August 30, 2012

A Little Hello from Queenie!

You’ve met her before, but here’s Queenie again 🙂 I adopted her on Halloween nearly seventeen years ago. She still looks like a kitten to me since she’s so petite. I’m more of a dog person, always have been (I have two!) but she seriously turned me into a cat person.

She’s can be incredibly sweet and loving one minute and saucy and naughty the next. She likes to give seriously hard love bites ha…! She likes to rub against my head and give Eskimo kisses but I have to be careful because she’ll randomly try to take a chunk out of my nose or cheek sometimes. One minute it’s “Oh Hai! I wanna lurve all over you!” and the next it’s “NOM! I want to eatz you bish!”


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  • Karen M

    She is so cute. I have a 15 year old that I’ve had since she was 5 months old. Will be hard for me to say good bye when the time comes.

    • the Muse

      oh karen I don’t wanna even think about it, I totally know what you mean!

  • SusanT

    Oh, Muse, Queenie is so beautiful! I just got a little kitty several years ago, but my little baby passed away this past March. She was my first cat, but she turned me into a cat lady — I’d always had dogs. Queenie is special & gorgeous and looks like a little kitten, you’ve got to love her! Give her a kiss from me!!! She looks like she loves to pose for pictures.

    • the Muse

      i’m so so so sorry susan! that’s NEVER easy 🙁 I surely will awww I’ll give her an extra smooshy hug from you for her 😀 my heart goes out to you for your loss, I’ve loss furbabies too and it’s NEVER ever easy 🙁

  • Jenna S

    Seriously, what a sweetheart!! I love cats (have two, including a black and white one!) can’t wait to get a dog someday, too. She is beautiful 😀

    • the Muse

      i have two too jenna ;-D saffy is the kitten I adopted several months ago and of course, queen of the domain, queenie ;-D plus two dogs lol! ;D thank YOU!

  • Jenny

    Aww, I’m such a sucker for a kitty. And 17?! Wow, lookin good!

    Tuxedos are often tiny – my folks have one, she’s half the size of my big orange fella, but weigh the same! (Okay, so their cat is really fat, but still, short legs and body, etc.)

    Give her some ear scritches from me! 🙂

    • the Muse

      aare they really jenny? I didn’t know that 😀 I swear my dogs weight more than her and they are chihuahuas! lol! I surely will and a kiss!

  • Ruth

    well, hello pretty girl! what’s that? you weren’t really nom-ing on your momma’s face? you were just telling her your crunchie bowl was empty? well, just be more gentle with your momma, she likes her face to not have fang marks on it, cuz you know, it hurts since she doesn’t have fur, she’s like one of those nekkid cats but bigger.

  • Cristi

    Oh my god, Muse! She’s so cute!! A few of my kitties are perma-kitties, and the kitten I found last year gives kisses that randomly turn into bites (just like yours, it seems)! One day I’m gonna end up with a nose piercing courtesy of that one… <.<;;

    Anyway, CCL4L, it seems… lol

  • Tigress

    Aww, she’s beautiful! My cat Scout is like that, I call her my temperamental cutie. haha

    • the Muse

      lol tigress another saucy little kitty in the world giving out love bites eh?!

  • Cj

    My cat skips the lurve you and directly goes to biting :/… wanna trade? I could add in some makeup…

    • the Muse

      LOL! one of those cats eh? ;-D Ok, I’ll LEND you queenie but I want her back after a few days hehe ;D

  • K.B.

    I am such a cat lady (although I limit myself to one so no one else considers me a cat lady lol). Queenie is gorgeous! My first cat, Molly, passed away this past March, and she was, uh, around the same age Queenie is. I’ve lived on my own for the past 10 years, but I am not looking forward to going home for Christmas this year because my Mom and Dad’s house will feel so empty without her. Ugh. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. They also have a dog so the house won’t be completely empty (my Mom, Dad, and I all like animals more than people. My pets growing up were always referred to as my “sisters.”)

    I’ve had a cat for the past 6 years named Milo (I’m so creative lol) and while he is a BUTT. HEAD. (in the way that only cats can be), I still kinda like him (don’t tell anyone I said that).

    Give Queenie a kiss for me!

    • the Muse

      aw thanks kb! I’ll tell her you said so!

      aw I’m so sorry to hear. LOL my mom did that growing up, she always referred to our dogs as my brothers 😀 hehe it sometimes feels that way though doesn’t it? hehe milo sounds like a little troublemaker, who doesn’t love those kinda kitties?! ;D

      I surely will! hugs so sorry for your loss 🙁

  • Michelle

    Oh my, your kittie is so cute! I wonder what her secret is to looking so young? My gargantu cat (yes, hes a little on the hefty side) doesn’t really give love bites, he drool instead … and then shake his head like a dog and it splatters all around … ewwww.

    • the Muse

      lol she should share it with me michelle! LOL! ew really?! never seen a cat do that ;D

    • the Muse

      AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW she or he is so sweet nat. is it a girl or a boy? name? 😀

      • Nat

        I adopted her from the SPCA back in 2006 – the shelter called her “Marie”, we renamed her “Miki-chan” but we really just call her “Kitty”, lol.

        I also call her silly names like “pretty pants”, “miss wittums”, “tininess”, “baby kitten”, etc. heeh-hee 😀

        • the Muse

          haha I’m glad I’m not alone I won’t tell you some of the silly names I call my cats but I’m totally there lol! ;-D aw miki-chan! cute!