September 10, 2012

First Look at the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection

MAC tweeted a first look at the MAC Archie’s Girls Collection including Veronica and Betty Palettes earlier last week.

Take a look!

For the record, it looks boring….! The palettes are the same old, same old that MAC has favored for every single launch lately including Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman, etc….

Outside of the packaging being a little uneventful, I’m excited to see the shades!

What do you think?

P.S. You know how much I love Halloween but hate candy corn? Well, this is an abomination if you ask me! At supermarkets now.

image via @MACCosmetics

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  • christmas

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE CANDY CORN M&MS? I love candy corn so those oreos are on my list to try hahaha

  • Carly

    I think it looks kinda kitschy. I hope the colors end up being fabulous because the packaging really isn’t doing anything for me right now.

  • Chloe VonPickles

    Candy corn oreos? Sacrilege! They are delicious on their own and don’t need any help from candy corn.

  • Icequeen81

    candy corn oreos? yaaaayyyyy I’m not that fan of white oreo but the filling looks delicious,

    The package of the Archie looks cute, but Im afraid cause is white will get dirty very soon if u keep in a make up bag or box


    lol at the candy corn oreos …. they might taste yucky.
    I don’t really like how white packaging looks

    • the Muse

      girl, I gagged lol! candy corn isn’t my biggest fav but combining it with opreas? ew!

  • Cindy

    Abomination? I nearly had a heart attack due to overwhelming happiness! Candy Corn oreos? These might be better than the Birthday cake ones… <3

  • Nikkia

    Thanks for the pictures! I also spy a concealer palette (or at least I think that what that is)

  • Flavia Signori

    I love the packages! But I’m more curious about this Halloween edition of Oreo *-* OMG I should have brought a bag of Oreos when I was in US T_T


  • Jen

    I got to find those Candy Corn Oreos now!!! I love Candy Corn but I haven’t eaten much in the past few years, just too sweet for my sensitive teeth, the excessive sugar makes them hurt. But I must try those Oreos!!!

  • BooBooNinja

    I think the Betty palette is going to be neutrals (browns, cream, etc) and the Veronica palette is going to have colours for a purple smokey eye.

  • Cas

    Omgosh! Candy corn m and m’s :). Candy corn is my reason for loving Halloween… Yum!

  • myprettypaints

    OMGeee!!! I think I’m definitely buy at least one piece of the collection just for the packaging!!!

  • Vanilla

    I must admit I’ve never had a candy corn in my life… but then again, I am not fond of candy, so maybe it should stay this way.

    As for the Archies collection… I’m not interested in the packaging at all, so unless the product itself convinces me otherwise, this will be a pass.

  • Barbara

    The only interesting thing I could find in that picture was the concealer palette… looking forward to those!

  • Yen

    My teeth slightly hurt just thinking about candy corn oreos! Though, I am intrigued and I’m weak so I’ll have to pick some up. As well as those M&M’s.

  • Debster

    I like the classy look of their packaging but outside of the normal items it’s all zzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s. I like how UD makes everything different.

  • Kim

    Interested to see more of the MAC stuff.

    The candy corn Oreos are good and exclusive to Target. I bought a bag this weekend. I like the Golden Oreos. They just added a slight change to the cream to make it taste a little more candy corn-ish.

  • Lisa

    I think the e/s palette packaging is cute, and I don’t think Hello Kitty & Wonder Woman qualify as “every single launch”.

    • the Muse

      I think it’s a lot of the same, repetitive packaging lisa. I’d have liked to see something new and different.

      • Lisa

        Wow, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lol. I think of these palettes as kind of a collectors series. In terms of creativity, MAC gets really creative at the holiday time and comes out with the most gorgeous collections. I think MAC gets picked on. Every seasonal collection that Estee Lauder has, that Chanel has, Clinique etc.. the packaging is exactly the same over and over again so why is MAC criticized so much in the beauty world? I don’t ever hear anyone say, “Chanel has a new quad, it’s the same packaging, over and over again!” LOL, kwim? *end of babbling* 🙂

        • the Muse

          lisa that’s true! I think we just expect more or I expect more from MAC sometimes ;-D and when I see them launch something new, like wonder women, or archie’s girls, etc..I expect the packaging to be new and exciting ya know? It kills me when it isn’t……..! But MAC Holiday def gives me goose bumps it looks amazing this year!

  • Colleen

    I am so excited for this collection! I used to be obsessed with Archie comics! I would make my mom buy me one every time went went to the sotre and i would even get them monthly in the mail! I might just have to buy everything lol

  • Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex

    I like the packaging. Simple but cute. Maybe a little too simple but I like it more than I like the cheap/tacky looking Marilyn Monroe collection packaging…

  • Quinctia

    So…I find candy corn tolerable. And I have a habit of picking up the different holiday flavors of Hershey’s kisses. But let me tell you, if they ever bring them back, DON’T BUY CANDY CORN FLAVORED HERSHEY’S KISSES.

    Okay, done with the PSA, haha.

  • Michelle

    As much as I love MAC, and as much as I love Archie comics (I remember reading them at Walmart as a kid while my mom would go shopping haha), that packaging…I don’t know, it just looks so lazily made in my opinion. MAC coulda done better.

    And girrrl, I’m with you on the candy corn! As soon as I saw the picture of the Oreos, my first thought was, “EWW”. To be honest, there’s a part of me that wants to try it out because I’m curious (who knows it might end up tasting delicious), haha!

  • Gloria

    I have pictures the palette somewhere… it’s cute and wearable. Mostly purples/lilacs. There is a really nice dark plummy lip gloss. Tons of artists were using it during fashion week.