August 8, 2012

Bath & Body Works From Paris with Love Paris in Bloom, Sweet in Paris, and Paris Nights Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Been a while since I purchased fragrance mists from Bath & Body Works but I could not pass up the From Paris with Love Collection.

The Bath & Body Works From Paris with Love Collection is a selection of three new scents inspired by the beauty and romance of Paris. I didn’t love Paris Amour when it originally released so I almost passed by these new fragrances on that dislike. Paris Amour comes across cheap to me, a bit overpowering, and the mainly floral notes just aren’t my bag.

However, I think Bath & Body Works created a nice selection of scents with this new launch that will capture the interest of those who like sweet, those who like floral, and those wanting a little sultry and sophistication.

Take a look!

The fragrances are broken down into three main scent categories so there’s a little something for everyone here (or you might be like me and love all three). I see it as sweet, fruity floral and sultry. So if you fit into any of those scent categories you’re bound to find one, two, or three Paris fragrances to love.

I typically stay away from Bath & Body Works Fragrance Mists because I’m not a lover of the formula. Typically the formula gets sucked right in and I get little throw from these and shorter wear time. I know layering works best but I’m not keen on Bath & Body Works Lotions, they feel sticky, so it isn’t option for me. I do have to say that the Fine Fragrance Mists are considerably better than the old formulation. I get a nice throw from these with a good linger however, you still need a touch up within a few hours.

Sweet on Paris is my favorite of the three scents. This is a melody of creamy vanilla blended with fruity notes of raspberry, blackberry, lemon, tangerine, apricot, and more. Sugared musk, pink marshmallow, and vanilla infusion evokes a pastry-type scent that’s mellow, soft, warm, and somewhat food-y.

Paris in Bloom is my second favorite scent. This is a beautiful bouquet of floral notes with a hint of fruit. Peony is a dominate note with surrounding fruit notes that include grapefruit, apple, pear, and wild berries. Vanilla and cashmere give a soft, mellow edge.

And finally Paris Nights is exactly that, a more evening-like fragrance. This is the most sophisticated scent in the release with musk and jasmine notes and darker Patchouli Leaf. No worries though darker notes are freshened up thanks to playing dewberry, Clementine and waterlily.

I think they did a great job with these scents. They feel more Spring-like to me than Fall to be honest and seemed like a suitable launch for that season. But either way, all three are absolutely delightful and worthy of a haul. I don’t typically recommend mists from Bath & Body Works but on a rare occasion scents from them do grab me and the From Paris with Love Collection definitely grabbed and held on.


Available now at Bath and Body Works locations or online at

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this fragrances.

Any favs from the three?

Or did you grab all of ’em like me?

Do share!

I purchased this item.

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  • Vanilla

    I, for one, was interested in this collection as soon as I heard about it. I like anything dessert inspired and I love everything sweet, as long as it’s not overly sugary or vanilla smelling (despite my nickname!). I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Paris Amour either, but Sweet on Paris sounds like my cup of tea. I’m hoping that the berries and citruses will balance out the marshmallow and vanilla/musks. Will check it out next time I pass by a BBW! I did order DKNY sweet delicious in creamy meringue (after weeks or debating) and I am in looooooove. Creamy, lemony, with just a touch of floral… it is absolutely, well, delicious. And no, I don’t mind smelling like food, as long as it’s yummy food.

  • Hoang

    I picked up Sweet On Paris today and I love it as well. Paris In Bloom isn’t my cup of tea. But the packaging of the products makes me think otherwise! Did you pick up the gloss set, Muse? Reading all of your Liplicious posts has now made me a Liplicious gloss junkie too hehe!

    • the Muse

      I did not hoang I was SO good lol! I love that I converted you lmao!

  • Jessica

    I’m with you completely – I never buy BBW fragrance mists, but these three are definitely better than average. I hauled Sweet on Paris. The SA and I were both gushing about how different it is for a BBW scent – I was SO OVER the strong florals! With the fall collections on shelves now, too, I am in BIG TROUBLE! >_<

    • the Muse

      me too me too! I am big big trouble with Fall hehe ;-D but yup, very different for BBW I liked a lot ;D!

  • JenJ

    I haven’t really shopped shopped their bath and body products in a while. I the mini set of lotions for my birthday. Sweet on Paris is my fave and I just may scoop some items in this scent! I love just about anything with vanilla 😉 Paris Nights is my second fav.

    • the Muse

      me either jen outside of candles and antibacs etc…ironically never body products lol! ;-D

  • Stacey

    I have to agree with you on all counts for these!!! Sweet on Paris still lingered this morning after wearing it yesterday!! Couldn’t believe it!! Would have been great for spring, but I still love them! I was not a fan of the original Paris either, but these are great!

    • the Muse

      stacey I thought I was alone, the original just wasn’t that great :-/ I had the same experience, the scent is still lingering on my hoodie I wore yesterday ;D!

  • Fey

    Your review on these is fantastic. You did a great job explaining the scents. I liked Paris in Bloom the most, but on my skin, it smelled almost like sugar after thirty minutes (similar to VS’s Candy Baby). They’re gorgeous scents though, and I’m tempted to say that the new fine fragrance mist formula lasts longer than last year’s formula.

    • the Muse

      aw thanks fey! 😀 ahhh yeah, it does go kinda vs candy baby. agreed on the new fine fragrance mist, seems to have a knack for wearing a bit longer!

  • Oba Charles

    I will like to have these three amazing signature collections (Sweet on, In Bloom, and Nights).