September 27, 2012

Beauty Most Unusual: Bath & Body Works Chocolate Bacon Cupcake

Yeah, it’s true! Bath & Body Works was going to release a Chocolate Bacon Cupcake for Fall. It was released in the test stores but never made it officially to the Fall launch.


Chocolate and bacon……! Mmmmm! Not really that sounds disgusting.


Or would you buy it?

Damn shame as they had some great scents lined up for Fall but none made it to the master line. However, people are selling all of these, including the Chocolate Bacon Cupcake, on Evil-Bay.

Test Scents:

  • Chocolate Bacon Cupcake
  • Roasted Pumpkin Butter
  • Blueberry Pumpkin Patch
  • Farm Apple Cookie
  • Toffee Glazed Popcorn

Whatcha think?

Would you buy bacon chocolate anything?

When I was in Maine last year my friend and I came across a store selling strips of chocolate covered bacon. Needless to say he was in hog heaven literally. As for me I don’t like bacon to begin with and covering it in chocolate makes it even less appealing!

Gag me!


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  • diane

    my older brother buys chocolate bars w/bacon in them and loves them. i find it weird but i’m totally going on evil-bay to get him this candle as a christmas gift! its perfect!! =) thanks!

  • Hillarie

    I saw a whole rack of bacon-related things at Claire’s a couple months ago. I like real bacon, but I don’t want it in any sort of home fragrance, body fragrance, or lip balm. Just.. ew.

  • Cindy

    I like bacon, but only if its on a burger or something like that. I can’t eat bacon straight up on its own. I’ll def have to pass on this candle. The toffee glazed popcorn however… muhahah!

  • K.B.

    I love bacon as much as the next girl, but I do not understand the bacon craze this country has undergone in last few years. I mean, how long has bacon been around and we’re all of a sudden obsessed with it? Also, it upsets me to think about Chocolate Bacon Cupcake beating out a test scent that I was interested in (different strokes for different folks, I know), but these are all food scents, so maybe my test scent has a chance. I’m interested in the Roasted Pumpkin Butter and Farm Apple Cookie candles, though.

    Can we talk about how dangerous YouTube has become? It’s bad enough (for my wallet, that is) that people post their makeup collections and makeup hauls, but now people post videos about B&BW test scents that might not make it nationwide or in-store preview events, and just UGH. lol

  • Karen M

    Yeah, I think I’ll be skipping a chocolate bacon scented anything. Now give me chocolate or bacon to eat (not together), and I’m there. “Evil Bay”…that is awesome! LOL.

  • Comrade Garlic

    If smells as good as the Vosges bacon chocolate bar tastes, then yes. Best candy bar ever. Great, now I’m hungry.

  • Yen

    I’m not a fan of EATING chocolate with bacon, but the other scents sound amazing! Toffee popcorn? Mmm

  • Paige Wilkerson

    They had each of these scents at my local BBW, in Fort Worth, TX, and I bought all BUT the Chocolate Bacon Cupcake during their last 2 for 20$ sale. They smell awesome! I especially love the Blueberry Pumpkin Patch and Farm Apple Cookie. The Chocolate Bacon Cupcake actually smelt decent, I just couldn’t get over the bacon and chocolate concoction, it just sounds horrid. But, the candle smelt like a meaty brownie…not too bad. Haha!

  • HautePJ

    First, I love B&BW candles but 30 minutes on a video review? LOL. Second, the reviewer referenced Apple Crumble, which might be my fave candle and wallflower. Third, Muse did you see they released a French Baguette candle with the Paris romance mini collection? I caved and bought it. It smells like fresh baked bread! I can’t tell if I love it enough to use or not…

  • Icequeen81

    Say wathh bleeeh no that really sound disgusting. The idea only turned my stomash bleeeh

  • Phyrra

    I’m a huge chocolate fan. Ray brought me chocolate with bacon in it. It was weird, and wrong, and bizarre. Definitely not my cup of tea. I prefer sea salt, caramel, etc.

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    The fact that you don’t like bacon makes me question whether you’re even a human being! Maybe you’re a robot! 😉

  • Lauren S.

    Whew! Those were some odd ones! I love this guy though…he goes so in to depth. Awesome alert: I went into BBW today, and they had TWO items with Lambie on them – slippers with gold thread throughout and an eye mask. Yay for bringing back Lambie!!!! I think there might be more Lambie products on the way for the holidays!!!!

  • Catherine

    Some of the holiday candles are up on BBW site!!! I think they’re copying philosophy packaging this year. It’s cute, but that’s philosophy’s thing!

    • the Muse

      HA catherine!!!!!!!!! GREAT MINDS! I was just saying that in my post oMG!

  • Nohely

    Wow that sounds like a disgusting scent for a candle! All of them really turn me off actually besides the farm apple scent. Me personally tho, I enjoy fragrances that smell more fresh and clean as to ones that smell like something I want to eat!