July 5, 2012

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation is one of those base products that sounds simply to good to be true.

Available in a huge variety of shades with the promise to create flawless looking skin this sure does sound like a dream.

Sometimes dreams don’t come true unfortunately.

Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation is a tad overrated in my experience. I hear a ton of people rave it but I fail to understand the hype myself.

This is oil free formula that offers medium to full coverage. The “HD” effect is supposed to create a soft focus on skin that enables it to look flawless when taking photos and the formula was also created to withstand bright or harsh lighting on a shoot.

But really…how many of us are wearing foundation to a shoot?

I know I’m not. As appealing as flawless skin is I don’t need coverage that will stand up against bright lighting but hey, maybe that could prove handy on humid days? Perhaps it’ll prove long wearing?

This comes in a pump style packaging which has an easy flow that doesn’t release too much product. Depending on your skin tone you’ll either appreciate the the creamy texture or hate it. My drier skin was at first fairly excited about it but upon application not so much. The problem here is you need a super smooth working area to get the best most flawless coverage. You’ll want to exfoliate very well and follow up with plenty of moisture prior to application. I find this looks cakey and terribly unpleasant if your skin is less than smooth. It accentuated drier areas terribly and looked very mask-like when in place. It does have a lighter wear but too much of a good thing ends in a dewy almost oily finish so a little does go a long way in most cases.

I’ve heard a ton of reviews describing beautiful coverage, true to skin finish, and plenty of flawless raves but I personally felt it made my skin look drier, a bit shinier, and had an overall, heavy looking finish. In other words, it made me look like I had foundation on which isn’t the effect I’m going for with my base product.

On top of the bad finish of the product I also felt like it oxidized within a very short time period and went darker beige on my skin which resulted in a very dull look on skin. It also wore fairly short and faded away within a two hour period.

Sadly, Make Up For Ever HD High Definition Foundation isn’t something I’d consider using again. The formula had a grease paint like quality for me if I applied too much and just felt and looked like I was wearing too much foundation. I wasn’t comfortable at all in this foundation and didn’t feel it offered the flawless coverage it promised.

I do think it’s something you’ll have to try out because some folks absolutely adore it where as others fall into my own opinion and dislike it intensely. You might want to get a sample at your local Sephora before indulging in a full size.

Personally, I think there are far better ways to achieve flawlessness.

No likey!

Can’t recommend this one.

Do you love it?


Hate it?


Do share!

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • AC

    My feelings exactly! I actually love the Make Up Forever Matte liquid foundation way more. At least with that one I know that it won’t budge (especially after using primer) and it keeps a matte finish for a good portion of the day.

    Although the application is quite smooth with the HD Foundation it’s dewy look turned oily and slick on my face wayy to soon. If you are someone that needs to find a perfect match then I would recommend but overall all the points you made in the post fit what occurred with me to a ‘T’. Except I didn’t think it accentuated any unevenness with the skin texture.

    It also did feel like wearing a mask which I’m not adverse to at all, but that dewy finish turned too quickly to oily to make me feel like i looked good.

  • Stacie

    I like this foundation but it doesn’t perform miracles. I have oily skin so it’s not something I have been reaching for that often. It makes my skin look nice but it doesn’t last as long as I would like and it oxidizes on me if I set it with certain powders. I definitely prefer the Neutrogena Oil-Control foundation and the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.

  • Priscilla P

    I’m one of those people that use it pretty often (I’m on my second bottle), but I’m always up for new suggestions! What foundation is your #1 choice?


    What a bummer! I really think foundation is one of THE hardest things to get right, but eh there is alot more foundation to try!!

  • Leighann

    I wanted to like it but it didn’t agree with my oily skin and made me break out. I had to return it. πŸ™
    I did end up getting Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation to replace it which I like much better!

  • Shari

    Here I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this foundation! I was excited to try it based on everything I had read. Didn’t work for me at all. I have combination skin (normal/oily t-zone)and this just didn’t give me the coverage I was looking for. It also oxidized on my skin after a couple of hours wear. Even applying primer didn’t help. I ended up looking shiny and orange-y. Not a good look!

  • Barbara

    Like you, I wanted to try this out based on the glowing reviews. When I went to swatch it, I can tell just by the texture it wasn’t going to work with my skin. And at the time it was super oily! When I tried it on my face, I had the same experience: cakey, heavy, clung to flakes, and mask-like. It made me look older in a way because it reminded me of the heavy 90s makeup. It’s not what I look for in a foundation; I prefer the look of second-skin. If someone is looking for a foundation like that, then sure go for it. I’m rarely in front of a camera so I have no need for its camera effects.

  • nicolle

    I hated this!!! I tried it once and didn’t like the finish of it all…rather dull on me. But I thought mayvbe I would give it another chance. I got a sample last week and tried it on…before lunch time it was pretty much gone and my skin was so oily πŸ™ I have combination skin and this just made things worse. I don’t get the hype! I threw the sample in the trash as soon as I got home.

    Speaking of foundations though, I can’t wait for the new one coming out from YSL. Sounds very promising!!

  • Brooke

    I totally agree with you, Muse! I tried it a while back because of all the rave reviews. I went to Sephora to get matched and thought the lady did a good job, however when I got out to my car, I glanced in the mirror and looked horrendous! I took it back and tried other shades and not one seemed to match! It looked so unnatural and “painted” on. The sales person convinced me the second visit that using the original color she matched me with in addition to the Microfinish powder would resolve the problem…needless to say, I took them both back again. Horrrrrrible!

    • the Muse

      ugh that sounds like my experience brooke, application looked very painted on! it was just really mask-like! :-/

  • Erica

    So glad to see someone else doesn’t like MUFE HD Foundation either! I actually have oily skin and it HATED this foundation. It made me even more oily, sunk into my pores, and made any dry patches look super obvious. On top of all that, it also made me break out with cystic acne. Awesome! It was the only time I’ve ever taken advantage of Sephora’s generous return policy.

    It just goes to show how personal makeup is. I’m sure this foundation is super great on some (if not most) people, but sadly not me. Thank goodness for BB cream!

  • meep

    wow! I’m surprised you chose such a dark shade since you are pretty light

    • the Muse

      Didn’t choose it meep was a press sample and way dark I got a lighter shade sample at sephora to test better as this shade made me look orange

  • Nat

    Oh noes, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you! πŸ™ This, along with Lancome Teint Idole are my fave foundations. I apply either with a wet beautyblender (if i want a lighter application) or with Sephora’s airbrush foundation brush #55 (for more coverage).

    • the Muse

      no go nat sadly πŸ™ but hey, glad it works for you ;D

  • tiffany

    muse what shade did you get it in ? im looking to try this foundation and the shade that you have looks like my perfect match!

    • the Muse

      they sent me 123 tiffany, too dark for me πŸ™ hope it works for you!

  • Angela

    Hey Muse! Kat Von D is coming out with a foundation. I saw it on Sephora two days ago but it is not there anymore but here are the details:)

    What it is:
    A high-pigment foundation for full coverage with a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

    What it does:
    Kat created this foundation to provide exceptional coverage, without compromising a smooth, striking finish. Formulated with 21 percent pigment, this powerful formula was developed to match a broad range of skintones with bold coverageβ€”the proprietary pigments can even effectively cover tattoos. The combination of raw materials and the best siliconic elastomers and siliconic esters provide 24-hour wear with transfer resistance. Natural polymers absorb oil for a matte, soft finish and the added emollients provide a velvety texture for perfectly smooth, hydrated skin.

    What it is formulated WITHOUT:
    – Parabens
    – Synthetic Fragrances

  • Jessica

    did.not.like. i bought this with the finishing powder and ended up returning it. the coverage wasn’t as full as i wanted and i was a shiny, oily mess within a few short hours. nope.

  • Mtammy

    Muse I totally agree! I decided to head to Sephora to get a sample and boy was I disappointed. I love that MUFE has tons of shades to please all skin tones and 120 Soft Sand fit my skin perfectly. I too have dry skin and it was terrible and cakey looking. I exofliated, scrubbed, exfoliated some more with some of my best moisturizers and primers but it still looked awful!

    • the Muse

      same here tammy, used my BEST products in conjunction with it and still had craptastic results!

  • Suzanne

    I work with this product a lot. It photographs amazing. In real life, in normal demands of the day, I also feel it falls short.

    Im really split on it as far as its use. I like the HD creme foundations better for a photoshoot/holding up in real life demands better.

  • Kaitlin

    Hated it. So funny you are doing a review on it, I returned mine about a week ago. Broke me out horribly, oxidized immensely which is a major problem when I am always the lightest shade anyway. Looked great when first put on, barely a couple hours into work it looked worse than my skin without foundation. I fight with blackheads on my nose constantly, this made them look way more obvious than ever before!

    • Kaitlin

      Eek! I’m going to have to try a sample but my pores on my nose are huge. I can’t imagine a foundation making it worse!

  • Comrade Garlic

    I don’t know that many people that need a foundation like this. Yes it gives a beautiful seamless coverage when used right. You need to use a dimethicone rich primer and apply it right. It’s just too hard for most people to work with. I do use this on occasion, but it’s not my go to.

    A much better option is Graftobian HD cream founsation. It doesn’t need the primer and you can spot use it. Plus it’s super cheap.

  • Ruthless

    I find the coverage good and the finish very natural, but I am also unsure about the hype. For the price, that is

  • Melissa

    I had A Sephora rep apply it for me and I wore it around the mall. It passed the itchy mask test but I have some very fine lines that you can’t see with a good primer and regular base and you definitely could see them after maybe 45 minutes of wear with this. It was quite some time ago but it was no good for me.

  • Libby

    With you on this one, Muse! I’ve used it/still own it and I dislike it. I’ve got oily/combo skin and this greased me up like no other foundation has before, plus it was mask-like on me and it was all too evident I had on foundation. But really, the worse but is just the fact that it got super shiny on me :\ even with primer and powder! πŸ™ my biggest disappointment with MUFE product was this one!

    • the Muse

      agreed libby, main issue, the fact it looked like i had foundation on..def hated that the most!

  • Bianca

    I completely agree with your review! It’s incredibly overrated!

  • Camila

    Have you ever reviewed EstΓ©e Lauder double wear? I’m a full coverage gal so I was sad to hear you didn’t like the mufe hd! Guess I won’t try it…

  • sweetpoohbear

    I totally agree with you about the MUFE HD Foundation. I feel like this is everyone’s HG foundation but I find it cakey and really emphasizes dry patches. By the way, your blog is great. I visit it everyday because you always keep it updated with news and reviews.

    • the Muse

      aw thanks poohbear so glad you enjoy Musings…it seems like it isn’t good for ANY skin type…just awful πŸ™

  • Lexi

    Bummer that it didn’t work out for you! It’s my HG foundation, and the one I always go back to. My skin however is combo, so definitely not dry.

  • Jeanne

    Hate it! Coverage was mediocre, barely lasted 4 hours and didn’t control oil at all. I had to switch back to my Lancome Teint Idole.

  • Sarah S.

    YES! Totally agree. And I know you have drier skin and I have really oily skin so neither of our skin types are to blame. This foundation just doesn’t work and my mind boggles at the raves 0_o

  • Crissy K

    Way to go for posting an honest review about a pr sample. I definitely agree 100% with your review, this is not the foundation for us dryer skin types. It needs a silicone primer and a lot of buffing to look natural ( I like the sephora airbrush brush because it deposits a thin layer) . I had actually bought this product three times thinking I had a bad color match or a bad batch, but it just needs more prep than I have time for on most days. The good thing is I do use it when I am taking pictures at an evening even in which case it works great, plus it doesn’t break me out.

    • the Muse

      oh I could care less if it is or isn’t a pr sample, If I dislike something I’m more than willing to say so hehe ;-D I actually feel like even oily skin can’t get on board with this one. It accentuates my dry areas and I imagine it’ll make oily skin look even shiner. It’s just wrong on so many levels! gosh I wish I could say it was worth it b/c it photographs well but I really didn’t notice a different in photos taken with it, looks the same as anything else on camera and if anything made me look duller πŸ™

  • Cindy

    I’ve always heard such great things about this, but this definitely makes me think again! No one mentioned the dreaded Oxidation! I certainly don’t want to look like an oompa loompa a few hours later in the day and not realize it! Eeeep!

  • LaLa

    I have dry skin and do use the HD foundation I find that mixing the #0- (clear) HD primer with the foundation and then setting it with a translucent powder works wonders! It is a full coverage foundation so mixing one pump of that primer in with it will give it a mediumish coverage, Give it a try and let me know the results!

  • Avalith

    I heard that MUFE HD foundation is perfect for people with oily skin, who needs a full coverage foundation that needs to last long with a matte finish. I thought this would be perfect too, except when I used it, it definitely made my face look and feel really unnatural… the finish and texture made me look … sick? weird? idk, that’s when I realized I wanted a more natural satin finish on my foundation πŸ™ The finish was too powdery for my taste. I returned it lol

  • nicolle

    is there any reason why some comments are not posted? I left a comment yesterday and I don’t see it. I must have something wrong although all I did was agree w/the review. I don’t understand…

    • the Muse

      nicholle I didn’t see your comment yet. comments are on approval and take 24-48 hours or longer for me to reply to. I get to them as quickly as possible. I’m not anywhere near my computer during the weekend so that’s why it’s taking a little longer to reply. just be patience and it’ll pop up as soon as I get a chance to go through comments. I have over 800 comments at the moment to sort through. sorry for the delay.

  • Mandy

    MUFE Mat Velvet works much better for me in hot and humid weather, i’ve normal-oily combo skin.

  • Pilar

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like this! I remember I purchased it back in January, and man – I was expecting a lot more than what I got thanks to all the hype! It wasn’t terrible, per se, but it wasn’t as spectacular for me as everyone else made it out to be. It worked like any other foundation on my skin. Not to mention it didn’t give me great coverage, either – a liberal amount of concealer was needed even when I tried to build it up.

    The only good thing about it was that it mattified me completely. Even if I didn’t touch it up with a powder throughout the day, I looked nice and fresh after 6-8 hours.

    The entire thing is kind of a toss-up for me.

  • Taylor

    I use this as my daily foundation. I think it is a tad overrated, but I still like it and think it’s a decent foundation. I have really strong olive-yellow tones in my skin and A LOT of yellow based foundations I’ve tried look pink-ish on my skin in many types of lighting. MUFE’s HD foundation really gives a perfect match, so for that along it’s worth it to me.

  • Leah

    I do agree that sometimes this foundation brings out dry areas but, for me, applying a face lotion before hand and letting that set in a little bit is all it takes to fix that. I’m curios to know what you applied it with–i use a makeup sponge so i think i end up applying less then i would with a brush, and i pat it into my skin with the sponge. Maybe try applying it with a sponge if you didn’t originally? I dunno, i guess i’m just one of those people who are perfectly fine with it.

  • Shelby

    I really like this foundation, applied with a beauty blender/sponge on my dry skin.

  • very cute

    I’ve read so many goos things about this that i almost convinced myself to buy this. Glad you review this is because i would of wasted my money. Thank you!

  • Cat G

    I love it, my favorite liquid foundation right now. I apply it following Temptalia’s video for applying liquid foundation, I spray my face a little with water and then mix it all in with my foundation brush. I think it looks great, not cakey at all!

  • Monica

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this review. I was so ready to buy this foundation after all the good reviews I read. I have dry skin and have flaky patches from time to time. I don’t think this would work for me. What do you think is the best foundation for drier skin girls?

  • Shellie

    I LOVE Mufe but hate this as well. It oxidizes on me within a few hours, and that never happens to me. My very fair skin ends up looking like a bunch of tangerines! Bleh

  • Thalia

    I absolutely hated it. Whoever matched me was an idiot- good thing I only had a sample. At home, I accidentally knocked the sample tub over and the liquid went EVERYWHERE. It stained some of my makeup, sad face! I cleaned up the mess and went on putting this foundation on with my duo fiber, which I love more than using a “beauty blender” or a flat top or a paint brush-like brush. The makeup needed two applications and although it wasn’t cakey after three tries to build up the application (I was trying to use what I had spilled), it made me ORANGE. I have never had a foundation make my face and hands look orange. It looked like self tanner! I am a tan Hispanic young woman and the shades for deeper skin tones are just horrendous – catered to mostly those veryy Asiany yellow-y, orange-colored tones. I do not want to spend $80+ mixing shades to create my perfect match when there is a supposed amazingly wide-range of selection. Pfft. I was disappointed. Maybe for lighter skin tones it’s an amazing range, but us tanner people are left in the dark (pun unintended ;)) since the shade before this one was too light for me and the next one just much too dark.

  • Roseygal

    I had the exact same reaction! I was horrified to see it sinking into my pores like little beads, and even more so to see it attach itself to every (previously unnoticeable to the naked eye) bit of dry skin on my face. I looked in the mirror an hour later to see it had also made my fine lines exaggerated . So glad I chose a day at home to test the sample. The colour was #117 Marble which was ok. It reminded me of the first 90’s style Revlon Colourstay before it was (greatly) improved with new formulas. I will stick with my YSl radiant touchΓ© in #4

  • edwina

    i read all the great reviews online and saw people with acne using it and covering up thier skin beautifully( i have acne) i usually use the mac studio finish on my skin which i like but i wanted to try the this foundation because of its reviews they dont sell it in england so it was really expensive to get two bottles it cost Β£70 pounds which is probably around $115 dollars so i spent a lot of money on it. As soon as i put it on my skin it looked terrible it made my skin look dryer which it is because one of the side affects of accutane ( strong drug for acne) it brought out the dryness in my sin which the mac one did not. it didnt make my skin look flawless it didnt even give good coverage even when i applied 2 layers im so dissapointed with this product and ill stick with mac its much better if you have dry skin i dont recomment this product

  • Dana

    It is a nice foundation but it feels so heavy on the skin and caused both me and my twin sister to break out! I would not recommend this at all if you have sensitive skin.

    *The foundation was applied for us by Sephora and MUFE employees, followed by sanitized makeup brushes, moisturizer and a primer