June 19, 2012

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub Review

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Oh Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub I want to love you but you’re just not suitable for my dry, flaky skin. I need you to be tough but you’re terribly gentle…!

I’m always so tempted by Aveeno’s brightening marketing strategy. Slap “brightening” on any skincare and I’m on top of it! Sadly, Aveeno’s Brightening Collection just isn’t something that’s ever really captured me.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub sounds terribly tempting but for dry skin users it’s not the one that you want.

Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub is a gel exfoliator that contains small scrubbing beads for buffing away dry skin and dead skin cells.

Props to Aveeno for creating a water based scrub as this thinner, watery gel textured formula is very gentle on skin and doesn’t over strip it of moisture. The scrub acts as a cleanser of sort as well as a scrub since it lathers up a little bit as you massage it on.

If you have sensitive skin, oily skin, or you’re just one for wanting a cleanser slash scrub for shower use this might very well make your day.

However, if you have drier skin I find this does very little to exfoliate tougher, flakier areas. In my experience with it, it works great as a in shower cleanser of sorts but doesn’t do much to make my skin smoother or softer. I do find it gentle enough to use daily as my skin isn’t tight or dry after use which is a plus.

Brightening? Mmm that should really be dropped from the title as it really doesn’t ease dullness or brighten skin.

Overall, this is a basic scrub come cleanser that may be great for those with normal, oily, or combination skin but those with drier, duller, flakier skin you’ll need something considerably better to resurface with.

Not a fan…!

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This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Courtney

    I don’t use the scrub but I do use the Positively Radiant cleansing cloths that come in those big plastic containers. I’ve used it for a looong time and love it, but my skin is super oily, sensitive, and I wear lots of makeup.

  • Amy Amethyst

    I still love the cheapo queen helene cocoa butter scrub you get at sally beauty. It has a lot of scrubies but they aren’t too rough. And my bf let’s me use it on him so that’s a plus! haha I only like the cocoa butter one though. I got the pomegranate the other day cuz it was fruity smelling but then when I used it the smell turned wrong! Ugh. I hate the scrubs that aren’t saturated with the scrubies. I always feel like they aren’t doing anything.

  • cat

    I feel like everyone else in the world loves Aveeno sometimes and I just can’t find anything I really like from them. I’m trying out a scrub from them that came in my Target Beauty Bag and so far I like the way it feels but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything. It would be nice to find a cheaper drugstore alternative to the more expensive scrubs though.

  • SJG

    I have normal/combo skin and don’t like it either. The granules aren’t big enough to do anything. I’m trying to find something like the old Club Monaco scrub that had the synthetic beads in it and did the job yet was gentle on your skin.

  • Trillium

    This is actually an HG product for me. I use it once a week with my Olay brush, and my skin is really smooth afterwards. I tend to lean towards oily, though so maybe that’s why I’ve had better luck. It’s also one of my favorite product scents ever!

  • Mitheena

    i have this cleanser and i love this (: (fyi i have normal/combination skin)
    i really like this because i have smooth skin and i just need something to wash my face with in the shower (:
    i use the elizabeth arden visible difference face cream after using this and it works wonders!!
    the EA visible difference face cream is my HG product.
    you def need to check it out!!i’ll never use anything else than that 🙂
    it gives you super soft(like a baby’s skin) skin,and believe it or not it actually treats my zits!
    just sharing it its the bomb digity :DD x)

  • Cas

    I love this scrub to death! But then again, I am an oily beast. No combo, just oily. This cuts down my oil production for the day, making my face manageable, so I can totally see how it would be way drying for anyone with “normal skin”. 🙂

  • SuzB

    This is a HG product for me. My skin ranges from combo (winter) to oily (summer), and I need to exfoliate daily to keep blemishes at bay. I use this scrub in the shower and the Aveeno Positivly Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads at the sink. What I love about it is the density of the scrubbing beads. Every other face scrub that I’ve tried has fewer scrubbies per squirt. I don’t know whether it brightens my face, but it definitely smoothes. Sorry it didn’t work for you, Muse!