August 1, 2012

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact Review & Swatches

As you know Laura Mercier recently introduced her popular tinted moisturizer in a new creme compact.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen ($45) comes in a convenient compact which makes it easy to carry your coverage with you for touch ups on the go.

The lightweight formula is an ideal pick for Summer and will work well into the cooler weather for those of us with drier skin.

Let’s take a look!

I was quite excited on the release of Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact because one of my favorite tinted moisturizers for a long time was Laura’s.

Now, I don’t necessarily like cream compacts. In my experience cream foundations in a compact typically have a heavier feel and finish however, this being a tinted moisturizer I was all about giving it a whirl.

The product comes in a dual compact which contains the tinted moisturizer and mirror on top and a stealthy little compartment for the sponge applicator on the bottom. The compact is simple, elegant, and as I mentioned above ideal for toting around or traveling with. The disadvantage of tinted moisturizer is it tends to wear away fairly quickly so it’s nice having a compact with the formula for touch ups. Unlike tubes, which are messy and unfriendly for travel, the compact is super portable.

The SPF is a little low so I’d recommend using an SPF prior to application. 20 is a low level of protection and provides decent enough protection if you spend a ton of time indoors with brief stints outside. However, I personally use an SPF prior to any makeup even ones that have SPF.

The joy here, for me, is the lightweight formula. It’s very breathable coverage with a sheer finish that has a soft, smooth finish on skin that’s not greasy, oily, or dewy. It hydrates gently without overdoing it.

Now the coverage isn’t that of a full foundation so if you need full coverage I suggest looking elsewhere. However, if you like products that take your own skin and just enhances the beauty of it, this is for you. For me this creates a beautiful finish on my skin which evens out my complexion and perfects it while easing dullness. I love how it makes my skin look perfect and brighter. The incredibly weightless feel is a plus in warmer weather as well. Wear time will vary but I see about three hours before I need to touch up and since it’s easy enough to carry with me touch ups are a breeze.

Shade: Nude

Overall, if you don’t like a ton of foundation and only desire to perfect your skin and enhance it this is the product for you. I loved how this eased dullness and created a healthier look to my skin. This is headed for my HG (holy grail) list. I really enjoyed it and think it’s an improvement on a regular old tube of tinted moisturizer.

Muse Approved for purchase.

Gorgeous stuff and well worth picking up for those who like sheerer, lighter coverage.

Available now at Laura Mercier counters, at Sephora, or online at

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I purchased this item.

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  • Larie

    I usually shy away from cream compacts, but this doesn’t look awfully heavy or cakey. I like the sound of it!

    • the Muse

      it’s REALLY nice larie. It’s incredibly lightweight! quite a nice wear from it imho!

  • Scarlet Scorpion

    Does it give a matte finish like an ordinary powder compact? I have really oily skin and this seems like an ideal formula for me (based on how you described it) but I have never used a cream compact so I am hesitant. I want sheer coverage and just something to even out my skin tone.

    Thanks for the help 🙂

    • the Muse

      no scarlet, finish is soft, smooth, hydrating not matte. it’s a tinted moisturizer in pressed-like formula so def not supposed to be matte.

      • Alex Jhocson

        Thanks for the clarification! Hydrating is still good for me and since it’s Muse approved. I can disregard the other details :))

  • stef

    I’ve been dying for this to come out or for someone to finally review it or swatch it. They only have 4 shades at my Sephora now, boo!

  • C

    Nice! Have you ever tried the Innisfree Mineral Melting foundation? It comes in a compact too but offers medium to full coverage and wears longer. Granted it’s not a TM but I’m really starting to love cream compacts. So convenient!

    • the Muse

      i haven’t c. I tend to avoid cream compacts from asia as they are always so pigmented and I like less coverage on my face but sounds promising, thanks for the rec might have to try!

      • C

        No problem! 🙂 I recently ordered Skinfood’s Vita Tok Water Pact which is supposed to have light coverage. Hoping it’ll be a good alternative to the MM compact for days when I want something lighter.

        • the Muse

          i actually have that, I tossed it in my to be reviewed pile ;-D I’ll have to get on reviewing it ;D

          • C

            Oooooo, sounds good! I ordered shade 1 and can send you a swatch if you need one for comparison (I’m assuming you went with shade 2).

          • the Muse

            that would be great c ;-D I went with three (believe it’s three), the shade is called Nude.

          • C

            Mine’s light beige, I’ll email you as soon as it arrives and I can get a good picture. 🙂 Hopefully it’ll be here in a week or so.

  • kimkats

    OOOOOOO!!!! I’ve been waiting for someone to review this stuff! Does it come in all the shades that the fluid TM comes in? I am SO getting my grubby lil paws on this stuff… What a brilliant idea!!! Thanks SO much for the review Muse! Helpful and informative as always!


    • the Muse

      I think it originally came in eight shades kim but now sephora has four but the counter should have ’em all so there is plenty of variety and shades should match well with current tm shades ;-D my pleasureeeeeeeeeeeee! xoxoxo!

  • Cj

    Well you said the magic words (Muse Approved)! Ima order this in my next sephora haul.

    • the Muse

      it’s brilliant cj! you’ll love it ;-D and the lightest shade should be perfect for you!

  • Tammie

    I want to try this but I have given up on foundation since even powder melts in my oily spots by the end of the day and gets in every crease no matter what I use… and I don’t want to bring my entire makeup for the day in to retouch everything :X. So disheartened.

  • caroline

    is there an oil free version like her tinted moisturizer? This compact sounds intriguing.

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Creamy compact, shudder… Definitely not right for my skin! Good to hear that you like it though. It’s always great to find a new possible HG product 🙂

  • Lors

    I was thinking about trying this. Thanks for the review! Normally I apply TM with my hands but this is in a compact…how do you recommend applying this? Brush or sponge?

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    This looks awesome! I really hope that she’ll release an oil-free version as well! I recently got the tube of oil-free tinted moisturizer and while it’s nice, it’s just a touch thicker than I like for a tinted moisturizer. The compact looks a lot lighter with about the same amount of coverage. Perfect for me!!!

  • Michelle

    This definitely looks haul-worthy. I have been looking for a good tinted moisturizer but wasn’t looking forward to dealing with something potentially runny and messy out of a tube. Good idea for sure.

  • peacelovepanic

    I have used Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer in nude religiously for 8 years now. I was so excited for this compact until I read the details on Sephora’s website. This compact is listed on Sephora’s site as .26 oz for $45, while her oil free tinted moisturizer in a tube is listed as 1.7 oz for $43. The difference is crazy!! I refuse to pay $45 and not even get a solid ounce of product. I’ll stick with the original tube 🙂

  • valentinasugar

    Awesome! I wanted to buy this like a week ago when I heard it was coming out but Sephora didnt have it yet. This is what I was hoping Chanel aqua vitalumiere compact would be when it first came out. That was too cakey and made my skin itch like crazy. I really hope this works!

  • LaLa

    Muse can you post a pic of before and after?? I would love to see it on your complexion!

  • sai

    I have been waiting for this stuff so badly!!!!! hope it will be available on soon.

  • Alex

    The regular tube is my HG face product! 😀 Is this product more for touch ups on that or as your entire base?

  • Linda

    I recently got a deluxe sample from Sephora, and tried it out. It evened out my complexion and it looked beautifuuuuul, BUT like two hours later I was shining through it 🙁

  • Jasmine

    A little late on the comment but how do you apply this stuff? I have the regular tube of LM’s tinted moisturizer and I just use my fingers… What do you apply it with?