August 24, 2012

Disney Villains Makeup Collection

The Disney Villains get the shaft again with a rather small makeup collection that has launched for Fall 2012 at

Why the shaft? Because Sephora is teaming up with Disney to create a Princess Collection for Holiday 2012. So yeah, the Princess Collection will probably be wicked righteous and the Villain Collection, well, it just looks a tad childish.

Take a look!

See what you think!

Disney has launched an entire Villains Collection that includes makeup, accessories, and apparel. I say, it’s about damn time! Evil should have a little recognition, yeah, I’m that girl that agrees with the Queen of Hearts when she shouts, “OFF WITH HER HEAD!”

But…Disney’s classic Villains get a reboot with this collection. Let’s just say Disney made them a little more pretty and glamorous and a little less evil. Needless to say I like the new look!

What do you think?

Love the classics? Adore the new glam villains?

As for the makeup, well, it’s a little childish. It seems like something that’s made for a kid. Plus it’s quite small with a Lipgloss Set, Nail Polish Set, and Eyeshadow Palette (not yet available).

Disney Villains Nail Polish Set $29.50
With the Designer Villains Nail Polish Set, you’ll be able to express your inner villain no matter what your mood. The wicked selection features Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Mother Gothel, the Queen of Hearts and Ursula!

Disney Villains Lip Gloss Set $24.50
As every villain knows, you have to look good to feel good. Put the finishing touch on your look with Disney Villains Lip Gloss. Choose from Queen of Hearts neutral, Evil Queen rose or Cruella De Vil flaming red.

Disney Villains Compact Mirror $16.50
You’ll know who is the fairest of them all when you gaze into this compact mirror from the Disney Villains Designer Collection! The double oval silver mirror is decorated with a wicked sticker featuring the Evil Queen, Ursula and the Queen of Hearts.

I ordered the mirror as well as a tote, wallet, and some other bits and bobs from the core collection but I skipped on the makeup.

It just didn’t call to me.

The Disney Villains Collection is available now at

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  • Kaitlin

    Yeah…this isn’t calling to me. I wish they hadn’t prettied them up but maybe that’s just me.

  • Cindy

    I was so excited when I found out about this collection, but when I finally saw the products I was very disappointed! I definitely love the glammed up versions of these classic Disney badies! I’ll probably pick up some of the non-makeup products.

  • Steph.

    Kinda bummed by the small collection, I love the revamped looks of the villainess’ though! I will most definitely be picking up the polish, because that I cannot resist.

  • Ruth

    massave wave of disappointment in this collection. I was hoping for some really awesome maleficient gems and this just didn’t do it for me

  • Corey

    I love villains! I still have some of the disneystore releases from when I was in high school ( like 15 years ago)-I am grumpy I missed on MACs villain collection! Though I do dig some of the ” prettyness” of these chicer villains-I wonder why they had to de-voluptuous-ize Ursula? Where ate her boobs?!?! I didn’t realize that being pretty meant softening cruella’s angular, taller, shape and slimming Ursula…if I wanted all the same I would want ” the princess” line-:)…

    Pass on the makeup, yes on some of the cute tops and home decor!

    • Tammie

      Yeah the thing that bothers me is making Urusla super skinny…at least she could be a LITTLE thicker than the rest? Come on…

    • Al

      Yeah, I have to agree on that. Why couldn’t they just leave their bodies alone. Why’d they have to go and slim and soften them all up? That’s kinda depressing…

    • Alanna

      Not to mention they all look about 19… I mean I’m 20 but one of my favorite things about Cruella is that she’s this fabulous(ly evil) older lady!

    • Caitlin

      Amen to that thought, Corey. I wish they had left Ursula full figured and made her glam in a fab hour-glass Queen Latifah way. I also wish they had left some edges on Maleficent, being the bony-elbows and cheekbones type myself.

    • kelly

      They made Ursula (and Queen of Hearts) skinny due to the dolls. Those are the main component of the collection, and making the Villains all the same body size allows them to use the same mold for each of the dolls’ bodies.

      It stinks and Ursula looks incredibly weird, but that’s why it was done that way.

  • Al

    Nail polish, lip gloss…This is as lackluster as the princess collection they had. But because the artwork was so damn cute, I just had to have all of it! Same with this villain collection. I’ll probably end up getting it just cuz I totally dig the new designs!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Cool that they’re doing the villains instead of the princesses 🙂 The mirror looks really cute!

  • Katsue

    I liked the lip gloss set, especially the neutral one. I’m kind addicted to lip gloss…

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Wow–I have never seen Ursula look so hot lol 😛

  • cat

    I prefer the classic versions of these characters though I do like the updates on the Evil Queen from Snow White and Cruella, none of the characters have the same impact. And why in the heck is Mother Gothel in with the “classic” villains? Sorry, Disney fanatic here. I think the compact is kind of cute but I’ll pass on the makeup.

  • the beauty alchemist

    Have you seen the e.lf ones ? They are doing a Villains palettes as well. Not too many details yet but I just posted the image on my site. Not sure how you’d feel about leaving link to it but you know where to find it

    • the Muse

      I did! read wwd and a few blogs about it ;-D crazy right? everyone is in on villains this fall! you could leave a link silly!

      • the beauty alchemist

        I figured you’d be cool with a link, but some other bloggers aren’t. They feel it’s shilling their sites which is not what I was doing, but you knew that 🙂

        • the Muse

          depends on who’s linking chica…sometimes folks come on, never commented before, and leave a link, that’s very annoying to me. But I know you ;-D you def aren’t shilling! if you leave a link and the comment doesn’t go through LMK because sometimes my spam software picks it up and marks it as spam and I don’t ever see it!!!!!!!!! but of course, you can leave links, no issues with that at all especially because it’s you *wink*

  • Angel

    OMG I need everything!!!! I’m a hardcore Evil Queen and Maleficent fan. I need the shirts, the makeup bag, the coffee mugs, the dolls, omg imma be soooo broke. The makeup is a little overpriced but I’ll probably end up getting it anyway. I actually like this packaging more than the MAC collection. I didn’t buy a single item. I hated the sticker/decal look on the packaging.

  • Angel

    Muse, did you see the new e.l.f. Villains palettes that are coming to Walgreen’s? Guess everyone is jumping on the Villains bandwagon…

    • the Muse

      I did angel, saw it on WWD ;-D can’t wait! crazy right? everyone is cashing in this season!

  • Musebeliever

    The glosses look fabulous as well. Me want it !

  • Tomara

    Ursula scares the crap out of me! When I was little I could NEVER understand why she was alive again when I just watched her die last time! LOL.

  • Irene

    The Disney Villains ALWAYS get the shaft. Geez. I will say that the other parts of Disney’s collection are quite lovely, especially the figurines and the tee shirts. It’s a shame that when it comes to makeup collections, the Villains never seem to get as much attention to detail; they’re much more interesting than the Princesses, ESPECIALLY Maleficent. *ahem* 😉

  • Marie

    The Disney Store isn’t capable of really launching a makeup line for the Villains. I’m happy they did a glam up version like they did for the princesses but as far as makeup, I wouldn’t expect much since it IS The Disney Store. These launches are more for the other products than the makeup.

    I like how they’re releasing this close to Halloween though (:

    • the Muse

      i dunno marie, considering they released some very nice bags with D&B you think they’d be able to sort some collaborated effort with a brand to get some nice makeup pieces launched!

      • Marie

        The D&B line is exclusive to just parks and cruise I believe. I see why they decided to go with designer bags (a lot of my co-workers at Disney World have them), I think they think that people are more likely to buy things like clothing and purses over makeup. Not to say Disney hasn’t since they got together with MAC and OPI but I wouldn’t expect any extensive makeup collection in the Disney Stores (which really focuses on kids stuff mostly) or the park locations.

        • the Muse

          they sell it online as well marie. that’s kinda true I guess..but we makeup junkies need a little love too ;-D

    • kelly

      I have the gloss set from last year’s Designer Princess Collection, and they are actually quite nice, believe it or not! Also have that collection’s nail polish set, but never tried it still.

      Really the makeup is just a supplementary component to the overall line’s release. I’m interested in trying that eyeshadow palette, whenever it shows up!