July 31, 2012

MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadow Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

The MAC Electric Cool Collection which includes the new Electric Cool Eye Shadow is launching this week (August 2nd). Excited?

I thought the MAC Electric Cool Eye Shadow formula was going to be along the lines of a reformulated Big Bounce release but thankfully, since I didn’t like Big Bounce Eye Shadow at all, it goes an entirely new direction.

The release includes 12 shades of eyeshadow ($17.50) which promise electrifying pigment in a lightweight formula.

After getting my hands on a shade of Electric Cool Eye Shadow I was quite delighted with the texture however, they prove a little difficult to work with.

These are $2.50 more than a MAC standard eyeshadow however, you are getting more product at 0.07 oz versus 0.05 oz. Looking at them they look about the size of a MAC Eyeshadow but I was pleased they were a little bigger.

Rumor was that these were reformulated Big Bounce Eyeshadows and that, for me, would be a nightmare. I didn’t like Big Bounce and I don’t think they can improve upon that hot mess of a formula without completely re-eventing the wheel. So no, there is absolutely no comparison in the formula, they are two very different eye shadow formulas with no similarities.

MAC describes them as a lightweight formulation with a rich color payment. I can only base my review on a single shade but so far, the “electrifying pigmentation” is absurd as the color I tried produced sheer to medium color at best. It feels, to me, like a sheer wash of color and not much else.

The texture is the real joy here as they are pretty much a spot on duplication of Maybelline’s recently released Dream Bouncy Blush. They have that sponge clay-like feel which has a bounce. They basically hold the shape you “mold” them into so if you press your finger into a shadow it’ll retain that shape and not “bounce” back to the original smooth surface. I’d call it spongy, almost clay-like, moldable, with a little spring to it. They can most closely be compared to Buxom’s Stay There Eyeshadow but have more of a spongy texture. If anything at all, they are exactly the same formulation as Dream Bouncy Blush.

Now it’s funny I’m mentioning Dream Bouncy Blush since they, like Electric Cool Eye Shadow, have a bit of a pigmentation problem. The color I tried didn’t build well when using a brush or even a sponge applicator. I found they applied a little patchy and it was difficult to cover my lid with color using a variety of tools. I did go ahead and dip in with a finger, which I don’t suggest, and it seemed to produce the best results and coverage. For something described as highly pigmented I did have some disappointment with the shade Dynamo. Perhaps the other shades produce better results.

On the upside, it does have have a smooth finish once applied and I didn’t experience any problems with fading or creasing. The shade seems to act as a second skin on lids and adheres and wears well on my drier lids.

I was relieved that the shade I tried did not go frosty. For some reason I expected a lot of frosty but that was prior to knowing about the texture as I assumed they’d be more along the lines of L’Oreal Infalliable Eyeshadow.

I tried using this shade in conjunction with another eyeshadow however, it would have nothing of the sort. Blending the two shades became messy and Dynamo ended up sheering out so much that I wasn’t able to tell I was wearing it at all. I’m unsure how it’ll wear with other Electric Cool Eye Shadows but with other powders it was a no go.

Overall, although they have a few quirks, I liked the shade I tried and might consider picking up a few more. I do think pigmentation is a bit of an issue here as I did expect more pop but perhaps other shades will produce better results. They do have a bit of novelty to them formula wise and they produce a fairly nice wash of color on lids without creasing or fading easily as they have the ability to act as a second skin of sorts. One thing to love here is the lack of fall out as many MAC shadows suffer from it but Electric Cool Eye Shadows have the ability to smooth on with nary a hiccup or a spill onto cheeks and face.

I don’t love but I do likey!

Interesting concept and idea.

If you’ve ever wished that Maybelline would extend their Big Bouncy Blushes to a shadow formula you’ll be happy with these!

Tried ’em?

Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Winni

    I had the same problem with Tarte’s Bouncy Airblush….which is a shame because I wanna love it! It just doesn’t last on me, and it pains me to say it, since I’m such a Tarte fan girl. Thx for the review!

    • the Muse

      my pleasure winni! sorry about the airblush, I actually liked those ;D!

  • Ashley

    Kind of looks like coppering by Mac. Wishlist even if I have the dupe for it haha

  • Quinctia

    To be honest, it sounds like a bit too much work for the price they’re asking!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’m not sure about this color as an eyeshadow color. I wouldn’t pick this out for myself, that’s for sure. Good to hear there’s no fall out though.

  • Bridget

    I have a few shades and I do agree on pigmentation – it’s lacking. However, on my oily lids, I use a primer with the shadow layered on top. No other powder to set, but I have used another powder shadow to blend around with. Such as the other day I used Superwatt on inner 2/3, UD Zero on outer 1/3 blending over the middle. After 5 hours of wear, no creasing or fading. I think these new shadows will vary person to person depending on skin type and things. In the end, it’s all about personal opinion, but we can all agree that the pigmentation MAC claims for this line is severely lacking.

    • the Muse

      I only tried one bridget but since you tried several, it’s just as I suspected, same quality all around. It’s the formula, it’s the type of texture/formula that doesn’t hold pigment well for some reason. I tried with another powder shadow but had poor results as the shade sheered out so much so I couldn’t see it but yes, I def had excellent wear for it, no creasing/or fading.

      they are nice, unique, but a little lacking!