May 8, 2012

NXY Spring Fling Review & Swatches

Love pastels?

NYX Spring Fling is your girl. This darling little palette features soft, delicate pastels a plenty. I can wear pastels, shhh, don’t tell me I can’t k? I’ve almost completely convinced myself I can work these shades like no one else.

Yeah right, sure.

Just let me say, I squealed out loud when I saw that NYX went with a sakura theme for their little Spring Fling Palette. The palette is a small sturdy cardboard rectangle and features a full size mirror and a sweet little sakura decorated outer and inner packaging.

So sweet!

Sakura’s decorate the surrounding of the mirror inside as well. Slay me, I die.

The packaging is incredibly sweet and quite delightful!

This is a two tier palette so it features the eyeshadows on the top level and a pull out drawer on the bottom that contains blushers, liners, and lipglosses on the bottom.

I think the main compliant I’ll hear after you’ve read this is the fact that powder and glosses shouldn’t be housed in the same space. Agreed, it can prove messy. There is a sticky adhesive across the glosses that seals them closed when they aren’t in use if this is any consolidation and the strips are fairly small so you have a very good chance of not cross pollinating the powders and gloss if you practice a little care. On the downside…the packaging isn’t sealed completely shut so in a few months or a year, the glosses might harden up sadly but there are only two so by that time you might have run right through them.

As I mentioned the top tier contains shadows, ten total to be exact, in an array of delicate shades of pastel. Fair to medium fair skin tones with either darker or lighter undertones should be able to easily wear some of these shades since they are pretty sheer and work as a nice color wash that brightens eyes up but doesn’t leave a ton of color behind. Mind you, if you’re super fair of skin you’ll see a better color pay off obviously.

Darker shades seem to prove more pigmented such as the yellow, green, and purple colors where as the lilac, yellow, blue, and other colors are subtle. Colors are a tad chalky in some cases and silky in others. I think chalky is really something that comes along with the pastel territory so this isn’t any rant on the formula merely the finish. I thought some of the satin shades appeared a bit frosty in pan but thankfully didn’t apply with this finish. Finishes are a mix of satins and mattes, I found the satins had the better pigment where as the mattes only produce a subtly color wash although on a whole all the shades aren’t going to bring a ton of color to the table and that’s ok since the look the palette is going for is a lighter, natural Spring one.

The bottom tier features two shades of blush in a peach and a fuchsia. The peach is extremely sheer with very little pigment with the fuchsia proving the better of the two in terms of color payoff.

This layer of the palette also contains two matte shades that you can use to highlight and/or line with. One is a matte black and the other a matte white.

And finally two sheer glosses can be found here, these have a fair formula but lack anything special to rave about.

For my look below I used the peach shade on my lips and swirled my brush in the peach and fuchsia blushes for my cheeks. On my lips I slicked on a little of both shades of gloss. It’s really a no nonsense, natural look.

Overall, NYX Spring Fling has a mixed bagged of formulas and quality here. Some shades and products prove rather nice, others not so much….I think NYX produces a great palette from time to time but I wouldn’t call NYX Spring Fling “great” and I also don’t think this type of palette speaks for some of NYX’s individual products which has some star products for their price tag. This is a sweet palette if you enjoy sheer, natural, soft pastels however you might want to swatch it in store before deciding if it is for you as the contents are a mixed bag of quality.

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  • Tigress

    This is disappointing. Thanks for the review, it saves me money.

  • dina

    awww 🙁 if the color payoff was better i’d have been all over this…… thanks so much for the swatches!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure dina! it’s a tad chalky, quality is here, there, everywhere :-/ it’s nice for a soft look.

  • Eve

    It says 18 dollars on their website, or did you get it somewhere cheaper? I still really want to try this out, I like to accentuate my cheeks and lips more (for the dolly look) so more natural eye shades is ok to me.

    • the Muse

      nope sorry, corrected, I thought it said $12.99! eep! if you want a doll look this def does the trick…! I think it does good natural, subtle looks…! but the quality is a mixed bag! :-/

    • Ariadne

      I just purchased this palette yesterday. I found it at Marshall’s for $8.00. Hope that helps (if you still want to try it).

  • Carly

    I’m super underwhelmed by this palette. I’m not one for pastels in the first place, but these ones look a bit shoddy in the pigmentation department. =/ I adore NYX, but this looks like a bit of a downer for me.

  • Carrie

    I played with a tester and was SO disappointed by it – the pinks/peaches/purples pretty much didn’t even show on my skin and I’m as pale as get out. 🙁

    • the Muse

      aw sorry carrie, yup, the shades are super sheer, sponge applicator helps a LITTLE!

  • KC

    Dang this palette is ADORABLE! I wish it was as awesome in substance as it is in style. This is right up my alley