • the Muse

      can’t believe how quick people snatched them up tammie ;D!

  • aquahartz

    Superb is superb! But I think I will use it as an eyeshadow than a face highlighter though, I somehow tend to look either like a lightbulb or a doll with face highlighter on =P

  • Maria

    Ooooh that Glorify is calling my name!! It looks like a beautiful gold/bronzy sheen!! Must have!!

  • JenJ

    I didn’t in my order but I still might. I was tempted to get Sweet Heat shadow and use that as a highlight #imcheap. Truth but told I honestly do not need any highlight products. I have Comfort MSF that I rarely use. I also have 3 of Mally effortless airbrush that can witha blush color and highlight. Along with whatever else is in my face drawer baaahahahaha!!!

  • kikai

    i ordered all three and i find that using a fan brush helps w/ the intensity issue.

    i first used a stippling brush (elf studio) to apply them and it was hellothereglitterycheeks! the fan brush helps diffuse the color a bit more and stops it from being streaky! 🙂

    but i do love these. this is the first *unique* MAC product theyve released in a while, even if other companies already did it! 🙂

  • Smurfette123

    Estée Lauder released these products first but they own MAC. You can still buy some variation of the blush ombré from Estée lauder at their counters.

  • RIYA

    I just recently purchased ‘ whisper of guilt’ , i wear a NC35 in mac foundation and have yellow undertones. Under strobe cream and foundation , this is the perfect ihghligher to give me a goldey , bronzey look and it is a very versatille colour too. If you range from NC/NW 15 – 40 , this will deffinately look so sunkissed , particualrly in the sun during summer. However , i dont agree that it wont suit darker skins too , as you can pick up more pigment , the more intense you want that highlight to show .