May 3, 2012

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector Review

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector is one of three dark spot corrector treatments that Kate offers in her skincare collection. There’s a daily moisturizer, this overnight moisturizer, and also a dark spot treatment to use along with the other two.

I’ve actually been using and testing all three out since I purchased them back in December during a Friends and Family event that Kate had. I’m a strong supporter of Kate’s exfoliator but I’m not particularly keen on her skincare as my experience with her products hasn’t been fantastic.

I decided to wait patiently to indulge in her dark spot moisturizers and correctors until a sale knowing my track record with other products I tried from her as her products aren’t exactly cheap.

Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector is $70 for an a 1 oz tube so my reservations are probably understandable.

Let’s take a look!

This comes in a friendly squeeze tube with an attached pump. The pump distributes just the right amount of product out without overwhelming me with too much product I won’t use.

I find the formula an attractive pick for my drier skin but I think oily skin will find it a bit greasy. The texture is a tad odd in the fact it feels rubbery, in some ways I also felt like it felt like someone combined a bit of powder with the moisturizer…it is hydrating on my drier skin but leaves behind a bit of a shiny finish before absorbing completely. Thankfully this is a nightly moisturizer as I don’t think I’d love this formula for daily use. It does have an odd smell as well which I can’t pinpoint, I guess it smells kinda like rubber?

Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration is marketed to brighten dark and uneven areas of your skin and help minimize discolorations as well as reduce the signs of aging.

It uses Alpha Arbutin to minimize dark spots. However, my experience with arbutin, although successful, always proves a slow process. I’m more for instant, snappy results but I have to realize, as with any dark spot treatment, patience is an important trait.

This also contains a stable form of vitamin C. Mmm stable…big word to toss around with vitamin C but indeed the formula is a stable one and contained within this style packaging it will remain fresh. But sadly, there isn’t enough of it to create any long term results unless you have YEARS to spare.

There is also some sort of multi-fruit complex in the mix that acts as a natural AHA. If anything my skin does appear more refined the morning after and softer and smoother but not incredibly so.

After several months of use dark spots are not lightened unfortunately but as I said Arbutin is an ingredient you really have to commit to so near six months of use is probably not enough time to really notice a major difference in dark spots.

What did I experience?

Well, not necessarily softer skin but smoother was a perk. It doesn’t contain enough hydration for me and I do prefer a richer night cream so sadly it doesn’t offer incredible moisture but this isn’t why I purchased it. A certain luminosity is restored to my skin after use, dullness eased a fair bit, and skin looked a bit brighter. These were all great perks of using the product but I didn’t feel that these points were so obvious that I wanted to purchase another tube of the product. Change in my skin felt subtle and it was a slow process to actually see the results.

Sadly, Kate Somerville Complexion Correction Overnight Discoloration Perfector wasn’t something I’d make part of my stable skincare line up. I enjoyed using it for a spell but probably wouldn’t repurchase it once this tube is through (which it almost is). If you have time, patience, and money to commit to the product you might see good results over extremely long term use. As for me, I’m an instant gratification kinda girl and I’d like to see brighter, whiter skin within a week or two of use.

Tried it?

Do share!

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  • Cj

    Hey did you see those new bliss pads on sephora? “incredi-peels” ??

    • the Muse

      but of course ;-D hehe they’ve been in and out of my cart…! I don’t really trust too many bliss skincare products so debating if I need them ;-D

      • Cj

        I emailed em and asked what % glycolic acid they were and they told me 20% I might go for em 🙂

        • the Muse

          NO FREAKING WAY! lol! maybe it’s their “version” of GA ;-D

          • Cj

            Idk but that’s what they told me. I’m tempted to ask again to make sure I get the same answer lol!

  • Katy

    Hey Muse! Just wondering, what dark spot treatments/moisturizers have you felt were successful? This is a new problem for me and I have been shopping around but can’t seem to pick out what would actually work. Thanks!

    • the Muse

      hi kathy so far philosophy’s brightening dark spot corrector has been very good for me. I reviewed it a month or so ago.

  • jamie

    ohhh i tried this too!!! i’ve liked kate’s skincare in the past but oddly this one really didnt click with me. it smelled really bad.. i guess rubber is a pretty good comparable in terms of smell… and i’m still not seeing any results and my tube’s almost done.. i guess i’ll go back to the deep tissue repair at the next F&F 🙂 hopefully it’ll be 30% off again or i can’t afford it loll

    • the Muse

      that’s when I got this jamie, during the FF 30%! I dunno what the smell is…not so much rubbery but something rubbery? LOL! didn’t work for me either, almost done with the tube but results are really really subtle. :-/ other than exfolikate haven’t had a ton of success with her skincare sadly.

      • jamie

        you definitely should try the deep tissue repair! the price is wayyyyyy outta line but i guess you could try at the next F&F? i have oilier skin and at first i didnt like it. then i got on accutane and went back to it and i really loved it. i felt it lightened by acne scars and gave an overall glow to my complexion. you have drier skin maybe ur gonna like it? 🙂

        • the Muse

          sounds great jamie I’ll have to take a peek ;-D thanks for the rec…! i don’t mind the splurge if it works tbh!

          • jamie

            yayy 🙂 and then you’ll review it? 🙂 i’d love to know what you think of it 😉