July 2, 2012

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight Peel

Garnier Skin Renewa Dark Spot Overnight Peel is a newly launched gycolic peel that can be used as an overnight treatment to fade dark spots, even skin tones, brighten skin, and refine the texture of skin.

Take a look!

This is made with a glycolic vitamin c complex and promises to act as not only an AHA treatment but also promises to be gentle enough lighten dark spots.

As with the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Corrector this contains a ton of alcohol which probably does more harm than good.

I purchased one anyway out of pure curiosity.

I find it odd they display the peel along side the corrector as AHA treatments shouldn’t be used in conjunction with dark spot treatments as they render them useless. I wonder how many people will make the mistake of applying both.

Available now at drugstores.

Anyone try it yet?

Tried the Dark Spot Corrector?


Do share!

As for me the Dark Spot Corrector didn’t work so I suspect the peel will yield similiar results.

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  • Phyrra

    At the Garnier Event I hosted this weekend, the educator said everyone RAVED about the Dark Spot corrector.

  • Littlecreek

    Overnight…Peel…Am I the only one getting horrible visions of waking up with half my face melted off?

  • Jane

    Who is that face of Garnier? I know her from somewhere in the 90, and it bothers me that I can’t figure out who she is!

  • Nadege

    I LOVE the Garnier Dark Spot Corrector. It did wonders to my skin. Sadly, I know a lot of people who was not as fond with this as I was. I guess it varies depending on your skin type. I’m excited to try the peel. Thanks for the post!

  • hillary

    hey muse,
    its ok to use a spot corrector in conjunction with a peel-in fact the peel bringing fresh skin quicker to the surface will speed up the effects of a spot corrector. its just some spot correctors have lots of exfoliating/acidic ingredients which would be too much for your skin along with a peel. but things like niacinamide, vitamin c, arbutin, mulberry root, kojic acid, licorice extract are completely fine. hope that helps:)

    • the Muse

      thanks hillary I’ve read so many articles stating that dark spot correctors and aha peels shouldn’t be used together. my skin isn’t sensitive so I should be good to go on both ;-D

    • Teresa

      I have been using the dark spot corrector am and pm, mostly regularly, for numerous months and had not noticed any real change to my face at all (I have areas of dark pigmentation I think from hormones and years of sun damage). I just found and started using the pm peel at night and the corrector in the morning, and after three days I have noticed some of the dark areas breaking up and fading, so I am pleased. Though from reading some of these posts, I hope that I am not doing any kind of damage to my skin using both of these products.

  • Allison

    This sounds very interesting, I have purplish post acne marks that I would desperately like to get rid of, this looks like something to try, I love garniers’ skin products! If I didnt see this here, I would have never known, thanks!

  • Clare

    Can’t wait for your review of the peel, as I’ve been eyeing it since i heard it was coming out!

  • Pam

    I didn’t realize this product was so new. I just bought it on a whim and immediately looked for reviews online when I got home, only to find that there aren’t any yet! I usually don’t use anything unless it’s got a ton of good reviews. I hate to be a guinea pig. So now I’m debating whether to return it or just dive in and be brave. I love glycolic acid and have had good results with glycolic toners in the past. I’m a bit confused by the “glycolic vitamin C complex” stated on the box. Aren’t they two different things? Glycolic acid and ascorbic acid? Or does the word “complex” mean it’s just the two combined? O_o

    • Jeanie

      I just bought the over night peel as well… So we will see what happens to the dark spot on my nose :/….. Smells good though lol

  • Jennifer

    It worked great on me! Almost all of my dark marks are gone and now I can coer up the little ones I have left without feeling like I’m caking my makeup. I love it

    • Mary

      Hello Jennifer! How long did it take to work on your marks? Were the marks from acne? And how severe was it? Please let me know as I am fighting this awful battle with acne and scarring and it has gotten the best of me. Thank you for your help.

      • Cindy

        Hey I know this is late but I had several marks from acne. They were from a year or two ago and using this morning and night religiously did help them fade. The new marks I get have disappeared completely if I apply it while the mark is still red. The older ones (on the brown side) have faded to the point that you can’t see it unless you’re within an inch of my face, nothing a little concealer can’t fix. For the old marks, it took about 2 months before I started noticing results and with the newer marks, I noticed results within a month. I don’t know about using it as a face brightener because I only apply this to the acne mark itself. I hope this helps you.

  • Sarah

    I’ve been using this for about a week. I have definitely seen an improvement in my scars, as well as current acne. I am afraid of getting dry skin (again!), so I put on a good moisturizer a few hours before I apply the overnight peel.

    I am going to try some of the spot corrector, now that I’ve read that they’ll complement each other.

  • Aly

    I absolutely love this product. It’s so nice to find a product that does the job at easy access and an affordable price. The product is silky when applied to the skin, and soaks in very quickly. It doesn’t feel sticky, or make your face tight. And it smells really nice too! A little product goes a long way! I only have to use one pump of the peel to cover my entire face because it spreads so nicely. Minutes after the product is on, my skin tone is much more even (I’m using this product for my hyper-pigmentation) and so far it is working like a charm! I’ve only been using the product for a week now, and I’ve noticed an incredible difference in the overall appearance and feel of my skin. I have nothing bad to say about this product, and I haven’t changed my skin care routine besides to add this product. I love it! It’s even helped keep away and clear my usual breakouts. I’d say it’s worth a shot! I hope this review helped!

    • Teresa

      C.C., it is a leave on. I just wash my face in the morning, which I would do anyway.

      • karen anne

        hi..im using this product for 3 days ,but i notice the skin on my face is not peeling,,

  • Olga

    I have tried the Dark Spot Corrector for about 1 month and has been working terrific! I run out of it today and I went to get another tube, but I accidentally bought the Dark Spot Overnight Peel. I came home right away to see the reviews for this product. I will start trying it tonight. I hope it works as well as the Dark Spot Corrector 🙂

  • Amy

    Question: Does anyone know if I use the spot corrector before or after I apply the overnight peel? What about regular moisturizer in the am? Before or after?

    • Teresa

      Amy, there is not alot of instruction out there, but from what I read, I decided to use the overnight peel after I cleansed my face at night, nothing else, then after cleansing in the morning, I use the spot corrector and moisturizer after that. I am certainly no expert, but this regimen works for me.

  • Dee

    I actually just did a review on this on my blog

    It works great! Much better for me than even the Clinique Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

    • Judy Spellman

      I have used the Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Overnight peel and I love it! It goes on smooth and dries quickly. I have noticed my face looks brighter in the morning and the spots are fading. It works even better than Clinique’s Dark Spot Remover and is more affordable.

  • Isis

    I have a really hard time using any other products beside my daily cleansing regimen, but the first week it seemed to be working. I’ll try buying the corrector too.

  • Tracy

    Started using this for a few days. My skins looks brighter. I’m still waiting on the dark spots. I have plenty of “freckles” I’d like to disappear.

  • Jacqueline

    So I broke out horribly after using Sephora’s $15 primer for Halloween, the attendant seemed convinced it wouldn’t do any damage to my face. I have some sensitive skin only to make up and facial products.
    I bought the peel. I can see that it’s working on the newer marks and drying them out which I am very happy about. Yet they are resilient and fighting to stay on my face. :-(..
    I also bought the small jar of moisture cream, I cant remember the name, its about a 3oz jar and its amazing. Works so well and absorbs very quickly. It also feels like its working wonders.
    I am now tempted to buy the spot corrector. I think I will.

    Does anyone know how to safely rid your face of cystic acne, its not my typical acne so I’m in the dark and very heart broken.

  • Cyndi

    I bought the overnight peel after reading some reviews about it. I usually use the Olay micro derma abrasion kit. I am shocked this morning to find my skin feeling so much better and smoother after just one use. I am 48 years old btw and I have very fair skin so any type of scar or dark spot shows up instantly. I really would recommend trying this product to anyone although the fact that people have different skin care needs it might not work as well. For me, it was great.

  • Isis

    It works~ I use it every night now, and one of my really dark spots is almost gone! Finally, something that works!

  • Crystal Smith

    What is a good facial soap to use when cleaning your face? I’ve been using oil of Olay soap to wash my face for now. I brought both the spot corrector and gel tonight. I hope works!!!

  • Evon

    I just bought the overnight peel yesterday, and used last night. My skin felt smooth n soft in the am. No burning no irritation, washed my face and continued with my daily routine. I have dark spots i think from the sun n maybe hormone changes. I’m 45 yrs. I have one question tho,does anyone know if I can use my night cream as well? before I apply the night peel? I didn’t use it last night cause i wasn’t sure. Thanks 😉

  • Laura

    Thinking of purchasing this as well for my face but I was also thinking of using it for my groin area. I have some marks from ingrown hairs as and just a darkening probably from friction(I’m white). Any thoughts on using this around groin area?

  • Maria

    I just bought the set with the moisturizer and the peel but I was wondering do I put on the moisturizer before I go to sleep and when I wake up? Or just once?

    • the Muse

      they say apply the moisturizer twice a day. be sure to use sunscreen as well.

  • Jamie

    I have hyperpigmentation and I tried everything. I used the dark spot corrector and moisturizer as well as the sun block – all Garnier. I didn’t notice any improvements but I did notice that I wasn’t breaking out anymore and therefore I wasn’t getting any NEW dark spots. On another note? I have found something that has finally worked. First let me say I’ve been trying to fade these dark spots for 4 years. After several dermatologist visits and several hundred dollars later…NOTHING! Until I found a dermatologist hat knows what hey are doing. I am mixed with Mexican, African American, Native American, and Caucasian…so lasers DON’T work. Or actually, there’s a 50% chance they will work and a 50% chance that they might not or the hyperpigmentation will et worse or reverse to hypopigmentation. So, I went in for yet another laser consultation and they said NO. And recommended Melanage. I took pictures an 2 weeks later more pics at my follow up. The results were amazing! Then I just went back 2 weeks ago for my 1 month follow up and the first 2 sets of pics looked horrible because my face is so clear now. I have a few new spots that are still breaking up and fading, but my derm said I should re-do the peel after 6-7 months to get max fading even though you can repeat the mask after 1 month. The night fade cream fades well, so she said after 6 months will be best so I can save money and get the absolute max fading since my skin is renewing faster and since it’s healthier, new cells turnover faster and the top layer of skin that is fading (the spots) is new skin and not old dead skin. Look it up for yourself and if you really want to fade your spots, just do this. It also encourages your skin to produce collagen.

  • Teresa

    I first used the dark spot corrector/moisturizer during the day and was very pleased with how it moisturizes my skin without making it oily. I have used it for a month and have noticed much brighter skin. Acne marks are fading nicely on my african american skin. I purchased the overnight peel which I have used nightly for two weeks. The two products are a hit in my book! They will both be staple products!

  • angelica

    i just bought the overnight peel wasn’t sure if i was suppose to buy the spot corrector,but after reading on here i think im gonna go get it and the moisturizer,my question is,is it safe to use on acne scars that are not healed yet but are becoming dark spots.i tend to pick at my face at the acne
    and it causes the spots will this work and what length of time am i looking at before i see results. I’m hispanic so i have fair skin not light,or dark, i more a normal good tan

  • Julie

    How long does it take for Garnier Dark Spot Overnight Peel to work on fading acne scars? I’ve been using it for almost 3 weeks now and really have’nt seen much improvement on my acne scars.

  • Coronda

    Hi. I have been using the GARNIER OVERNIGHT PEEL for two weeks now. I have been also using proactive 3 step skin care for many years. I have been using the proactive dark spot corrector for 3 months. Yes it works!! I wanted 2 speed up the process so I combine the GARNIER OVERNIGHT PEEL with proactive. The very next morning in using the overnight peel my skin was brighter. Now after two weeks of using proactive and GARNIER TOGETHER my spots are much lighter. The only problem is the GARNIER has cause a light ras on my neck so I will stop applying it there. I only use the GARNIER OVERNIGHT PEEL ON MY NECK and the sun blocker in the morning after washing my face.. So I know its not the combination with proactive on my neck. I’m hoping the spots will be all gone by the end of June. The GARNIER DARK SPOT CORRECTOR DIDN’T WORK FOR ME.

  • Carmen

    I have been using the dark spot corrector for nearly a week now and so far there is no noticeable change to the dark spots. A friend commented this morning how smooth my face looks. Also, after more than a year of feeling annoyed and embarrassed by a large dark coloured blind pimple right over my cheekbone, it finally dried up and a small lump of oily stuff came out of it. I was told by a beautician a month ago that I may need to have it lasered to get rid of it. I am relieved. I may not be be so sure yet if the corrector will work on the dark spots but I will definitely continue to use it after seeing these positive results.

  • Er

    I need to buy this for their bb cream giving me the cystic acne i don’t normally get. Grr
    Just wish their bb cream was for sensitive skin.

  • Elissa

    Hey, is it possible for anyone to offer me some suggestions as to when I should apply this peel in my nightly routine? I’ve been researching this product since I got it about an hour ago, and can’t for the life of me find a thread or forum or blog that has any suggestions. Any help at all is much appreciated!