April 26, 2012

MeMeMe Dew Pots

MeMeMe Dew Pots are a brand new shadow pot from the brand.

Yes, I did mentally say “dew dew pots…” I never claimed I was mature and my mentality is that of a 13 year old boy, thus “dew dew pots” makes me laugh hysterically and roll around the floor in delight.

I have issues.


Let’s take a look yes?

These promise a long wear time with a rich color pay off. The pots can be used to line or shade with and come in eight colors. There on sale for £5.25 at the moment but regularly they are £7.25, bit high by MeMeMe standards but I’ve noticed lately there budget friendly prices aren’t as “friendly” anymore.

Sadly, MeMeMe fails to ship to the US on their site.



Barry M ships to the US, Sleek Makeup, etc….why MeMeMe why!?

But MeMeMe is now sold at Nordstrom so perhaps we’ll see these dew dew pots soon, had to get that in and crack myself up sorry.

Available now if you’re in the UK at Superdrugstore or online at www.mememecosmetics.co.uk

Which colors are you loving?