August 28, 2012

Urban Decay The Feminine Palette Holiday 2012 Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Urban Decay The Feminine Palette ($36) is one of three new palettes introduced with the Urban Decay Holiday 2012 Collection. Why yes, that name probably does ring a bell! That’s because Urban Decay introduced The Feminine Palette last year with their Spring 2011 Collection.

But this is a rebooted palette with new shades and a new packaging!

Ready for this?

Although the shades are new, the color variation is quite similiar to the original Feminine Palette, not dupes mind you, but the colors are in the same ranges.

You’ll get six total shades in the palette one of which is a new color, Skimp. Other shades are new to the general catalog but not new to this palette so you might not own these. I believe I own all the old Urban Decay Eyeshadow shades so I was delighted this palette contained colors I don’t already own. I also loved they don’t appear in any other palette as of yet so they will be new to most folks.

Rather than go with a cardboard compact, this time around Urban Decay went with a reusable zippered makeup pouch. Inside is a full size mirror and a pop out cardboard compact that contains the shadows. You can pop the shadow compact out for easy application or when you reach pan you can toss this little insert and keep the makeup bag. Nifty eh?

Shades Inside:

  • Bordello (mauve with gold micro-glitter)
  • Skimp (light creamy)
  • AC/DC (smoky purple)
  • Gunmetal (metallic grey with silver micro-glitter)
  • Hijack (metallic teal)
  • Lost (metallic brown)

You’ll also get a Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Wallflower (creamy nude tan pink).

Lost, Hijack, Gunmetal

AC/DC, Skimp, Bordello

I wouldn’t say the shades are exactly matchy match. If you wanted to combine a few colors and do a few contrasting looks this palette might be a little puzzling. Certain shades do go well together where as others are a bit mismatched. But considering the colors are dramatic on your own you can create a popping look with a single color no problem. This is exactly what I did for my look below using Lost on my lids (a little Skimp to highlight) and Wallflower on my lips. I LOVE Lost. What a great shade!

This is my first test out with the new Urban Decay Eyeshadow formula and I must say I’m impressed. Don’t get me wrong the original formula was quite pigmented and gorgeous to say the least. But this new formula is super velvety, easier to blend, and has incredible color pay off. The texture is so soft! They do kick up a fair bit of powder though and I noticed fall out is a little bit of an issue due to the looser formula. Although, some of the shades with micro glitter seem to have a more refined texture versus the older formula which was a glitter bomb.

Overall, I felt like the shades in the new Urban Decay The Feminine Palette were a little mismatched for me. If I wanted to create a variety of looks using these shades together I def was a little stumped. However, shades on their own pop enough to create looks with a single shade. This palette is an easy way to try out new shades of Urban Decay Shadow you might not already own. Plus you have the advantage of checking out the new formula if you haven’t already. It’s nice to see new colors in a palette release since many complaints revolve around the fact that UD includes too many of the same shades, I’m talking to you Midnight Cowboy.

A little red lipstick to make this look pop!

Worth a pick up.

If for nothing at all, get it for Skimp and Lost. Loving those shades hard!

What do you think of the Feminine Palette?

Have you tried the new Urban Decay Eyeshadow formula?

Love it?

Prefer the old?

Do share!

Available this September from Ulta,, Sephora,, and

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Lau

    Mmm… UD seems to be releasing really bulky palettes and I’m not a fan of that! I think they did a better job on the Naked palettes packages, though it has lovely shades, I don’t see anything unique enough for me to make such a splurge. Too Faced offers smaller better packaging with more eyeshadows at the same price and same, if not, superior quality. Thanks for sharing this, it’s always nice to see what other brands are coming out to compete with each other LOL xx

    • rebecca

      I’m not liking the bulky packaging either, especially after I bought my first Inglot palette, which is minimal and wastes no space and is fantastic. I can’t see buying something this big for just six shadows and a mini gloss.

  • Cindy

    Mismatched shades? Challenge excepted. ;] I am so loving this little palette though, I feel like these are “mature” versions of bright fun colors I love, and I miiiight just get away with wearing a purple and pink eyeshadow look to work!

    • the Muse

      ha ;-D good luck! I’m awful at pairing up colors ;-D I LOVE lost so if all else fails lost does the perfect smoky brown!

  • Corey

    I have mushroom in the new formula and I love it!!!( now I just want the matching pencil!)

  • adriana

    I’ve tried the new formula, and the only colors i dont have in this palette are bordello and mushroom!


    I like the packaging, but the colors are just ok to me.
    Muse your eyes are such a cute shade of brown!!

  • Kim

    This palette is on my wish list. The new formula is fine by me (I just don’t the higher prices).

  • Cali

    I’m loving everything I see from the UD Holiday 2012 line, but I don’t get why they’re recycling the names. Not that it will stop me from picking these up, I’m already in lust with the Fun Palette!

  • Louise

    I’m holding out for the Fun Palette. TWO PURPLES! And I don’t have most of those colors. Thanks for the swatches!

  • Tigress

    I have every shade (including the lip gloss) but AC/DC, which I would rather purchase as a single shadow anyways. Phew!

  • Lisa Marie

    I like these colors, but I have the Midnight Emergency Kit and Book of Shadows 4, so I basically own them already–except Bordello. There is a similar color in BOS 4…Bust I believe is the color I think of. UD has not brought out anything to WOW me lately. Must be a sign I own too many of their eyeshadows. I consider AC/DC a must have for my brown leaning to hazel eyes.

  • Quinctia

    Skimp was in BoS IV!

    Love the combo of colors in this one, but I own everything but AC/DC (including the gloss). 🙂

  • J.L.

    I can’t find where it tells how much product is in the pan. If it’s the same size, or close, to the individual shadows, then it seems like a really good deal. I only have 2 UD shadows (Asphyxia & Midnight Cowgirl) and am looking to try more — so I think I’ll pick up a coupla these.

    • the Muse

      sadly, I don’t know the size of the shadows, it isn’t listed on the palette. sorry!

  • Jen_m_sunshine

    Muse – you look super pretty in photo with red lips! You always look so put together though 🙂

    Any suggestions on whether to snag this palette, dangerous from holiday 2012, or smoked? I have naked2 from UD and the old feminine so no real risk of a lot of dupes. Thought one of the mentioned might add some color to what I have.

    Big question though – can I do office appropriate daytime looks with one of these?

    Thanks for any [email protected]!

    • the Muse

      thank you very much jen you’re lovely to say so! smoked the new one? depends. I don’t like the smoked one because I’m getting older now and those colors are WOW how YOU doing? If you’re younger, it’s worth a pick up as it creates some very nice evening looks. I just can’t pull it off anymore, it’s too much blackened shades for me and I look like I got punched in the eye.

      Sure, skimp, lost, and bordello are all office friendly in my opinion….if you really want office friendly you should pick up naked 1 or 2 or even mally’s new buff palette or on the cheap nyx’s naked palette ;-D

      • Jen_M_sunshine

        Thanks Muse! I do have naked2 and love the buttery texture of most UD shadows. I value your opinion and am totally w ya on the getting too old for the in your face goin clubbing looks! LOVE your blog and look forward to it everyday. I definitely don’t “need”another eye palette but they are all so new and pretty! 😉
        Just got the sephora primal instincts, stila in the know and tarte call of the wild. Why do I even think I need more?!?! 🙂

        • the Muse

          girl we ALWAYS need more ;-D hehe! aw thank you, it’s very very very flattering when someone says that! 😀 yeah sigh, getting old sucks lol…I just can’t do the looks I loved a few years ago. Color doesn’t work for me as much as it used, like aqua…god I loved aqua…but now it just looks really bad on me :-/ thank god you have naked 2, you need naked 1 as well imho ;-D! UD really makes incredible eyeshadow hands down.

          Might I tempt you with ACW? They have the old formulation of UD shadows for as low as $6.99 and a variety of other UD palettes/products perhaps it’ll save you a little money with your lemming for the smoky palette ;-D

          • jen_m_sunshine

            Awe, Muse you did me in! They have mariposa palette for a steal which has mushroom and rockstar! I am going to try and snag! Have to think of a way to explain to the husband though…..ugh! How did I not know about that website! I am in big trouble now! Thanks dol! You r r the best

          • the Muse

            lol ;-D sorry ’bout that lol! ;-D it’s a great site and they ship uber fast ;-D <3!!!!!!!!!! you're most welcome happy haulin'!

  • Lauren

    I am passing on all of these palettes. I own half the shades in each one. In this one, Lost, Gunmetal, and Hijack are in BOS IV and Gunmetal is in the first Naked palette. I have last year’s feminine palette and I like the size of it better (this one has wasted space) and I’d rather get an eyeliner over a lipgloss.

  • Nancy

    I may get the feminine and fun palette, I do love the new formula,ever since I got the 15th Ann. palette! but do agree they need to put new colors in their palettes,I dnt own too many of their colors,but I’m getting there,so new colors would be great 🙂 ty for swatches!

  • Sarah

    Is leaving a wishlist with this on it, and only this, in my boyfriends car a bit too forward? No? Perfect.

  • Christina

    Maybe this has already been addressed somewhere, but what’s the deal with BOS III Redux?! It’s the old formula.. and missing some of the best colors (Loaded, etc.). It’s like they slapped a bunch of palettes together with leftovers?