May 9, 2012

Brad Pit New Face of Chanel N°5

Chanel has selected world renowned actor Brad Pitt to be the face of the upcoming advertising campaign for Chanel N°5.




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  • Kim

    Nay. I could think of so many other actors/models to be the face of No.5. Who was the old face?

  • JoElla

    But I thought he was Mr McStinky in real life?!


  • kimkats

    W.T.H.??? Why would a man (ANY man) be used to peddle women’s perfume… He always looks like he needs a bath. I’m with Missy – not a fan of his, and he sure as heck would not induce me to buy Chanel #5.

  • Lisa

    I agree with Kimkats. Chanel is supposed to be classy and sophisticated. While I like Brad Pitt, his channeling the homeless/Jesus look does not scream Chanel to me in any shape or form. They’re probably going to grease back his hair in some ponytail….Oh yeah, that will make me buy your perfume *cough* sarcasm.

  • Laura

    I hated that pretty boy in his youth – but since he’s all rugged and hairy and wrinkled up – he’s hawt!

    He can peddle me any product he want

  • Sarita

    I guess my question is, why a man for a woman’s fragrance? I’ll be interested to see where they take it. I have nothing against Brad Pitt and have no idea what other male celebrity is out there that would be good “face” for an iconic woman’s fragrance. Truth be told, I’d rather have Coco Chanel be the face of her fragrance…

  • Quinctia

    I honestly don’t care who Chanel picks, most traditional perfume makes me sick, so I’ll be avoiding Chanel no5 either way. XD

  • Libby

    Instead of yay or nay, it’s more like eh??

    It just isn’t something that makes sense to me, not that fragrance/perfume ads usually do make sense to me (or any ad for that matter since for some reason, companies like to use scantily clad models when selling something like watches…) but it really would depend on what the ad itself is like. Maybe they’ll make it work?

  • Lexi

    WTF? I say nay– hiring a man for a woman’s fragrance is above and beyond even the most blatant celebrity shilling.

    I know fragrances are hard to sell, but this is way out of left field.

  • Southern Gorgeous

    Christopher Eccleston would have been a better fit. So not a fan of Brad’s jetsetter Parisian wannabe’s behind. Give me the scraggly faced Doctor any day!

  • yodle

    Urm.. what?? I might have gone cuckoo for a bit but I am pretty sure that Chanel N°5 is a woman’s fragrance. Does Brad wear Chanel N°5 on a daily basis? No offense to Brad, but he does not even look like he showers in half of the pics that I see him in, so how the heck does someone like THAT become a face for a brand that is known for elegance?? They should have stuck with Nicole Kidman. No matter how frozen her face is, she always looks impeccable.