April 3, 2012

Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collector’s Set Review & Swatches

I’ve decided to do several reviews on the new Sephora + Pantone Collection but prior to that I wanted to do a mini review of sorts spotlighting the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collector’s Set.

This review will point out some key features to the set but won’t really concentrate on the quality, performance, and wear time of the products since I have a review planned for each of the items included in the set. I’ll be doing those reviews over the next week. So if I don’t discuss the main specs of the product you’ll know why.

Let’s take a look at the set.

Many of you have either purchased or are deciding on whether or not to indulge in the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collector’s Set. I think some of you have reservations about the set because you want the blush perhaps and the eyeshadow palette but aren’t keen on perhaps the lipstick and liner or gloss.

I will say, this is a huge value. Every single piece (The gloss is small but generously sized), right down to the eyeliner, is a full size product. $68 is an incredible savings versus purchasing each item separately for much more. So it may feel like a waste to indulge, but you are saving money if you do so and getting some extras that you may or might not use in the lot.

For example, say you want the blush and eyeshadow palette only, that will set you back $54. Why not just put in the extra $14 and indulge in the set which includes gloss, lipstick, eyeliner, and another blush? All for $14 more.

Purchased separately the entire kit would set you back $118. Why not get it all for $68? The only thing Sephora failed to include in the set was a nail polish so this is truly a complete set.

Now that I discussed the value I’ll move on to the packaging. Sephora spent a good deal of time with the packaging here. Everything has a very luxury feel. The lipstick has a weighty metal casing, the palettes feature an artist palette style packaging which allows for the entire lid to be removed during application, and the stark white simplicity of the compacts are flawless. One thing you do have to be aware of is the palettes on the blush duo and the eyeshadow palette aren’t travel friendly. They have a completely removable magnetic cover which will come off easily should you toss it into a makeup bag.

Now the colors are incredible. I think the intimidating, difficult to wear shades would be the lipstick, liner, and gloss. However, the peachy coral goodness of both the shadow palette, blush duo, and single blush are gorgeous and quite remind me of a NARS Orgasm-like shade. I love shades like this on my cheeks!

The set is truly a masterpiece. I hate to say go out and buy it just because it’s beautiful but indeed that’s one good reason to indulge. If you favor shades like NARS Orgasm or glistening shades of peach like Tarte Glisten, you’ll be delighted with the options in this set. And hey, even if you don’t use the lipstick or gloss, these are nice extras in an overall, great value!

I’ll be discussing the formula, pigment, quality, etc…of each product shortly but I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts on the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Collector’s Set. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Do share!

Available now at Sephora and Sephora.com

Muse Approved for purchase, that one goes without saying eh?

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  • Sara elisabeth

    I’m actually loving the lipstick most. It’s not a color I would normally wear, but I’m really feeling the color for the summer. Does it have the same scent as Sephora brand lipsticks?

  • Susan K

    Sadly, my set is going back. The l/s and gloss just aren’t my shade ( also, the l/s felt gritty), the blushes I couldn’t get to show up, the only color I felt was special for e/s was the orange, and the e/l smudged. I did really love the packaging though!

    • the Muse

      aw sorry to hear it susan 🙁 I’m testing out now so haven’t formed an opinion on the quality of blushes/shadow/etc yet ;D

  • Comrade Garlic

    The only items I bought were the lipstick and orange eyeliner. If you want the liner they do sell it for $12 in Sephora Collection. It doesn’t have the nice packaging that Sephora+Pantone has. You can also use it as a lip liner but it is drying because it’s a long wearing formula. I love the that Sephora took that horrible candy smell out of the lipstick.

    But I found I have 5 eye shadow pallets in my stash that contain various shades of orange, and I don’t know how many similar blush shades. So the collection was easily for me to dupe.

    • the Muse

      that liner is a little different comrade, a little more deeper than the one in the set. one is orange-y and one is straight tangerine ;-D!

  • Kim

    I just got the blush duo and the lipstick. I didn’t think I’d like orange eye products. I like the blush a lot but the lipstick is too bright. I bought one of the new Sephora collection glosses (recommended by the MA) to tone the lipstick down a bit. Overall, the packaging on both items is fantastic and they are both quality products at a reasonable price.

  • Midwest Maven

    I just got my set delivered about an hour ago and I can scarcely believe how gorgeous these colors are in person, I couldn’t be more pleased!!

    I think you can get use out of all the products in multiple ways, such as using the eyeliner as a lipliner and the blushes as shadows, etc. I can wear all these colors now but I’ll really be rocking them this summer! The set is totally worth every penny and then some!!!

  • Ashley

    You Know At first I wasnt really into this collection because i am not huge on Oranges BUT seeing your swatches they look amazing and i may just tempt into picking it up

    I just made a order @ sephora too WAHH I can never Stop LMAO

  • The Peach

    I want this whole set! I wear a lot of orange so I figured it would a nice collection to have, but I haven’t bought it yet. I am concerned about the pigmentation. From the only other swatches I’ve seen, the eyeshadows didn’t look all that pigmented. Your swatches look pretty good, so I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

  • Stephanie C.

    Got the chrome blush and the lipgloss set and I LOOOOOVE THEM! The blush is so buildable and so shimmery/summery 😀 I love all the different levels of sheerness for the lipglosses as well. I don’t think I could wear vivid well… but I definitely can wear the other 3 everyday 🙂 So happy!

  • Dyan

    i purchased this on saturday and have yet to try anything. i’m a sucker for anything limited edition and love makeup like it’s a drug! i’m debating on whether i should save this untouched or using it, even if it’s only one time. i do this a lot with mac, too. my addiction knows no limits…lol

    • the Muse

      I understand totally dyan! I had a difficult time swatching it lol! I just wanted to preserve it and stick it in the beauty vault!

  • Jeanne

    Oh I like that eyeliner! I know they have it in a set with a brown & black eyeliner but I have a gazillion black and brown eyeliners, I might have to pick this set up

  • JenJ

    I had my eye on this set from the first! And now that I have my VIB offer I was like woohoo!! Then I started thinking and was like do I really need this? I have other orangey type lip products and blush already in my stash. I know it’s an awesome value. Still have to think on it. I just don’t want to get it, use for a few weeks and it get shelved with the rest of my stuff. *sigh* lol!

  • kikai

    i only purchased the boxed blush. the set really comes out more cost effective but i just knew i wouldnt use the lip products. thank you – your swatches confirm that!

    i still kinda want the eyeshadow palette though ….

  • Margaret

    I just didn’t WANT the shadows, three blushes and the eyeliner, so I bought these items separately:

    Set of four lip glosses
    The smallest of the blushes

    I qualified for free shipping and I got to use my 15% VIB code. Can’t wait til they arrive! 😀

  • Majick

    I did not pick this up with my VIB code. I’m hoping I didn’t make a mistake. LOL All the colors look really pretty but I would particularly LOVE LOVE LOVE that lippie – OMG! I wear all the brights and LOVe them. I really like the design on the outside of the little bullet – so cool.
    I have MUFE #40 that was hot last summer and it’s great. I also have UD Super Saturated Lip Pencil in Punch Drunk – fabu! I also have several other Melon thru Orange Red (think Nars Heat Wave) and recently starting getting into the neon pinks and reds etc.

    I really love a bright lip with almost no other color on my face except maybe a little bronzer, even out my eyelid with a skintone neutral, black liner and a ton of mascara. So quick and always looks classic.

  • aquahartz

    alert.. alert, orange/ coral overload! hahahhaa. just my colours this season. i wonder if i should indulge now. i dont have that much corals/ orange in my stash.

  • Teresa

    I am a huge Pantone fan and was SO HAPPY that they chose Tangerine Tango as the 2012 Color of the Year! I’ve been trying to make orange the new pink for the longest time. I bought this set a week before Sephora was going to put it out on the floor, so about 2 weeks ago. And sadly it’s now going back. I love the concept and adore the color, but the set lacked quality for me. The packaging is super cute and the eyeshadow quad and blush duo packaging is almost identical to Inglot but not as weighted. I can toss all my Inglot pans into my purse or gym bag without a worry but the magnets on the Sephora Pantone pans were not as strong. The eyeshadow and blush duo just didn’t last long on me either. An hour maybe. The eyeshadow wasn’t as pigmented on my NW30 skin as I liked and the blush duo was splochy on my cheeks. The lipstick was nice but not long wearing for me and was not as opaque as I would like a creme lipstick to be. It was very similar to a Revlon Lip Butter. The real winner for me was the eyeliner. It did NOT move! The color is also very unique which I loved.

      • Camille

        i had actually just finished making a list of the last things i wanted before i would STOP blowing all my money on makeup i don’t need for a few weeks.. then i saw this on sale online. i’m hopeless!! and reading your blog never helps! love your blog, btw. 🙂 my favorite for honest, unbiased, and thorough reviews. love that you get foreign products, too!