June 5, 2012

MAC Beth Ditto Powder to the People Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

I dunno about you but I definitely have a certain affection for pretty powders. But I have grown up a little and my makeup life has matured to a point where I’ll analyze said pretty powder and ask myself a few questions prior to a purchase.

  • Do I really need this powder?
  • Am I just buying it because it’s pretty?
  • Will I actually use it or will it sit in my stash unused merely brought out on special occasions to stare at?

Somethings you have to be a little grown up about these things but sadly, this technique doesn’t always work and I become overwhelmed by cute powders like the new MAC Beth Ditto Powder to the People, polka dots, ahhhhh!

Sometimes it’s tough resisting but in this case, you probably won’t need to dish out $38.

The MAC Powder to the People Powder is…confusing.

Listed as a face powder on MAC’s website but appearing as more of a eyeshadow palette makes for a little confusion. MAC describes it as a palette for use on eyes, lists it as a face powder, and visually creates it to look like both.

So what is it?

Technically it’s kinda sorta both…

The base powder is a soft lilac-y pink blush with dots of yellow, brown, blue, and peach eyeshadow. I decided to brave the idea and proceeded to swirl my brush in all the shades and apply them on my cheeks just for kicks and giggles. I expected to come out of the experience looking all crazy-like but actually, I could barely see anything at all. The powder is super sheer so it doesn’t create much of a blushing experience on my face at all.

The formula is drier, harder, and chalky all around. This becomes most evident when using the eyeshadow shades. All the shades are quite sheer and you really need to press down on them in order to see any color pay off. I suggest a sponge applicator if you’re really adamant about wanting to own and use this as it’ll be easiest to build color up with this versus a brush.

Since the the “dots” cut off at the outer edge of the powder I found them a little difficult to get at while avoiding the pink base of the powder. The yellow dot is dead center and you can swirl a brush easiest enough in it but even then it’s a really tiny work area so you’re still picking up the pink shade which in turn morphs the colors you’re reaching for. It’s rather frustrating to try and work around these dots to create a look if you’re terribly serious about using them. Personally I think they aren’t the most flattering shades in the world (primary colors mixed up with more neutral shades) to create a look.

Overall, the MAC Beth Ditto Powder to the People Palette is an odd little piece that doesn’t quite successfully define itself. I found using it as a blush or a shadow palette resulted in the same poor formula. It’s quite a sheer powder all around whether using it as a blush on your face or creating a look on eyes with the shadow shades.

If you’re in the purchase solely for collector’s reasons alone I think visually it’s very cute but if you’re more a sensible beauty shopper and aren’t a “OMG I must have that cute powder!” spontaneous buyer you can safely skip spending near $40 on a poor quality powder.

I personally thought it was very cute but being a little less spontaneous with my purchases lately I’d probably have swatched it on counter if I didn’t get a press sample and would have proceeded to left it. It’s just not for me quality and color selection wise. I can think of several other nicely formulated powders in the same price range!

This is available now, for a limited time, on counter as well as online at maccosmetics.com

Did you indulge?

Think you want to pick it up?

Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Littlecreek

    Looking at this powder makes my brain hurt. I think it’s the two neutral eyeshadow shades that do it. They just don’t seem to go with the rest of it. It just seems to me that if you’re gonna go with obnoxious bright shades then own it. The whole color family just looks off. Idk.

  • midori

    Hi, Muse!
    Is it just me, or do these colors and polka dots remind me of Rody toys?

    • the Muse

      oh yes! they do!!!!!!!! how are you midori? I got your email! I have to reply, apologies, I’ve been SO swamped! I’ll get to it shortly! <3!