August 22, 2012

Tarte Aqua Gel Pigmented Lip Hydrator Trio

24 Hours of QVC Beauty this Saturday my friends. Set those Tivo’s up! One item you might want to snag? The new Tarte Aqua Pops Pigmented Lip Hydrator Trio ($38).

Join QVC on Saturday, August 25 for a full day of best-selling brands and customer top-rated products and plenty of special deals.

I’m wanting these new Tarte Aqua Pops Pigmented Lip Hydrators!

These promise a pigmented formula with a formula made up of 50% water so lips are smooth, well hydrated, and moisturized throughout the wear.

You get:

  • Splendid (nude pink)
  • Desired (crimson red)
  • Graceful (berry pink)


Can’t wait for Saturday?

Shop it now at

P.S. Anyone up for a funeral for Roland Deschain? Apparently the Dark Tower series films are getting farther and farther out of my reach….

*bows head*

We are gathered here today to possibly, maybe, kinda sorta say goodbye to my favorite gunslinger of all. We’re also here for a mass suicide if they cast Russell Crowe as Roland. Just shoot me.


I’ve technically always pictured Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the part…how about you?


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  • Jess

    Crowe as Roland? Forget it, that makes no sense. So sad. That being said, I think everyone who has read the series has their own ideas for who should be cast. I keep thinking Viola Davis for Susannah, but the age wouldn’t be right.

    I am 110% a Dark Tower freak, you don’t even KNOW. Your blog became even more awesome now that I know you are a fan, too.

    • the Muse

      that’s what the article said, I wasn’t sure if I was more upset about the fact that the film version of the series is becoming far less likely to happen or the fact they said Russell Crowe would be cast as Roland, kill me. Viola Davis, hmmmmm….! A little old but it could work! I dunno why but Lauren Hill always came to my mind’s eye for Susannah! ha! awesome ;-D Did you read The Wind Through the Keyhole yet?

  • kharanya

    Ooooohhh, these look nice. Are they are remake of those lip thingies they have that look like lip balms? I’m really really tempted, but I’m holding back since I hit their sale hard and can’t justify buying anything till the Holiday stuff rolls around.

    Hope you had a great vacay Musey, but it really is great having you back, I missed your commentary while you were gone.

    • the Muse

      you mean the 24/7 balms? good question!!!!!!!!!! I love those things ;-D I hear ya! I’ve been overdoing it myself lately ;-D It was incredible thank you so much for asking 🙂 I missed you all SO much! <3!

  • Rachel

    I’ve always pictured Clint Eastwood as Roland, but that’ll never happen. For the life of me I can’t figure out why studios keep opting out of this franchise. Even if it did suck, it would still be a mega-hit, simply because of the King fanbase and the media attention that it would receive. Somebody needs to grow a set and make The Dark Tower movies/tv series happen!

    • the Muse

      rachel, DEF! but sadly it gets ruined for me when I think of how he aged! exactly…I actually ALWAYS wished and hoped it would be made into a tv mini series. Stephen always has a hand directing and writing his own made for tv mini series and they ALWAYS turned out amazing. I can’t say the same for king books come big film releases…there are so many flops of his movies that were released on a big budget and just sucked. Hits like the stand, it, the shining remake, etc..all had his hand in the making of so I wish some network would give the man some money to make it for himself ;-D

    • Nat

      SAME for me, I’ve always seen him as Clint circa 1976. Which is why they should only animate this series, not film it in live action. And Clint could do the voice 😀

      But they only need to do the first four books, though, anything after four goes downhill for me. 🙁

      • the Muse

        circa 1976 is perfect ;-D I def could dig an animated series but would want a live action one as well!

  • Stacie

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan FTW!!! He is exactly who I would want too!!! He instantly makes anything all better!

  • Quinctia

    You know what? After watching Cowboys and Aliens last year, I’m down with a Daniel Craig Roland.

    I wonder if we could get Peter Jackson to fall in love with Dark Tower, after the way he handled LotR with only a few annoyances, I’d love to see him at the helm of the whole shebang.

    Were you one of the long time fans of the series or did you get into it when the last three books were released bang-bang-bang? Oddly, The Stand has been my favorite novel of all time since I read it, but I kept that fact a secret from my mother the King fanatic because I snuck the book and read it when I was 11. So I didn’t get into the rest of her books until I was much older.

    I didn’t start Dark Tower until the revised Gunslinger was published, which meant I finished the whole series a matter of months before book seven was released. Whereas my mom waited like 25 years for all the books, poor woman!

    I also need to read the trade of the comic that I purchased. I’ve got the first three trades of The Stand, but haven’t sat down to read the Dark Tower one yet.

    • the Muse

      OMG peter Jackson does tower?! YES!!!!!!!!! no, I def didn’t read on original release. I read gunslinger in 1995? After that I didn’t continue until Wolves of the Calla, Song of Susannah, and the Dark Tower came out. Although a long time king fan, I never touched on the series. It was something whispered about by King fans but I wasn’t hardcore enough to understand it ;-D!

      I’m actually a very big fan of the stand too but I had to read it three times as it can get a little overwhelming. The thing that brings me back to him again and again and again is his many, many cross references. I love piecing them together and smiling when I realize he tucked something in that only reader’s of his past books would catch up on.

      I haven’t even touched on the comics, I have a severe graphic novel problem so I try to stay away from books come graphic novels since I already have TOO many graphic novel issues to deal with already lol! but I’ve been tempted ;-D

  • Ruth

    I just read a short story from the dark tower series, “The little sisters of eluria” for my horror/sci-fi lit class and really enjoyed it. I think that i’ll hit the used book store to see if they have the rest of the series. I havent’t read King in YEARS until this most recent bought of classes renewed my love for his work.

  • Boone

    I’m with Rachel–the only person on the planet I can picture as Roland is Clint Eastwood. I don’t even care that he’s too old! I’m wracking my brain trying to think of anyone else, and coming up empty.

    The Tarte trio looks awesome, but I’m gonna have to pass because it’s 100 degrees where I live, so they’d be a melted mess coming in the mail. Hopefully they will still be around in a few months when the weather finally cools down!

    • the Muse

      boone I can def see a younger clint in the role! 😀 ugh! no! we are starting to cool off now thankfully!

  • athena frecoe

    the dark tower series is hands down my favorite. i was really upset when i heard Ron Howard was backing out and yes Jeffery dean Morgan would be fantastic as Roland not Russel crowe!

  • bertha

    do you think the tarte aqua pops will be worth the money? I was looking at how much you get per pop and it was 0.03 oz, and isn’t that quite a little for $38?

    • the Muse

      no bertha, I tried them, review on the way, and didn’t love them tbh!