May 1, 2012

Iman Luxury Lip Stain Review & Swatches

Iman Luxury Lip Stain a study in fantastic lipstick at ten bucks. Bold, vibrant shades of Red and Paprika join my collection this Spring/Summer 2012 courtesy the Iman Sweet Temptations Collection.

Paprika, you NEED it.

Don’t you dare say I haven’t educated you on the joys of great budget lipstick!

Smooth, creamy lip color with a soft, easy glide across lips that creates fuller lips with an intense color pay off. Sign me up!

These little bundles of joy will run you as low as $10 bucks each and pack a powerfully concentrated formula. The pigmentation in each is incredible so if you love your lippies on the bolder side DO pick these up.

Two shades featured in the Iman Spring 2012 promo are Red and Paprika. For obvious reasons (ya know, that little obsession I have with oranges, peaches, and corals lately) I loved Paprika the best. This is a fiery shade of burnt orange that pairs up delightfully with a glowing peachy cheek. Red is a little too loud for this girl but proves the perfect shade of the boldest red you can get outside of MAC Red Russian (and heaps cheaper on your wallet).

The lipstick formula has an easy glide across lips with a soft, smooth finish. They tend to go a little dry so a bit of gloss on top keeps things nice and hydrated. The intense color is incredible for the inexpensive price tag.

Overall, you have my heart Iman Luxury Lip Stain!

Why haven’t I discovered you sooner?

Very Muse Approved for purchase.

Do check out Paprika!

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