August 30, 2012

Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream Review & Swatches

Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream is made up of 45% snail secretion filtrate.


Maybe but it’s the latest craze and trend to hit Korea. Most everything you see has some sort of snail “slime” in it lately including skincare products like serums, moisturizers, and eye creams.

I know it sounds disgusting but there isn’t any scent or any one feature that will make you think of snails when you’re using it.

Take a look!

Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream is a proper Asian BB Cream. This has a high level SPF of 45 and either sheer to medium coverage with fuller coverage available if you build up. It’ll conceal redness, dark spots, acne scarring, or any other issues/problems that need addressing for a perfectly flawless finish.

It’s a rich, creamy texture that has a lightweight feel once in place. It offers a whitening/brightening finish that eases dullness and creates an overall look of whiter and brighter looking skin. The formula is mineral oil and paraben oil free as well.

The formula restores moisture to skin and leaves it hydrated and supple thanks to the snail secretion. However, the moisture level isn’t any better than you’d find in either the pink or gold Skin 79 BB Cream labels. I was surprised as I expected more moisture from this but the gel-like texture has the same rich creamy base that most all Asian BB Creams have. There isn’t any more moisture here than you’d find in any other BB available on the market.

Supposedly snail secretion keeps skin moist and healthy while building a protective layer over skin so it retains moisture. I didn’t really experience this phenomenon. This also acts to prevent skin from developing finer lines due to dryness.

Unfortunately it does not adjust as well as other BB Creams offered by Skin 79 so on my medium fair skin it came across a little pasty. It starts out a lighter shade of beige but contains pinker undertones with whitening grey that start to come out as you massage it in.

Skin 79 scented it rather badly. I’ve never noticed a fragrance in any of the other BB Creams I own from the brand but turns out this kinda has an old lady perfume smell. It’s not very pleasant to my nose and tends to stick around even after application. This could prove a deal breaker if you’re sensitive to scented facial bases.

As with most BB Creams you’ll see excellent wear from it. It has a satiny dry down that should work fine on many skin types. It won’t oxidize and with proper application you’ll find coverage lasts from the start of your day until the end of it without an issue.

Overall, I think Skin 79 Snail Nutrition BB Cream is an excellent BB Cream for those who fit into its shade range. I do think certain quirks about it bother me such as the scent and the pasty finish that wasn’t suitable for my skin tone. These issues prevent me from raving it harder. I never really have an issue with Skin 79 offerings and they typically suit my skin fine or I can, at the least, make them work. This just seemed a little TOO fair for me.

I think the snail secretion is disappointing as I did expect more moisture overall from the product. To me it just seems very similiar in texture to any other BB. There isn’t a while lot of difference here outside of the fact that they added in snail secretion which hasn’t really changed the formula either way.

Do you need it?

Not necessarily particularly if you’re happy with your gold and pink label already.

However, if you do fit in the shade range and never tried Skin 79 before, this is indeed, a good place to start as the formula excels at being a true BB Cream formula with many benefits including a high level of SPF and a long wear time.

A friend purchased mine for me who lives in Korea.

Skin 79 is sold on a variety of E-bay shops as well as online. DO be careful where you purchase from as there are many, many fakes around.

If you tried it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I purchased this item.

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  • Miss_Silk

    I was going to buy this, but I ended up getting the VIP Gold from Skin79 instead. But I did get samples for this…I might try it now lol.

  • Kisa

    Have you tried the orange Skin79 one? If so, is this as white or whiter than the orange one?

    PS: If you haven’t tried the orange Skin79… it’s REALLY moisturizing. I have oily skin but I still use it because of how much I love the finish and coverage from it.

    Thanks for the review! This is definitely on my to buy list 😀

    • the Muse

      i actually have it kisa in my review pile but haven’t cracked it open yet. i’ll compare the two when I review the orange label! my pleasure!!!!!!

      • Cj

        I’m sad to say the orange one will probably be too light for you Muse 🙁 it adjusts pretty well but still anyone nc25 or darker I don’t think it’ll work out. But it really is amazing, still my favorite Asian bb cream hands down.

        • the Muse

          I thought as much! I brought it hopefully I could review/swatch but figured it would be way too light for me 🙁 Happy WEEKEND! 😀 I missed you this week…! You’re just too busy for me and professional now ;-D

          • Cj

            Uh oh. Time to quit lol! Ugh me a professional… I could of been voted least likely to ever have a job in high school lol. It’s crazy 😛

            Ps: loving fancl’s cleansing oil 😀 thanks 4 the rec (I got the new all white packaging one woot)

            Pss: I forgot which post I asked you in lol but did you want me to send you one of the alpha hydrox gels?

    • toni

      hi, i have the skin79 orange bottle and its lighter then the skin79 snail nutrition

  • Saiba

    Ah, yeah when I looked at swatches online I noticed the very obvious pink undertones there and wondered if it would go on a little different and pasty. Fine for people with that but I have yellow undertones and I’m NC15…don’t really want to look any lighter than that at the moment lol I was wanting to try it out because I thought the snail secretion would give it more moisture content. I think I’ll just stick with the Gold Skin79 BB Cream. Thanks for the review. 😀

    • the Muse

      my pleasure saiba! yeah, sadly it went from pasty on me 🙁 typically skin79 adjusts well for me but this wasn’t so hot!

    • Cj

      Hello saiba, I’m also nc15, check out the orange version. It’s super light and not grey/pink at all.

      • rebecca

        I’m NW15 – do you think the orange would work for my skin tone? I have the oriental gold bb cream but I haven’t tried it yet – every time I swatch on my arm I’m never sure it adjusts enough for me so I’m a little wary.

      • Saiba

        Thank you for the recommendation Cj 😀 I had an order recently and because of your suggestion thought about putting some samples of the Vital Orange in my cart. So I tried it and I really like it! It doesn’t give as “dewy” and effect that the Gold label does but it gives good coverage and I like that it’s undertones are yellow. I think I might buy the full size now haha Thanks again.

  • Nat

    My best friend loves the Missha snail sleeping mask. I haven’t tried it myself, but I’m not as grossed out by the snail slime stuff as I am by the placenta stuff, blech! 😛

    • the Muse

      there’s a ton of info all over the internet but most of seems bogus!

  • SJ

    I loved this BB cream – just not the colour, which is dealbreaking for me! It’s a little too dark and pink for my *very* fair neutral yellow-toned skin, which kills me because I prefer the texture of this to all other Skin79’s offerings.
    The texture IMO is beautiful, it goes on really well and is never thick. It’s quite similar to the Anti-Wrinkle BB cream in texture, but I think that one has a slightly better (more yellow, more dark) colour which is easier to adjust to my skintone.
    So overall I thought the Anti-Wrinkle one is better… I just don’t know if it’s good for wrinkles, I’m 21 😛

    • the Muse

      i think that’s why it wasn’t too much of a rave for me sj also I felt like it was THAT hydrating for the amount of snail slime in the mix. the gold and pink labels always adjusted well for me and left behind a brighter finish without looking pasty, sadly I wish I could say the same for this!

    • Irene

      Thanks for writing about it! I’m also very very fair with neutral-yellow undertones and was curious about this BB Cream as it seemed to be quite fair, but I guess it won’t work for me. I use the Skin79 Orange Vital bb cream and it’s so far the best match for me I’ve found!

      • SJ

        Me too Irene! Orange is easily my favourite colour-wise, I’ve even got a back-up (gasp! I haven’t ever finished a bottle of BB cream)

  • karina

    Interesting.I’ve heard how snail infused skincare smells horrible…so perhaps the scent of this bb cream is due to that? Anyway I’d love to try a sample of this just to see how it fares!

    • the Muse

      i never got a horrible smell from any snail products karina but I noticed some of them have a metallic scent that isn’t very pleasant, not horrible, but not nice either 😛

  • ringopyon

    there’s also snail shampoo & treatment… ^^

    would this bb cream work with combination/oily skin ? (not extremely oily skin)

    • the Muse

      yeah I actually tried a snail shampoo! hehe! odd isn’t it? yup, it’ll be fine for combo/oily!

  • Candice

    Snails… Interesting… Thanks for sharing that, I love your Asian product reviews.

    You are this week’s Fabulous Blogger on my blog. I hope the way I laid it out is OK for you, if not let me know!

  • Cassie

    SNAILS!?!?!?!?!? I can only imagine what it’s like being the person to collect all of the slime… blech. It’s too bad this didn’t work any miracles for you Muse! In the first swatch picture it looked like the perfect match to me 🙁

  • Tor

    I’ve seen this once but didn’t realise it was a really big craze! They do make it look really classy, but it gives me the heebie-jeebies – I don’t want snails or their slime anywhere near my face! I wonder how they manage to collect so much of it?

  • Cindy

    Ewwww snails! That’s just so strange! Who decided “Hey, lets put snail goo in our cosmetic products?” if you’re gonna put something gross like that in your product, don’t market it that way haha

  • Jackie

    Hi Muse!
    Totally agree this one was too pasty for me too and i thought I was going nuts because I have the pink & gold and they both look fine; I actually think the gold is more moisterisering? The same issue with colour for the orange one too – too light, do you think we can adjust it with powder or bronzer somehow?

    • the Muse

      same here jackie, same here, both gold and pink work fab for me, they adjust great, but this was pasty as hell! 🙁 I find the gold caviar more moisturizing than this which is odd as you’d think this one would be the more hydrating of the two! absolutely, perhaps mix it with a darker foundation/bb cream and that should help a bit, I just hate that I have to do that though ya know? would be nice if it worked right out of the bottle 🙂

  • Anna

    Hello Muse, I was using Skin79 Oriental Gold and really liked it, then after doing some research, purchased Skin79 Snail BB. First time I used it, it did have a strong odor, but as I used it daily, the smell was less and less and now it’s unnoticeable. I love the way my skin looks. I never used foundation, just sunscreen everyday, but now I use the snail bb everyday. It makes my skin look slightly light but I love the way it makes my face look bright. I was concerned about dryness but not a problem, skin feels comfortable all day and looks “fresh”. I gave one to my mother and she loves it too, as a matter of fact, she asked me to order two more bottles for her. This is a fantastic bb!

    • the Muse

      anna I’m def trying to get over the scent 🙂 I’m glad it worked for you! sadly, the shade was a little too light for me 🙁

  • redlipsblackhair

    As much as I love my pet snails, I don’t want their slime on my face!>_<

  • sylvia

    I have this and I rather like it–but my skin is combination oily, not dry–so this bb cream has the perfect amount of moisture for winter

    I put hot pink on one half of my face and snail on the other and I think the snail adds a certain amount of glow to my face that is lacking with the hot pink.

    I wouldn’t say it’s a must buy but if you need a bit more moisture during the winter t’s definitely nice to have

  • Monica

    Yay, I was excited to find out you were going to review this! Although it’s sad that it is a bit of a disappointment. I read other reviews that it smelled weird, but I didn’t think it’d be an old lady smell–better than snail smell though 🙂

    • the Muse

      much better than snail hahah! it’s more of a powdery scent, I associate it with old lady perfume lol!

  • Diana

    Snail slime sounds nasty! There aren’t that many reviews out there on this bb cream. Glad I got to read yours. Thanks. oh, and where did you say you can meet and make ‘friends’ to send u cosmetics from Korea, I really want to get bb creams from Korea, Thanks 🙂

  • Katsue

    I tried and just hated. Seriously! I have gold and pink and love them, but this one, the snail is horrible. Especially its weird color… :/

  • bean

    bought it (im from singapore) the other day, i dont really like it… Its drying for me and leaves a grey-ish tint and makes me look yellowish-gray… Try Dream Girls BB creme from Skin79!! it’s so good i bought for my mom and sisters!

  • Lisa

    I actually use this BB cream quite often. It even looks a tad pasty for me, and I can rock Missha’s Perfect Cover #13 regularly. Nothing that a little bronzer can’t fix, in my opinion. I’ve been meaning to review this one too because I loooooove it :3

  • Anis

    I have this one and have been testing it for two weeks. I hate the smell, it smells like a guy’s sweat…yucks, but i love the texture, creamy and slightly runny, and i agree with you muse, this is pasty as hell. but since i am an nc35, i add a foundation 2 shades darker and managed to pull it off pretty nicely…i have noticed quite a tremendous improvement in my acne scarring, it lightens them in just one week. skin feels quite hydrated at the end of the day…its worth trying out as the skin benefits are really working…at least for me…cheers