June 19, 2012

Musings of the Day: Waterless Shower Anyone?

Even the good Doctor needs a little water in his shower!

Remember old dime novel sci-fi novels and flicks that would have occupants of a space shuttle jump into a cubicle for a water-free shower?

I mean the idea sounds rather fab. Jumping into a stall and coming out of it clean as a daisy? Heck, some novels, shows, and movies depict people going in with their clothes on and coming out with new clothes and a freshly washed body.

But honestly, I’m all for water. I take a shower in the AM and indulge in a calming, relaxing Lush bath in the evening on cold Fall and Winter nights. Fact is, I rely on water to wake me up! That splash in my face in the morning is just what I need to get me into work mode because facts is facts I am SO NOT a morning person.

What if water factored out of your shower experience?

Would you be cool with a waterless shower?

South African university student Ludwick Marishane has won global recognition for an invention that takes the water our of your shower experience.

The 22 year old student invented a product called Drybath which is a clear gel that you apply to your skin that works like water and soap. It was created with basic hygiene in mind for millions people that don’t have regular access to water.

Drybath creates an odourless, biodegradable cleansing film with moisturisers that cleanses the body without the need of water. The idea came to the student when a friend of his found bathing too much of a bother in winter because of the lack of warmer water to bath with.

Ludwick Marishane explains, “He was lazy and he happened to say, ‘why doesn’t somebody invent something that you can just put on your skin and you don’t have to bathe’…”

The product is marketed towards global airlines for longer flights and for soldiers in the field however, those if us lucky enough to have a ready supply of water probably won’t find much use for it.

As for me?

I’m not ready for the sci-fi world of waterless showers and baths. Thank goodness for hot showers or cold ones on a humid day.

If someone invented a bathing chamber sans water would you be willing to forsake your regular shower for it and go all sci-fi?

Do share!

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  • Cj

    Err dont they already have this? You know the no rinse body wash and shampoo they use in hospitals n such.

    • the Muse

      i’ve def seen dry shampoo but never a body wash…the dry shampoos freak me out, I need to wash my hair daily or I feel dirty for some reason lol!

      • Cj

        It’s not like dry shampoos lol theyre like a self foaming cleanser that you don’t need to wash off

  • Eve

    I do bathe everyday because my skin and hair is super oily but I am lazy so I’d love to own a product like that to use every once in awhile! Would come especially handy when youre running late but really need to bathe.

  • Alanna

    I think this would be great especially on the sort of days when you go out hiking or exploring or something but still want to go to dinner after!

  • Chynna

    My hair is in much better shape now that I don’t wash it every day. I think this is a great idea. I used to go to a summer camp every year and there were 200 people and enough warm water for maybe 10. Age groups would shower in shifts and counselors would usually shower whenever they could, but it’s hard to find time when you have to watch 5-10 kids. It was also hot there and if you showered once that day, you might not get a second chance. This would have been a miracle to have around for between showers.

    We’ve got a HUGE drought here in Texas, but when it’s 105 every day it feels good to take a cool shower before bed, even if I showered in the morning. It would be great to have this around for one of those times and not feel like I’m wasting water showering twice a day when some people don’t get to shower ever and have to bathe in the same icky water they wash their clothes in.

  • Guy Manningham

    Good for 3rd world countries, but I enjoy my shower water pressure that practically rips my skin off.

    • Lorraine E.R

      Hah, I agree and love the way you phrased that!
      My old apartment had the most weak water pressure and it drove me crazy. I couldn’t even use any hair cleansers that had ‘hydrating’ in the title b/c they took so long to rinse.
      New place- so strong it almost hurts & makes for fast showers!

      Could not do without water but if this product was used occasionally like dry shampoo I can see the potential.

  • Kathleen

    Excellent idea! I remember on Star Trek Voyager they had sonic showers.

    Btw, I love Jon Pertwee’s Doctor! 🙂

  • Majick

    I’m a Picses so no water for me would put me in a bit of a panic.
    Like today, I’ve spent my morning boiling kettle after kettle because we got the word that our water was contaminated, g-r-e-a-t. I hope they get the problem taken care of soon. We have a bunch of bottled but I usually save it for guests and lunches etc. Apparently the Pur filter on the tap is not able to filter this out. I’m going to check that out further today.

    Didn’t want to forget to wish everyone a
    Happy Summer Solstice!☀🌀

    • the Muse

      wow that sucks majick, where are you again!?

      Aw thank you and to you!

      • Majick

        I’m in Old Bridge, NJ. I think this happened once before a few years ago and it went back to fine is a couple days – I think I’ll call the town today and see if there is any change.

  • Melody

    TBH, I spent a month bed ridden in CCU last year and while there and for the next month at home I was subjected to bathing via ‘bathing towels’ supplied by the medical community when nobody was available for a sponge bath, if tell you, if I’d known this was available then I’d have jumped on it in a heartbeat to spare the embarrassment of some stranger bathing me. Great to market to the disabled I would say. Or those that have some injury or other that makes showering dangerous or nearly impossible by yourself. Just my thoughts when I read this..

  • Jen

    Heck yea, I’d use this. Having a cast makes staying clean darn near impossible, no showers for me. Plastic bags don’t cut it. I end up using the sink to wash my hair, and sponge bathe myself.
    Plus, who haven’t had a marathon day at work, and doesn’t have the energy to shower. Or wakes up late, but stinky.

  • Iris

    I’d use this if I ever went camping or ever went to Antarctica *crosses fingers*. 🙂 I’m too used to water showers to give them up and I like using my shower gels and soaps.