August 21, 2012

E.L.F. Studio Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall 2012

Cheap thrill of the day goes to the new E.L.F. Studio Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes. Well, maybe not completely cheap, they are $6 bucks each.

Gasp! How high for E.L.F. but since they are “Studio” branded I could be tempted. Dontcha think the Studio line is WAY better than E.L.F.’s regular collection? I’ve found so many gems in the Studio Collection.

Btw…how’s your week going? Mine is absolutely murder! So so busy!

Let’s take a peek at these new E.L.F. Studio Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes because I might need one or two!

E.L.F. Studio Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palettes for Fall 2012 are available in six shade selections and house six eyeshadows each. This is the first time E.L.F. has done a six pan eyeshadow palette to my knowledge.

The coordinating shades of shadow are designed to enhance and complement the color of your eyes. As you know, I really dislike brands that match up a buncha of shades and proceed to tell me how great they’ll look with my brown eyes. I’m all about wearing colors I LIKE wearing not ones that a brand tells me are the most flattering or suitable for my eye color.

Blah! If it was up to brands I’d never wear any brown or gold shades as those don’t seem to be deemed suitable for brown eyes.

On the up side, we can just go with any of the six shade selections we want and to hell with what they tell us will look good. For example, I really like the shades they selected for blue eyes and I’m going to buy it. I love living dangerously!

Take a look at the colors and see which ones you like, eye color NOT permitting.

Shades (show in order of appearance below):

  • Blue Eyes 1
  • Hazel Eyes 2
  • Hazel Eyes
  • Brown Eyes 2
  • Blue Eyes 2
  • Brown Eyes 1

Whatcha think?

Happy indulgence?

These are available now at

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  • Kaitlin

    I have been deceived by e.l.f. in the past with their eyeshadows! Those little individual pans that you put in the palette were terrible for me. I’m not sure I want to sink $6 in only to find that they’re awful. Plus, where the heck are the palettes for us green-eyed girls?! What the heck?!

    I think they do look quite nice, though!

    • Tammie

      I think that those are the regular line $1 ones right? These should be better since they are studio..

  • Lisa

    The very last one, for brown eyes is very pretty! Only one that looks interesting to me and I have brown eyes :3 I’ve never tried ELF eyeshadow before though

  • Tammie

    Well I’ll give them this, purple DOES really bring out the green in my eyes (they are technically green but there is a golden ring in the middle so they kind of register as hazel…but they aren’t really). But I am like you, I will buy any of these palettes as long as I like the colors (and as long as they don’t contain too much blue, which really makes me look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show).

  • Amy Amethyst

    The only ELF shadows I’ve tried are the quad ones and they were pretty good, especially since they were only $1 I think. I do have a pet peeve about the shadows that are made with colors they think should go with your eye color. Half the time their choices aren’t what I would choose. But $6 is a good deal for 6 shadows. I doubt I’ll get any though since none of these colors stand out to me. Also I’ve been spending way too much on polish and makeup lately!

  • Cj

    I pretty much only wear brown and gold shades lol!

    Also to anyone who’s gonna order these, elf always has like 50% off coupons just check or

  • Hannah

    I’m generally not the biggest fan of ELF eyeshadows, but I rather like the look of these! Hope they don’t take too long to come to the UK!

  • Jill

    what about us green eyed lovelies? but i really like the brown eyes 1 and blues eyes 1

    • the Muse

      I think they mean the hazel ones to be for green eyes Jill, but kinda lame :-/

  • Sarah

    I am SO excited for that Blue Eyes 1 palette!! You know why?! I had been eyeballing the Nars Ramatuelle trio, but I refuse to spend that kind of money on three eyeshadows. Three of those shades in that palette look pretty spot on the the Nars ones. Wow, I cant wait to pick this up!

  • Suzanne

    These look neat! I like the colors, I hope they aren’t as glittery/sparkly as the ELF shadows I’ve tried so far though. With those I always up with random glitter on my face at the end of the day 😛 Matte or uniform shimmer is much nicer IMO.

  • Chase

    MUST HAVE THE THIRD AND FOURTH ONE. But of course my “no makeup for 6 months challenge” started yesterday so it’ll have to wait 🙁

  • Kiss & Make-up

    The Studio line is indeed a LOT better than the normal ELF line. I like it a lot and I have quite a bit of ELF Studio brushes and products.

    • the Muse

      agreed! the brushes, the makeup, etc…most of the studio line is superior to the regilar line up!

  • Laura

    That Hazel Eyes 2 is calling my name – and I hate ELF stuff (smells awful!)

  • Tiffany Martin

    Whoa at last, a blue eye pallet that isn’t just a ton of blue makeup. I’ve never tried an ELF shadow but usually their products are hit or miss. I like many of the ELF products I have but when they miss it’s not a huge loss when you pay less than $5 for it.

  • Zang

    oh my, i AM excited! i already have two in mind! lol
    i hope your week got better!