May 1, 2012

Review: Perfect Fresh Faced Beauty Look Using the Mirenesse Crystal Color Drops Hydrating Mineral Powders

Mmmmmmmm the Mirenesse Crystal Color Drops Hydrating Mineral Powders Palette is a little costly, a little uneventful, and all hells surprising.

This little palette isn’t much to look at but once you apply it, well, things change.

Perfect fresh faced beauty?

This ones brings it!

Mirenesse Crystal Color Drops Hydrating Mineral Powders is a rather small selection of shadows and face powders that contain anti-aging peptides.

Looking at this palette, swatching it, and finally realizing it’s $43 and change kinda sorta threw me a curve ball. It seems a little bit too much to drop down on two eyeshadows and two face powders plus the formula isn’t exactly amazing.

Both the eyeshadow and face powders included are finely milled powders with a soft, silky feel. They kick up a fair bit of dust when dipping a brush or sponge tipped applicator into them and have very subtle color pay off. Overall, at this price, I did expect more.

The palette includes a bright shade of coral-ish peachy pink shadow and a truer soft peach plus two face powders/highlighters in a light beige gold and dusky bronze. Needless to say I was rather thrilled with the eyeshadow colors but didn’t think much of the overall formula.

But I was curious so I went ahead and apply both shades of shadow on my lids. They don’t like to play well together but used together they offer a soft, peachy glow on lids. I applied the dusky bronze to cheeks but felt like it was a little too subtle on its own so I applied the darker shade of shadow to my cheeks and highlighted with both face powders.

Much to my delight this little palette wormed its way into my heart. I love the look it creates. Soft, glow-y, minimal makeup joy.

But you decide…

Have a look!

Pretty nice right?

The price is iffy for me and the selection of products at that price. I also wasn’t entirely impressed with the formula which lacks color pay off among other issues but hey, the joy here is definitely the subtly of the look it creates!

I like this.

I’d love to Muse Approve it but it’s far from perfect.

I think I’ll be making quite a good deal of use out of it for minimal weekend makeup looks during the Summer.

I thought I’d share just in case it should interest you!

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What’s your favorite minimal makeup look?