July 19, 2012

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

One more sleep until Batman and no my azz is not getting up at 12:01 AM to see it. This is not Harry Potter people, we can wait until Friday night like grown adults (there was some sarcasm in there I’m sure!).


As for me, I wanna see Christian Bale flip out when he’s in the Bat suit. Just go ape $hit. He’s so sexy when he’s Mr Angry Entitled Actor. “I are an actor and I can rip you a new azzhole if I want to!” Go on with your bad self Christian, you know I love you! (Video not work safe, may contain cuss words).

He mentioned he couldn’t cope with the suit when he first tried it on and even thought he might have to reconsider the role because of it. I bet! That thing would give me a severe case of claustrophobia. Danai Gurira did a plaster for Michonne which was displayed at Comic Con (you could step into a “pets” role and take a photo with her) and I can’t help but admire celebrities for going to such extremes. At least with the bat suit they aren’t pouring plaster over your head and giving you two straws to breath out of.

P.S. I know some of you were terribly interested in the Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer I recently reviewed.

As you know I purchased shade 21 but there is a shade 23 available. After my review I got a ton of e-mails asking after 23 and did I know how much darker it was.


Turns out there isn’t a heap of difference between the two shades.

Take a look!

After carefully swatching both I can’t see too much of a difference. Both have a strong yellow undertone however, 23 seems to have a little more beige.

21 has a certain pinkness to it. I do think after using both 23 was the best option for me in the end.

Shade 21 and Shade 23

In case you’re musing over which shade you are for a purchase I thought these swatches would prove helpful.

Have you tried the Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer yet?

I’d love to hear what you think!

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer is available at www.misshaus.com

Note: Shade 21 was purchased, Shade 21 is a press sample provided by Missha’s PR.

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Jessica Allison

    Wow, those are close! I really wish they made this in a fairer shade. I wear the Perfect Cover in 13 and I fear these will be too deep…such is life!

    • christmas

      My mom and I got 21 and 23.
      I use 13 for bb cream so I decided to use 21 as concealer.
      Honestly? I’m mad pale and 21 works fine blended out, you can’t even tell the difference between it and my foundation but it covers dark circle fine.
      So if you use Missha 13, using the 21 concealer isn’t going to make you look like you have raccoon eyes just because it’s slightly darker.

  • Kaitlin

    EEEK! I’m so glad you swatched these! My Korean friend is coming home on the 23rd and is bringing home 21 for me. I am DYING with anticipation! She’s bringing me back lotssss of stuff and I just can’t even wait!

    *sorry – freaking out here* lol

  • Cassie

    Guhhhhh I felt like I needed this the first time you posted and now I feel like I need it again… but it’s good to see the comparison swatches!! Now I know to get 23, thanks Muse 😀

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Wow, this product is gorgeous–I missed your original review on it but now, after reading, I REALLY want this. I never knew that Missha had become so readily available in the U.S–I thought it was still only overseas. Definitely want to order something from them now. I have found, recently, that my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer just isn’t providing enough moisture to my undereye area. Despite having oily skin, it’s also been quite dehydrated so the BB concealer has been accentuating some dryness under my eyes that I didn’t even know I had! This Missha one looks sooo incredibly creamy and emollient–plus I love the packaging! Cute!

  • Sharon

    Great swatch of shades. I use the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in shade #27 in the summer and then go back to the lighter shade #23 for fall/winter.
    So, I think I will try the #23 concealer because of it being less pink (I already have pink and blue tinged undereye circles). Thank you so much for the review……..my son will be going to the 12:01 a.m. showing of Batman…can’t wait for his review.

    • the Muse

      my pleasure sharon 🙂 hope the shade is a good match! what did he think? did you see it yet? 😀

  • Ruth

    I’m so behind on my walking dead but just finished trade 6 and Michonne tore up The Governer! i’d say it was like she ripped him a new one, but she actually did! wow! Just started on trade 7 and Glen and Maggie brought a tear to my eye. how awesome are they? and lori knew that rick was alive in the hospital and still did the nasty with shane? grr!

    • the Muse

      i just hauled all the covers of issue 100 ruth ;-D you’re way behind hehe! get to reading girl!

  • Annie

    I have very dry under eyes areas so any creamy and moisturizing concealer is always welcome. Would you describe this as more peachy or yellow tone? I have blueish , purple undereyes that light and yellow tone concealer often highlight the problem than concealing it. What i would give to find my hg concealer…