June 18, 2012

Girlfriend by Justin Bieber Eau de Parfum

Someday by Bieb was obviously a huge hit because it deserved a follow up. Girlfriend is Justin Bieber’s next new fragrance.

Slay me.

You really want to jump ahead and enjoy the marketing pitch on this one, promise, it’s SO worth it.

The new Girlfriend by Justin Bieber Eau de Parfum is set to launch shortly at Nordstrom and promises to be an enticing fragrance made to get your heart racing as you experience that feeling of getting personal with Justin. I didn’t just make that up, I swear to God it’s part of the marketing of the fragrance.

Oh Lawd!

Justin your ego be big boyfriend.

Girlfriend features notes of sparkling pear, crisp mandarin, rich blackberry, mara strawberry, pink freesia, star jasmine, apricot nectar, orange blossom, vanilla orchid, white amber and luminous musk. It may or may not include an ounce or several of Teen Spirit but that’s unconfirmed.

Ok, ok I’ll stop laughing! I was of an age when NKOTB were cool at some point too so they can’t be any worst than the Bieb but why do they seem so terribly cool compared to him?

Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance! I’m pretty sure I got on the floor a few times for that one.

Speaking of fan gurlisms is it time for Aaron Johnson’s new movie. I need my fix of that boy!

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  • Flavia Signori

    Well, I can’t say anything until I sniff the fragance, but the desing… pretty cool!

    I know NKOTB and they did a show here in Sao Paulo/Brazil this weekend. But in my time, I was freak for BackStreet Boys, N’Sync, Five, Westlife… xP I was a normal fan, never went to a show, but I had some posters in my room. Far from being as crazy as Bieber fangirls x_x


  • Rae // theNotice

    Hahaha, this post kills me! Oh, the snark; the snark!!

    I guess the beauty world’s just going to have to sit through yet another Beiber onslaught with this one, eh? //dramatic sighs

    • the Muse

      LOL Rae…;-D ugh and plus having to deal with at Nordstrom of all places! The woe oh god the woe!

  • diane

    i like beeb’s “someday” perfume. not gonna lie, sniffed a sample of this in a magazine and it smells delicious. plus how cute is that bottle?!?!?! i need.

  • Kathleen

    Should I sleep with it under my pillow for sweet Bieber dreams? Alas, I will only awaken sad that the Bieb will never look my way!

    Sold at Nordstrom…for some reason, that amuses me.

  • Phyrra

    I feel guilty for loving the bottle design. I love the fruity notes in it, so I’d probably like the scent.

  • Tohnia

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this…but I LOVED how Someday smelled. It was a really nice and clean floral scent. And I don’t like florals! The scent was gorgeous on my skin, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase it because it was branded by the Biebs. I might now for the summer because I loved it! I instantly thought Lola by Marc Jacobs when I saw the bottle though. I do love the design of this bottle, its such a 360 from the original! Very modern. Not a huge fan of the colour scheme though, but that’s just me. For anybody here in Canadaland, Shoppers Drug Mart carries the Justin Bieber perfume line! 🙂

    • the Muse

      wow I got A LOT of vanill and sugar from it tohnia wish I got the clean floral notes.

  • Caro

    HA. Wonder what the odds are on it smelling better than Someday. Sniffing my free sample from Sephora was like being punched in the face with a decaying sack of sugar.

    • the Muse

      caro I didn’t like it either and I love sweets but it was overloaded with vanilla and cotton candy and everything else. :-/

  • Carie

    Kill me now. I once saw someone describe his first perfume as smelling like “pre-pubescent girl sweat”, and I think that sums it up pretty nicely. It’s awful. Justin is terribly high on himself and it sickens me.
    On another note, I love me some Aaron Johnson, too!

    • the Muse

      awwwwwww yeah on aaron johnson ;-D I’d lick him from head to toe lol ;-D he’s just too nommy!

  • chelle

    Oh I’m of the same age. NKOTB (then and now!) is infinitely cooler than the Bieb. They’ve just got more swagger.

      • Janet Shepherd

        Oh Lordy, I was such a massive NKOTB fan! Them and East 17 – I even went to an East 17 concert lol.

        • the Muse

          east 17 I’m not familiar with Janet now I have to google ;D!

  • Ruth

    I wonder if he’ll sign my copy of Tiger Beat?? then i can have the complete experience of the Biebs! =)

  • Cj

    Oh no… Ok I’m not gonna lie. The bottle looks amazing, and from the notes, it might actually smell good too! But… I don’t really wanna be up close and personal with the biebs… And what am I gonna say when someone asks what perfume I’m wearing? “Oh yeah it’s Justin bieber”

    • Majick

      Hey CJ, just tell them you have no idea, you’re doing a marketing test and they didn’t tell you. LOL

      Personally I stopped telling people what fragrance I am wearing because everytime I did, someone would feel the need to purchase and marinate in it. There is nothing worse than having a favorite fragrance totally ruined like that.

  • Eve

    “promises to be an enticing fragrance made to get your heart racing as you experience that feeling of getting personal with Justin.”

    Oh god I dont want to be anywhere near that perfume then!

  • Nicki

    “… getting personal with Justin.”

    I think I’ll have to pass on that. I’m young enough for it to be legal but old enough to know better. I’ll probably smell it, I enjoy smelling like a Prost-tot or a cupcake.